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  1. there's definitely been racing in s6 - it was worse when lockdown was fully in flight.
  2. radarbox says police plane! ukp153 taken off from dsa
  3. yes headed off towards meadowhall just after i posted! couldn't see anything on flightradar. thanks for the info about it!
  4. anyone know what it is? it's been going round for ages!
  5. does it need to be whole house? argos do portable units that work great for one room - we just use it in the bedroom for the night. they are fairly noisy if you are a light sleeper though.
  6. oops sorry missed your comment! can't delete this?
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:International_Baccalaureate_schools_in_England ?
  8. thanks - i'll have a look and report back here if i find them.
  9. oh wow are they really at morrisons hillsborough? that would be great. there is no bin at stannington library despite being listed on the tetrapak website - i have asked them to update the list.
  10. was it these guys? (think they are sheffield based) https://minifigs.me/
  11. glad to hear it's a temporary closure not a permanent one!
  12. and just headed back north over wadsley bridge now...
  13. try reporting it to the police but when i did similar (different road) they did nothing. the council just laughed.
  14. Are you trying to get the forum to do your homework for you or what?
  15. gutted! i have an annual pass and they haven't mentioned it to us
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