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  1. That's probably true but from what I remember of when my daughter had them they were all dry by about day 5 anyway so it would be around the same time anyway.
  2. This is what I was told, so I believe you are correct.
  3. Yes until they dry up it is. I was always under the impression that they were ok if they weren't weeping but I am fairly reliably informed otherwise now (a nurse I speak to on another forum).
  4. I would suggest that you take the furniture out of your conservatory and put plastic sheeting up and block the doorway into the conservatory for now as the others as said you won't get a roofer out today as it's too dangerous for them. P.S. Just as a matter of interest which part of S5 are you in - I'm just about to leave work and set off home and wondering what I will get back to?
  5. According to the council website traffic alerts it's the roof that's damaged.
  6. Personally I would say you would struggle to find a sufficiently large enough market if you are looking at a clothes shop. With direct competition from 2 other already established shops unless you were selling "cheaper" designer clothes it is unlikely you would have anything original. Whilst I realise this isn't very specific I can tell you what I would think you would find.
  7. That's the thing though they are reliable on the route you will take I know I have stood waiting on West Street on many occasions and there have been 3 trams for the blue route go through to 1 on the yellow route. They are taking trams off the yellow route and putting them on the blue route because that is a longer route and therefore makes more money. I have only been using the tram since October as I have a car but I hate sitting in traffic queues and found I prefer the journey in by tram even though it means I have to walk well over 700 metres to get to the stop (or take my car down a couple of roads - no point trying the park and ride at meadowhall I don't want to go into work before 8.00am). I buy a monthly ticket but to be honest I am beginning to wonder if it's worth it even though I enjoy it as it is repeated making me late for work.
  8. Can anyone help. I'm catching a coach there at 7.30am tomorrow, I know it's near the viaduct but that's as far as it goes. never had call to go there before you see. Also any idea if you can park there?
  9. http://www.airline-network.co.uk Although this is a website for flights you can book hotels and car hire reasonably through them too.
  10. I think the original idea was that they were offering discounts to their customers on normal retail prices. However, it is possible that they have dropped this now but seem to have failed to tell anyone including their own staff. I agree it is a silly idea as it limits your market.
  11. To my knowledge yes they do insist you have a card at least that is what I told told what I first went to shop there - I also had to pay £1 for that card, which I believe is now free.
  12. I'm just back from Florida (well on the 5th) and I would highly recommend the Space Centre it's absolutely fascinating even my 20 year old daughter agreed and she didn't expect to like that at all. Get yourself registered on one of the disney forums like the dibb and you find out lots of info to help. Pm me if you want details. As I understand it, it is possible to get to Kennedy Space Centre without a hire car as lots of companies do tours to it. We had a car but we were staying in villas, one off the 27 and another near the gulf coast so we needed one. As for Busch Gardens, you can get a bus there from the Universal parks and if you buy the 5 park flexiticket the cost of this is included. I am told you have to be really early as needless to say this transport is very popular and usually over subscribed. Please feel free to pm me if you need any more help and I'll try steer you in the right direction. I'm planning our next trip back for 2008 but want to stay on disney this time for the first week and go back to the gulf coast for the second.
  13. Plus pay a cheque into the Halifax and it will take 10 days to clear! Unless they've changed this recently.
  14. Not from what you're thinking as far as I know, and this could be a myth but I vague remember asking my grandma that when I was a kid. She thought it was an abbreviation of 'hospital' because there used to be a hospital there back in the 1800 and somethings or at least that's what I remember her reply being (she was born 1896).
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