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  1. Hi all, There used to be a message on that wall saying "Welcome Home Boys" I remember my dad saying it was for the lads when they came back from the war. Next to Homericthe tall building was where the cars was builtWhen I was going to Grimesthorpe Sshool in the early fifities it was a coach repair business. I can remember stopping to watch. Later it became part of Homeric, the top floor was a warehouse and the ground floor had the chromium plating baths. nice to hear from you Nettie hope you are keeping well?
  2. I am so sorry to here of Trevors passing. I remember him as a boy very well, you used to live next door but one to our Auntie Maggie and Uncle Henry. Although the family wont know me please give them my sympathy. Irene Clarke
  3. Hi all, Just been bowsing through the different subjects and came across one Sheffield from the air. There are a few photos of Grimesthorpe Gas Works, and the is no road over to the station and the school (I presume the one by the traffic lights junction of Jenkin Road is on Rose Hill(?). The photos were taken in the 1920s. I know my dad always called the top of Holywell Road the new road. It also name the farm as Grange, That is if I got the orentation right. There are allotments where Readymix was.
  4. You are right, there was a stop pposite the gasworks, the next stop was opposite, Belks, about where the crossing is now. Do you remember when a crossing was first put in. It was the side of Ibbersons shop. I know because I croose from Lemm's to go home and a policeman followed me home and told my mum and me that I should have used the new crossing, My mum gave him an earful, telling him that I would have two cross two other dangerous roads to cross the across the crossing. not long after that the crossing was moved to outside Lemms. Can anyone remember who Dr. Willie knocked down on that crossing. ---------- Post added 17-04-2013 at 08:05 ---------- I shall have to use the spell check next time. I'll blame my new glasses
  5. I can just remember people playing bowls there and if I remember rightly it was a crown bowling green. Hope eveyone is keeping well, especially Nettie
  6. I worked at Homeric in 1963 until I got married in 64 and moved down south. I woked for a while in the top wharehouse then I moved down to the bottom wharehouse, a woman called Amy was in charge and Sandra was in supervisor. Sandra came to my wedding,i would love to know what she is doing now, unfortunately we lost touch. My cousin's wife Nellie Davies worked there for a while as well. again I have lost touch. I'am trying to think of other names, they will come to mind soon.
  7. I wish everyone a peaceful and HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. enjoy eveyone. Irene
  8. Hi Cat, Have just been looking at the photos, they really brought back loads of happy memoirs. There is one with a question mark, I think it is Firvale (where the traffic lights are now) looking from the old hospital gate down towards Owler Lane, the church spire threw me though, but could it be the church, long gone, on Wincobank Lane.
  9. Hope you have a good reunion, and that Nettie is getting better. Sorry I can't be there, we'll be on the high seas. Have a great time. Irene
  10. Hi Sorry to Nettie is'nt feeling very well. Hope she gets well soon. Give her my best wishes
  11. We're all fine here. I think Evelyn is still alive She is our cousin but I don't know about Auntie Rosie's daughters. Evelyn was Jackie Davies (elder) sister.
  12. Hi all, The shop I was asking about was a cafe, Geotom sent me a cutting of the star and it was in there. There was a big painting on Chambers Lane of a soldier and a Welcome home boys sign and a Union Jack. I'm sure the houses at the top of the lane was back to back (Annie lived in one), the pavement to them was a lot higher than the road. then there was a cottage on is own just round the corner from the Bowling Green. I worked at Homeric for about 18 months, just before I got married. I worked in thetop wharehouse then down stais in the bottom, Amy was the manager there and I'm trying to think of the others. How is Nettie keeping these days? I hope eveyone is well.
  13. no it was right down by the gas works. The last shop before the bridge.
  14. Can anyone remember the name of the shop on Upwell street by the bridge? Opposite end to Ibertsons. I can only recall going in it once.
  15. Hi Cat, I got your PM. I have sent you a reply but it came back error. Perhaps if you ask geotom he will pass it on to you. Thank you for the information though. I'll have to try and get there next time I come up
  16. Thanks for that Cat, is it possilbe to get to them on line?
  17. May I suggest that you go back and look at P42 post no. 834 Page 44 Post 874. We did reply to you ,but at that moment in time noone was doing the family tree.
  18. Hi Southweller Where did you get the book from, I would like to know when the houses in Southwell Road was built. I recall dad saying they were built in a hurry because the railway was supposed to have come that way and our side of the road doesn't have gardens and the ones on Upwell st. had separate wash houses. Also does anyone know where the records are kept for the church yard. I know my dad's dad is buried there but not the grave.
  19. Hi tara, Tommy Clarke, was my cousin. His son is on here as Pigeon. Unfortunately Tommy passed away a while ago, and his sister Gladys has just passed away. Pigeon posted it a few days ago. Gemini
  20. Hi Flyer, Have you done anything to try and trace your ancestry, although I haven't got very far with ours, due to the uncertainty of how Grandad spelt his name with or without the e. I do know we orginated in Rotherham, and after he married Grandma his family had nothing to do with him. There ia also a Clarke that lives in the same yard as my mum and he is no relation to us at all.
  21. Hi Pigeon, Sorry to here about Gladys, give her family my condolences please.
  22. Hi Pat, glad to here you're still around. If you look on part one Jean J will tell you where (I think) there is a class photo and I am sure you are on it. I left Sheffield when I got married and moved to the south coast but we still come up home to see mum and the rest of the family. Have you any family? and do you still live in Sheffield? By the way I'm Irene.
  23. Happy Birthday Geotom. Do you get your bus pass now?
  24. Hi Cat, I was talking to Janiem at the weekend. the parish record has got me down as June Clarke, but she was born four years later.My Baptism Certificate says June as well. I shall have to pay them a visit and see if they can rectify it. I hope that clears up a query for you.
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