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  1. the scum doing this in bali are moslem .....the people of bali are hindu ....the goverment of indonesia are moslem..they want bali ..for the revenue it brings in.. they will not do nothing untill like east timor thousands are dead...the hindu people of bali should have independance..from the hatefull islamic republic of indoneisia ....the dead hand of islam as been living off these poor people too long .....good luck to the people of bali ...
  2. in the 1+2centurys of islam a moslems duty was to practice islam and not medicine.'na the koran and the mosque remained the basis of arab education until the abbasids initiated a age of learning in the 9 th century. but you'd know all about that and the byzantines.....would'nt you wolfman ...instead of talking about testicals and being insulting give out some facts
  3. wolfman ,lslam as always been a threat to interlectuals in islamic countrys.....as for bogeymen who are the people blowing up tourists....jemmaah islaiah...is still a legal organization in indonesia!!!..some of the terroists from the first bali bombing have had their sentences reduced..why is the islamic republic of indonesia allowing this..
  4. [ these people just want to see the downfall of the west ] forget iraq and iran.....islam has a hatred of life....thier aim is subordinate all interllectual life to the authority of religion...
  5. It doesn't answer why the soliders were undercover in the first place. it;s called , covert undercover imformation gathering what do you expect them to do walk about with union jack suits on blowin on a trumpet
  6. I remember drinkin with graham pugh and branfoot i think is name was ,we used to play snooker with them down at the side of the park cinema when they"d finished training.. nice blokes.....just before the days of mega money for soccer stars...
  7. i think i saw joe cocker ?playing there ,o'haras playboys were another band used to play there. what year did you go to sydney?
  8. cannot understand why they did not gang up on the coppers or attack their homes. [/b] because the coppers would go round thier homes and beat the crap out of them, then lock them up for not respecting the law!!!! this is in the days before political correctness,as in the coppers hands were not tied.they could enforce the law
  9. the differance is moslems pray 5 times a day and still fill the mosques friday night all over the world where as most christians are supposed to pray maybe once a week, 'sunday 'and the churches are empty: [do"nt that tell you somethin???]
  10. nearly all the churches are empty on sunday ,and the mosques are full on friday.
  11. AFAIK, St. Patrick was in Ireland towards the end of the Roman period in Britain. If you try Googling St. Patrick, you may find quite a few sites name his parents as being Roman or Romano-British (I'm not getting into that argument, there's no way of proving it either way, any more than you could prove that Arthur existed), but in that case, he's hardly a quisling to the 'original' people of Britain. BTW, the Celts were not the original people *goes off in search of more caffeine to let the others get on with their discussion* [/b] ah i like you eleri an" expert" who like all good experts know's nothing at all about what he's expert about ,before we go on about st patrick and proof..what do you know of martia proba,the brehon laws,the sechus mor and st patrick????as for googling, people like you make two mistakes .....they think everythings on the internet...and every thing they read on the internets true...
  12. isn.t there some county some where in the south where the mayor made it conpulsery for every body to own a gun ,and they had one of the lowest gun related crime rates in the usa????/
  13. what about the emotional psychos in domestic murders in the usa whats the stats on them for a year?
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