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  1. We used lenthall , because it's also the infant school , and they were brilliant .
  2. i have lost my fob for my van central locking , will this be a main dealer job or are there other options ??
  3. wasn't Warick was it , had some real problems with them .
  4. be happy to look at it for you , where abouts are you.
  5. So this supply is already connected to the main box , where has it come from ?? and is this what you want to connect to the new unit .
  6. lived in Dronfield 10 years now having grown up in Eckington , lets just say i wont be moving back to Eckington !!!!!!!!!
  7. if you are going to track a vehicle you have to tell the driver as part of the data protection act . That is not in question and not what i'm asking . I need to know about any payments linked to trackers ( if they exist )
  8. Ok I'll refrase the question , does anyone know where I can find out laws and regulations relating to tracker vans and what you have to do re employees
  9. No , I know an employer doesn't have to pay for travel time under normal circumstances . What I'm asking is to do with having trackers fitted to vans . I know that you have to inform the driver that it has a tracker , but have been told you also have to pay a minimum of one hour of the travel , but can't find this anywhere .
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