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  1. I'm sure we will find out on the news. It must be something major
  2. Gosh. There were many more than that. I saw at least 10 marked cars and at least half dozen and more unmarked cars that suddenly came to life. It looked like a trap had been sprung.
  3. Oo-er..... Looked pretty serious. I've never seen so many unmarked police cars. I was coming up past the dairy and suddenly all their light came on and they all took off. Must be pre-planned I think. Unless there are usually that many unmarked cars parked up and we don't notice them because they're unmarked, lol.
  4. Loads of police cars, loads of unmarked police cars with their blue lights flashing heading down Penistone Road towards Hillsborough. Any one seen what's happening?
  5. I'm looking for someone to remove some builders rubbish for me for a reasonable rate. I had a little porch taken down of the front of the house and it needs taking away. I want someone licenced though please. Any recommendations? Cheers Shirley
  6. I'm at S6 ,Loxley. It's been going ALL NIGHT! It sounds coming from over the Valley. Maybe Stannington? It must be even worse for others. ---------- Post added 22-07-2017 at 05:22 ---------- Oh Hurray! It's stopped.......the power of the forum, lol.
  7. I think it's a reasonable idea as a working theory. The idea may need some tweaking and extra clarification. How many properties, poss discounts for multi properties, cover if you are ill or on holiday, jobs covered, response time, access issues, CRB cover, insurance etc. It is a concept I'm familiar with but my honest opinion is that you may find unless you make your contract watertight you will find it a nightmare due to people's unreasonable expectations.
  8. Many thanks to everyone for replying to me with advice about the wet room. Figgy
  9. Hi Jolie Thanks for your reply. It's very sound advice but we have exhausted those possibilities already and due to mums continuing physical deterioration the wet room was the only option. Unfortunately since I posted mum has been taken into hospital again but it is very good of you to take the time to offer your assistance.
  10. I'm looking for someone to install a wet room at my mum and dads house. It is my mum who physically needs the wet room to use but both my parents suffer from differing stages of dementia. I am aware that with any kind of building or plumbing work there is always the possibility that job can 'go bad' or an installation may need some remedial work but I would really like to hear from someone who may have had a wet room installed recently or from a tradesman who can provide recent testimonials (with photos preferably). I also need someone who can start the work ASAP. Thank you
  11. I didn't try a system restore because day before yesterday all the old copies were dumped in case they were corrupted. Sods law. Any how Company have just comed back to me again and opened another support ticket for the software so they can have another go at it. Hopefully it might get solved this time. They're a great company to deal with really. It's only recently it's been a begger. up till recently it was fantastic. Thank you Bruno and also everyone else who's given me advice I really appreciate it. It's given me some good ideas to speak to the company about. I close the thread now but thanks again
  12. I dont know as I dont know what this online business means. Yes the company can remote access. They've done it quite a few time but unfortunately it just keeps doing the same thing time and time again.
  13. Cheers Stimpy I'll keep that system in mind for future reference. Hi Marx, I am paying for the tech support from the company It's just that I know they are now coming to saying that the issue is computer based and although I don't know a great deal about computers I can't help thinking it feels more like a software issue to me. I just wanted some other opinions as to whether I should continue to persue the tech team to sort it or whether I should pay to get both computers looked at. If the general concensus was it sounds like a software issue then it would save me having to pay to have both computers looked at when it's perhaps not likely to be the computers at all. The problem appears to happen on both computers without any particular pattern to it and (although I'm a computer numpty) I can't think why both computers would suddenly develop the same fault just at the point when the softwhere upgraded versions? Or is this possible?
  14. Thank you to everyone for all your replies. I feel a bit bad saying what the software is because the company have been really helpful and I wouldn't want them to think I was talking about them out of turn. Anyhow the software is Landlords Property Manager. Hope they don't mind me saying. With regard to the software and the database - it's probably me getting mixed up. I thought the software was the program and the database was the things (houses, tenants etc) which had been put on the program. Re the restarting - I've looked at the screen when the company are remote assessing and it seems to say things like 'unable to restore as still in restore mode', 'program abnormally terminated'. The tech guy goes into the black screen with the writing on and deletes things and writes other things in until it says something like 'sucessfull restore' and then it comes back on. He then tries a couple of back-ups and restores etc and it seems fine but then later on it locks out again or starts with the error messages and then locks. The operating system on the laptop is windows 7 and the desktop is windows xp. It hasn't worked at some point or another on each of the computers. The problem seems to be to do with the backing up and restoring but the problem occurs going each way not just going one way if you know what I mean. The way the back up and restore is done is still the same as before. A back up to the computer and then a back up to the stick and then the restore on the next computer from the stick and it wasnt a problem before the upgrade. The trouble is once it locks out the locked out computer can't access it's own back either just keeps saying its not authorised or something. Each computer is in a different location and I because of physical limitations I am unable to carry the laptop. I don't know what 'running online' is but the company have never suggested it to me so perhaps it can't be done. I don't know the answers to the other stuff. I've just let the company try to sort it out. hope this further information is helpful. Thanks again
  15. Thanks for coming back to me but each machine has it's own unique full registration ID. I feel like it's a software problem but it's hard to keep arguing the toss with the company when I don't really know all that much about them.
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