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  1. come join n talk to me plus.. maybe better private to make ppl join, getting lots of views but no new members lazy gits get sign up
  2. hey barnie did you have any luck here?? last time i went at the end of the summer they had drained 2 of the four trout lakes? had some great days there at the beginning of the summer .. got my first carp on the fly here too. was meaning to nip up there before the season starts to check it out see what the 2 lakes was looking like?
  3. I wanted to catch as many different species of fish as possible.. i did ok got stuck on fly fishing in the summer couldnt stop wanting to go lol i had a few good chub early on also had my first carp on the fly rod weighed 6lb2 i really wanted a tench and a barble last year luckily i got a good tench from a unexpected source but i never did go for a barbel or a pike. my new targets will be to catch a chub on my birthday as i did last year and to catch a barbel some more carp on the fly rod and a double figure trout.
  4. just thought id share we went up there 2 weeks back just for a look and they have drained 2 of the effected lakes and seem to be making it better.. the bailiff told us work should be finished and restocked within six weeks.
  5. ive been to barlow a few times fly fishing but over the last 2 month it really has gone down hill.. first few times fished this place had some real nice fish but about six weeks ago we went as we made our way to one of the lakes we so trout looking like it was dieing in the water and had some white mould on it, we fished that session had about 3 trout out and they was all covered in lice. we went back about 3 week back and all the fish we saw was all moldy. a chap we spoke to said there was nine anglers the day before that caught nothing... no fish were showing it was full with weed .. so we decided to leave it packed up and left.. this place was immaculate when we first went at the beginning of the season now its like no one bothers with it and the fish in really bad condition not to mention the grounds itself didt look like it had been looked after all overgrown.. its a real shame. going to toft newton next week hoping for a better day there ...
  6. Just wanted to start a thread just on fly fishing in genral.. as you know im just getting into fly fishing so know very little on local beats on the don that offers newbies like me to have a decent amout of room..lol.also please post the patterns that have worked for you recently. So far ive waded the strech on samon pastures had 2 good size brownies out few smaller all on (i think) parrachutes? and ant fly? i heard theres some good streches at outibridge and middlewood any info on where to acces these would be great.
  7. why is this a problem??? is it because they not regulated so to speak? just intrested
  8. had another session at barlow today brilliant between two of us we had 19 fish today. weather was perfect when i went other week it was hot and was hard fishing today was unreal to me best so far.. it did take me most of the morning to shoot out a decent cast but before then i had already had 2 out.. also couldnt belive we had the lakes to ourself most of the day on an overcast saturday..bonus!
  9. I hear dtoft newton too also press manor surposed to be good.. i had a crackin day today at barlow and was catching allday
  10. well the other thing is charlie i do have 2 big boxes full!! but the problem is i dont know which are which and if they anygood so thought if shops sold them i could just buy 1 or 2 match em up then have idea what type to use..just been told to try climax at dronfield
  11. do you guys know where i can get some decent flys from??? ive been given 2 boxes full but not sure on which to use..so thought maybe just better buying a few dry's from shop. any idea where is good for them? tackle shops near me dont do much fly tackle..im wanting to get a few hours in this week .
  12. free if you have a license.. 27 pound post office
  13. love it charlie i had the most awesome day fishing yesturday.. my brother in law took me to barlow we stayed allday sun was blazing i caught a couple of really nice rainbows .. started off doing one good cast and ten bad ones...lol by the end of the day i was getting on with it alot better.. i couldnt belive it when we got there and saw loads of carp in one of the trout lakes swimming around in the sun i was gutted i didnt have a bread fly.. a chap on there landed a 23lb mirror on fly rod .unreal.. so in the afternoon i saw to smallish carp swimming towards me so cast fly to them (best cast allday) first fish turned away second one took the bloody thing heart was going like a good en i played it for about 30 seconds then snap but wow i had a cracking day.. you will be definatley seeing me on the don trying to fly fish:hihi:
  14. Thanks guys im so looking forward to tomorrow... and i too charlie took it up because of the close season.lol Best fishing experience so far.. just need to get myself some waders vest and net then no looking back.
  15. Had my first ever fly fishing session this afternoon and i caught one.:banana: not only caught one but by far the biggest ive caught to date.I had only had a quick lesson of a friend a week or so ago, practiced few times on back garden and seemed to get on great with it.. What a feeling i got when i saw it take my fly,gave me a great fight i went silent heart was pounding My brother in law who took me and is a (fluff flinger) didnt get one, but was chuffed i did.Going for first full day at press manor thursday cant wait.
  16. ive not been or caught anything yet on spinner but will try now.. and id report em mate.. even if they dont do anything then you have done your bit.. what strech is that mate???
  17. River don i miss you so much..lol.. anyone done any trout fishing on fly or spinner lately?? im so looking forward to june 16
  18. decathlon have cheap poles also them home bargin places are good for a start at the min.. other day on the wybourne one they had microscopic rod and free runner real 13 quid spot on ... i bought a budget reel few month back 35 quid ish n its crap the one in home bargins looks ten times better than the one i got.. im new to fishing myself and that pole thing not for me, unless you have all tackle pole rests n stuff.. get a rod walk about ..lol
  19. im not 100% sure but think the no. 30 goes to Mansfield Road kiveton dont know if it goes all the way down.. have alook on bus website
  20. wont be able to fish the match but im thinking of having a drive down n make a donation..Besides i dont own anything pink. may the 4th be with you
  21. not too sure but i know i miss the river season already ;(
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