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  1. Had another scammer a few weeks ago knocking on doors selling fish from a red transit van,dressed more like a builder than a fishmonger.
  2. Just had a man with a white van call at my door in Worrall trying to sell me a mattress.TOld me a **** and bull story about his boss telling him not to bring anything back to the depot and to sell what was not delivered.White van with Home Deliverjies written on the side ,no phone number no address.Beware.
  3. Have you tried the company that runs the BT pension scheme,I presume he will be drawing a BT pension.I believe the company is Accenture based in Chesterfield.Not sure they will divulge info but worth a try if important.
  4. Thefts from sheds at Worrall There has been a couple of shed breakins at Worrall,Be on your guard if you have a shed
  5. Sorry to hear of your loss,maybe the traffic cameras might have tracked it on it,s journey.
  6. Why didn,t you join the Fire Brigade ,you seem to have a knowledge of what the job entails.
  7. The working men of this country are their own worst enimies.I bet most of the respondents on here have got nice warm offices to work in and have 2 hours for lunch and the nearest to danger is sharpening their pencils.If this govt had their way we would all be on zero contracts and no pensions.
  8. My wifes father worked at FB,from 1917 to approx 1965.His name was Bob Taylor and he worked on Swedish swing grinder amongst other jobs and ended up in the Met lab through ill health till 1964.
  9. The rink belonged to a chap called Grainger who ran Marcroft roofers .He had a yard across from the Carbrook Hall.
  10. I once stepped in some dog poo on Hillsboro corner,I stood in a shop doorway to clean my shoes when another bloke also stepped in the dog poo.'Ive just done that I told him'He then beat me up.
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