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  1. S2 manor park is in total darkeness and as far as I can see
  2. my name is adrian i rode motocross at national level for over ten years with a lot of success and now help to train the next up and coming riders any age any ability
  3. hey, im interested in sharing a horse. i myself do not have a horse. so i was wondering if you wanted someone who already has a horse or buying one together. i live in greystones s11 and can get a lift to anywere in sheffield. my names jessica and this is my dads profile. im 13 and am wondering if i could have some more info if your interested? thanx
  4. didn,t see anything but the C I D have footage of two males that were breaking in to houses in this area three weeks a go about the same time of day, they were followed for some time and didnt seem to have any transport but i think they try and get keys, take things that they can get rid of easy at cash converters ect like phones and laptops and your car to get all the stuff home
  5. maybe the release valve has been left in the open position all you need to do is link the pipe that goes out side and look to see if it has a washing machine looking isolating valve on mostly black plastic lever and close it when it is closed the lever shoud be 90* to the valve
  6. yes i thought the house was coming down im in bannercross were else was it felt:huh::huh:
  7. hi i am looking for some land to practice on in Sheffield or surrounding areas any thing considered and would be willing to pay cash for the use i also know a lot of the top racers in the UK who may also be interested . also thinking of starting a small club let me know. thanks Ady.
  8. i can have alook for you im sure this could be moved to one side to make way for your new foundations ady
  9. so thats why they turned up it was propably because it was so close to the road though needs to be down in the clearing realy did you go to sheff stock
  10. six years ago i smashed off somebodys mirror while dropping off freinds, some one called the cops when they came out one off my freinds got in thier car which was left open and got their gear and breifcases with all thier docs init the best part it was a keep it locked awareness week
  11. might be able to help you here ,who ever you use you should make sure they install tempary props two ether side of the wall with skaffolding boards placed up against the cieling ,this will support the weight of the first floor rooms above ,then two more props that are designed to go into the wall should go in just above were the steel R S J is to be inserted then the gap needed to insert the R S G can be knocked out when it is in and the gap filled with cement, slate, bricks depending on the gap the wall gan be taken out leaving at least ten inches either side for the R S J to rest on
  12. its like a aftereight mint its a fresh bird you take after eating
  13. which ones, do they have multi ball. can you give directions please
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