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  1. Bywater - O'Donnell and Weaver are both good keepers, although Bywater is in talks already to be made permanant. Tavernier - Buxton will be fit in a couple of weeks and had been a rock up until injury. Don't think this loan will go any further even though the lad is class. Baath - Already agreed a fee for Lierra and Beevers will be returning, but according to Megson talks are going to be opened to keep Baath. I'd not banked on that and would be a very welcome permanant signing. Marshall, biggest blow if he goes, but we have Palmer who is scandalously underused so far this season. Lierra, as I say already agreed fee, looked good when he played. Watt, Only played a single game so far although I'd like to think he'll contribute a lot more before he goes back. This doesn't include any other signings on the horizon. I don't think we'll have problems putting a team out.
  2. No, this weekend isn't pivotal. What happens with transfers in January is though, for both Wednesday and Utd, less so for Charlton and Huddersfield. MK have a say in things as well, but they don't have any money to throw at transfers in January, so what they have is their lot unless they get loans or free transfers.
  3. At the prices quoted at 500k each for Marshall and Batth, I don't believe we would have to. The question is not can we afford these players, but are they available and do they want to sign permanantly for us. bywater - I have no clue what would be his price. I don't anticipate having "millions" to spend but this kind of money on young players with a good future in the game is sound investment, just like Madine is. Madine would be worth more scoring goals in the Championship then in L1, and Mandaric is not short sighted enough not to realise this.
  4. Unlike many loanee's we've had over the last few years, this kid genuinely is enjoying his time here and has his head screwed on. There are no certainties in this game, and a move to another club, even a higher placed one might not prove as fruitful for him. Megson does seem to have got all our players pulling in the same direction, that has to count for a lot when push comes to shove on signing the existing loan players - Bywater says he wants to stay, so does Marshall, Liera all but signed in January, Batth says he wants to stay even though he probably won't be allowed to etc. Yes these are the words that come out of any loanee's mouth, but I don't know - I believe this lot mean it.
  5. Money talks at this moment in time. If pushed, Wednesday will bid to buy Marshall but they'd prefer a loan till the end of the season then buy once it is known if Wednesday are going up or not. The value is 500k, and Huddersfield are in the chase, although I doubt they are serious contenders for his signature. Either way I think he's ours till at least the end of the season.
  6. Only asked because he threw up on the pitch, or just off it.
  7. Any mention of Reda having it too?
  8. Good result today for us. Given other results today was vital we got 3 points. Headache of who to play against Huddersfield now too, always a good problem for a manager to have.
  9. Are you any where near a point with that fact?
  10. We've not played West Ham for years, and whenever we have they have always brought a hell of a lot of fans, who made a lot of noise, and the football on display has been very enjoyable. £20 quid for any seat in the ground apart from the Grandstand is not over the top for what should be a decent match.
  11. Wife just told me she's allowed back in so her and kids off to bed. I'm off to work so may be a bit grumpy. I best stay away from the geriatric blades on the football section, they wind me up when I have had a good nights sleep, never mind less then 2 hours!
  12. They wide awake and full of beans. Just us that are knackered!!!
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