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  1. 90 miles is a very good estimate. does anyone still visit bridlington?. it is yorkshire's god's waiting room.
  2. there may be some middle class people who own staffies but it is rare. it's the same with rotweillers. they are almost exclusively owned by the lower end of the social scale. why this is the case i don't know but it seems to be the case. no intention to have a go or cause an row but i know im right.
  3. i voted in favour of AV but i was in the minority. i felt that a change in the electoral process would have been a good thing. can you elaborate on some of your thoughts of it being a depresing waste of oportunity?.
  4. it actually pleases me to read that people on here are praising the tories on their successes. historically sheffield has always been labour and it's no joke to say that some sheffielders would vote labour even if the candidate was a monkey. that said some of the labour candidates have been monkeys. so it is quite encouraging to see that the tide might be turning towards the tories instead. lib dem have had their day so the tories may well see a surge in popularity in forthcoming elections.
  5. yes folks you heard it here first folks darren potter will be staying at hillsborough at the end of the season. gary megson is quoted as saying " darren is a great lad and he has a cracking sense of humour. when darren gets frustrated during matches i just tell him to calm down calm down but his heart is in the right place. darren is a bargain with his wages only costing us £2,000 a week what a bargain".
  6. the o.p has a point about staffies. i actually like staffy dogs and don't believe they are dangerous. however they are a fighting breed and have a temper and are not predictable. i wouldn't trust them round kids or other dogs very much. obviously not every staffy is the same and there are probably exceptions but on the whole i am very wary. the biggest problem with staffordshire's is the people who own them. the chavs like them as a status symbol and probably want a dog that is menacing and aggressive. then there are the softies who can't possibly control a staffy and end up being bossed around by the dog. i like staffies but they will always be the dog that has a terrible reputation that is backed up by it's erractic behaviour. you don't see many middle classes walking staffies around the park either.
  7. i actually wondered the same thing because on my daily journey to and from leeds they have those ticket gates in leeds station. now because i travel everyday i buy a monthly ticket which i don't have to put through the gate but can someone who has a normal ticket reuse their ticket or give it someone else or do those gates know if a ticket has been used already?.
  8. i don't really have a problem with them coming round because they are decent people and you aren't going to get any trouble and they won't steal from you. a part of their religion is that they are required to go around the people and spread the word about their faith. although the witness movement have some ideas which i understand and agree with i just don't agree with their beliefs on blood. if i or one of my relatives needed to be given blood and it was life or death i would choose to have it. it must be a difficult to do the door knocking at times when realistically the vast majority of people wont want to listen. i suppose the few people that will talk and listen must make it worth while.
  9. nice pub and nice people and good beer. one of those pubs where you can do your shopping in the comfort of the pub.
  10. hen and chickens has a sign saying residential so i assume you can get a room there.
  11. i think monty is an ok player. playing for a decent team and with good coaching he has great potential. thats why i think a move to leeds will be good for monty.
  12. thanks dosxuk. after reading that im leaning towards voting in favour of the AV system.
  13. the whole of the middle east worries me. i don't trust any of the middle eastern countries not one jot. all the problems in the world all seem to stem from the middle east. i sometimes think we and the usa would be better of just walking away and letting them sort their own mess out.
  14. immigration is a key factor in why people choose to vote bnp. i think that cameron and co need to look and make some changes to the immigration system. the longer it is left untouched the more votes for the bnp.
  15. it is true that the n.o.w is not the most pure newspaper on the market. we will never know for certain whether higgins would have thrown a match. the alarm bells rang for me because he never reported the incident to the snooker governing body. higgins should have reported the incident at the earliest opportunity.
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