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  1. I'm looking to purchase some crusher run for a driveway but am totally in the dark about what I'm buying. Ive been told I will need 2 different grades, one finer than the other!?!? Anyway could anyone please give me an idea of where I should be ringing or what product I need to ask for or any recommendations please? I don't want to sound like a complete thicko and purchase the wrong thing. Tia
  2. Thank you for all your responses they were all really interesting to read. Firstly I need to really stress that my daughter (her friend too to be fair) genuinely have done nothing to offend him, if someone else had started this thread I honestly would have thought the same thing but I'm absolutely confident she hasn't even done anything unwittingly, she's aware of his "aggression " so to be fair gives him a wide birth. As long as I've had him he's always barked and occasionally nipped when ANYONE left the house. I've worked hard with him, I've got him to a stage where he's not so aggressive when out on the lead and although he is dying to chase people from the house, when I'm there he literally holds it back. I do wonder if his behaviour may stem from his previous owners, who lets just say didn't have quite a quiet household as ours, they did have children but never let on about his bad habits. I'm leaning towards the behaviourist route but I'm so so sad that I just don't trust him anymore and not sure I ever will which then makes me realise it may not be fair on either us or him to keep him (I really am confused and torn about the whole thing) I usually make sure he's no where near the front door when anyone is leaving but obviously when someone leaves without me knowing I can't do it. As I said thank you for all your comments and advice, I shall keep you updated on the situation. ---------- Post added 04-11-2016 at 17:14 ---------- No, I never have, purely because of the having 3 dogs thing, I wouldn't show favouritism. I did read that could have been a factor on one of my many googling sessions. He does however follow me everywhere, wait behind a closed door for me, sit at my feet etc
  3. Oh no, that's what I'm afraid of. I've spent a lot of time googling his behaviour and trying out various advice given because I honestly do love the little man, he's the perfect gentleman with me but just so unpredictable with others. He has a thing about chasing people when they are leaving our house, he's nipped two adults while he's been with us but with children it's a different matter especially when you have to explain to a little girls parents and profusely apologise for his behaviour. Every time he does it I think I'll give him another chance and try out something new but when do I decide enough is enough?
  4. So I have a male shihtzu, 4 years old. To be honest I have only had him for a year and he is the perfect little man but only with me. He really is unpredictable with other people especially younger children. My daughter is 8 and knows to keep out of his way as he has been known to run up and nip her for no apparent reason:( ... The thing is, he has now nipped/bitten a child one too many times. My daughter and her young friend were going out of the front door today and genuinely for no reason he ran behind them barking and bit her friends leg. I am absolutely heart broken because Ive reached the decision that I can no longer keep him but I just don't know what to do with him, how can I offer him for rehome when I don't trust him? Any advice would be massively appreciated , thanks in advance Just to add, we also have two other dogs (Staffies) who are perfect pets ( just trying to point out I'm not an amateur dog owner)
  5. My son has a car which he is presuming is fit for scrap ( starts and runs but not much power when driving) are there companies who will purchase and collect the vehicle or will he have to arrange to take it to a scrap yard?? As he is no longer insured for the vehicle and it is declared as sorn, driving it down isn't an option. He wants to make sure everything is done legally with log books etc, the vehicle is a Renault clio 2003 if that makes a difference?. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Thankyou for all the encouragement, I know all this really, just started doubting myself because of the questioning, not all weddings have to be full blown bells and whistles do they. It seems I started to worry more about what other people think than what I want but I'm back on track now and its all going to plan lol
  7. Ahhh thanks for your comments. I feel better now, its a case of each to their own isn't it, I'm not the kind of person, nor is my o/h to feel comfortable with all the bells and whistles etc, its a big deal me wearing a girly dress never mind riding around in a big posh car, I'd feel a bit of a numpty tbh lol
  8. Well everyone there will have a camera phone lol but yeah two of the guests will be taking cameras so there will probably be an abundance of photos being taken, just not professionally. That's exactly what I thought about the car though, it didn't even occur to me that a taxi wasn't an option but the more people wince at it the more I feel I'm going to feel self conscious getting a taxi in wedding attire
  9. Hi all, I'm getting married on 1st September, we didn't give ourselves much planning time or a very big budget. The thing is, we have been together for 21 years, been living together for 19 years and didn't want to make a big fuss over getting married. We have only booked the very small service at Sheffield registry office (only 8 guests) purely because we wanted to keep everything small, mainly the costs, although we already went over the budget we had in mind. The plan is to get a taxi together, with the kids to the registry office and no plans have been made for a photographer. BUT everyone who I explain this too, pulls a face, winces and says "ooh I think you're gonna regret it" so has anyone else been in the same situation and kept it really small with no fuss? Will I regret getting a taxi in a "wedding dress"? And will I regret not having a photographer? I don't want to be in debt or be more skint than usual in order to get married, is this not a done thing?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, as transport I an issue in sending them to the Hillsborough one as its closest. Hopefully they will be appreciated by someone
  11. A family member has a cupboard FULL of tinned food (all in date) that are no longer required. Would anyone know whether local food banks take donations or do they get their stock elsewhere? I've tried to ring a local one but had to leave a voicemail. I could do with knowing asap as there's nowhere to store the tins. Or does anyone know of anywhere similar who take donations? It would be a real shame to have to take to the tip.
  12. Oooh I saw it a few minutes ago, thought I saw it another night too but I thought my eyes were deceiving me
  13. My Mr saw this last night too, in Parson Cross while he was walking the dogs. He is a total non-believer in anything out of this worldly or supernatural etc but he is convinced what he saw was a UFO he says he didn't notice any noise though. He's had me googling all afternoon to try and identify it lol
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