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  1. Anyone know whats happening on Musgrave? Police taped off road and police everywhere. Also the copper chopper is out!! Wondered if its got anything to do with the murder of the pizza guy as its very near to that scene?
  2. Does anyone know a magician or a balloonist that would give us half an hour at good rates? I work in a dementia care home and have to arrange a birthday party. We want something fun and different but as you can imagine concentration is an issue. Id be very grateful for any ideas. Thanks:help:
  3. This is across road from my friends house. She said that the young lady (32) who lived there with her family passed away recently and since the day of her passing the people have all been there. Appparently they are there from early morning until early hours making lots of noise.
  4. Sorry for posting this twice but wasn't sure where it should go. Hi Im needing to hire a minibus for a trip out with my lovely residents at work but need one that has a lift on it due to needing to transport people in wheelchairs. Does anyone have any ideas or numbers where I can hire a minibus and a driver? Many thanks in advance
  5. Hi Im needing to hire a minibus for a trip out with my lovely residents at work but need one that has a lift on it due to needing to transport people in wheelchairs. Does anyone have any ideas or numbers where I can hire a minibus and a driver? Many thanks in advance
  6. Is this the house where the Ice cream van people have been accused of holding someone hostage in their garage??
  7. Hey all! I have arranged an evening of entertainment to raise money for Dementia care in Sheffield. It will involve a psychic (Richard Knight) who has been on tv and also a raffle! The tickets are £10 each.(including free raffle ticket) This will take place on Friday 28th June 2013 at the Malthouse, Monteney Crescent Sheffield S5 from 7.30pm onwards. Please PM me for further details Many thanks
  8. Hi everyone. whilst sorting out a cupboard at work today (Norwood Grange Residential Home) I came across a wedding album and would like to return it to its rightful owner. Ive looked through the album but don't recognise anyone in it. These are the details I have.....Bride - Sheila Broughton Groom-Michael Fletcher Best Man Andrew Launt. The wedding took place on 6th July 1985 at the Sheffield Register office. If you are or know any of these people please send me a PM so I can return this. Many thanks
  9. These tickets are only on sale till 20th October so please let me know asap if you definatley want them as you haven't replied to my pm! Thanks
  10. Hi sorry I didnt realise i forgot to add that on! Its on the 26th October and doors open at 7pm, food to be served from 8pm. Thanks for your support! x
  11. Hi all not sure if this is in the rigt place so i apologise if not! I have arranged a Charity auction night at G Grosvenor Casino on Duchess Rd, Sheffield to raise funds for people with Dementia. There are fantastic things up for auction including An overnight stay with breakfast at Holiday inn, spa day for 2 at Spa Naturel (st Pauls hotel), 4 tickets to Sheff Wed match, 2 tickets to Sheff utd match, tickets to Disney On ice, plus many many more. Tickets are £10 each and you get a drink on arrival, a hot curry buffet, £20 worth of chips to play with to win prizes including £100 cash and the Auction itself!!!!!! Please Pm me for anymore info!!! Please help me raise lots of money to help these lovely peolpe with this cruel disease. Date: 26th October Doors open at 7pm
  12. Hi, tomorrow we are holding our Autumn fayre at Norwood Grange Nursing Home. This is to raise money for our residents comfort fund which helps pay for entertainers, activity equipment and outings. We will have a raffle, tombola, cake stall, food stall, bric a brac stalls, clothes stall, a karaoke competition, plus lots more! come along and show your support! Norwood Grange EMI Dementia Care Home Longley Lane sheffield S57JD
  13. Hi I am an activities coordinator for a nursing home and am currently raising funds to buy a laptop for our home. E mailing relatives is something we do occasionally as we have to lend the managers laptop. Skypeand e mail is relativley easy so I cant see a problem with staff helping. Does the home your mum is in have an activities co ordinator? They should be able to help you.
  14. shes a little collie cross/ lurcher.
  15. We have a 7 month old puppy who we want to have spayed. We are registered with a vets and as part of the puppy club we are in we get a 20% discount off all treatments. However when I enquired about spaying I was told the price with our discount is £160. Other people I know have told me this is extortionate and believe it to be untrue. I have been told that I can have her spayed at the PDSA even though I dont get benefits as long as I pay for it. Im happy to pay the full cost but im just not sure what that actually is!!! Ive tried ringing PDSA but always get the answer machine. Any ideas people? thanks in advance
  16. Hi all. Im currently looking to purchase a minibus for the residential home where I work. At the moment I am really stuck as I myself am not a driver and I dont know where to start! Im looking for a 14/16 seater minibus which has either wheelchair access or a lift at the back. At the moment I just want a few quotes but as I said I dont know where to start. The people I work with have Dementia and are currently limited to where we can go due to the nature of their illness,transport and the weather. I really want to give these fantastic people the opportunity to see different places and see new things on a regular basis rather than once a year if we are lucky. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  17. me too! I am also part of the TARA and think more people should get involved with us too. Its for the benefit of the community yet not many people seem to be interested. If you wanna have a say about how money is spent in Longley come along to our meetings.
  18. Hi I wondered if anyone has the contact details for Meadowhall Raptor Rescue? I heard about this recently and was hoping to get them in to visit the clients I work with who have Dementia. This would be really exciting for them and would really make thier day!! Unfortunetly I cant find the contact details just info on visits they have done in schools and such. Any info and contact details would be very much appreciated.! Thanks in advance!
  19. My thoughts exactly! don't get me wrong i don't want to turn this into a slag off the parents thread but I myself have a 5(nearly 6) year old and I wouldn't dream of letting him out front by himself let alone play out anywhere else by himself or even with his brother who is 8( nearly 9) who also doesn't go out front alone. Unless I know they are at neighbours playing they remain on our garden where I know they are safe!
  20. hi they are usually about £25 to hire but you can buy one in the lanes at meadowhall for £10!!!!!
  21. Hi give SSA Social work a call. Their number0114 2730777. They will help you in any way they can. Very reliable and trustworthy. I used to work for this company and they are brilliant.
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