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  1. Semantics. This link (which I expect will be taken down soon after talking with the school as it was clear it's not supposed to be the document that should come up first for this subject) https://www.forgevalley.school/attachments/download.asp?file=126&type=pdf calls it lockdown procedure. This was not followed. The school say they were praised by the police for things going without a hitch, yet it's now being claimed that in "one part of the building" the wrong siren was sounded which is why some children were initially evacuated. This goes against what has been told to many parents who were told that the kids were telling the teachers they were responding incorrectly to the alarm going off.
  2. I left King Edwards in, I think 1994. It may have been 93, weirdly looking back I can't fully remember now. These things did happen back then, and so I find it hard to believe you when you say they didn't in 2010. We were taught many things we weren't tested on, such as how to deal with Job interviews (we even had mock ones, and HSBC were brought in and did genuine ones for roles they had in school), we were taught how to cook all the basics then more - in fact almost everything you mention was touched on. Fast forward, in lockdown - I witnessed my own kids lessons. They definitely do an awful lot more now, right down to discussing rent and Mortgage's, what you pay council tax for etc. It was good enough when I went to school, it was good enough a couple of years ago when I witnessed it whilst working at home when my kids were being taught at home. It just seems that there was some kind of weird void around 2010/2011.
  3. Anyone have info on what went off at Forge Valley yesterday? I heard someone turned up with a machete and the school was put into lockdown. Why no press coverage if that's the case? auto correct for title, sorry
  4. Can't lie to you, never stepped foot inside a bookies - I just remember that one I used to live next to. There was a guy who lived above it who was murdered around 1989/90 - he used to wave from the window to me and my sister playing in the garden - and we saw many people have accidents on the cross roads, I think that is why Windyhouse lane is now blocked off - I remember my mum taking sheets out for someone who had come off his bike at that junction, sadly he died.
  5. Slightly sad, my first memory of that place - we moved house from the house next to the betting office on City Road - it's no longer a betting office, I think it's empty. This was 1991. It's the one almost opposite from Windy house lane. My first memory of the new house on Richmond road was after a few hours of moving our stuff in, we'd got to lunch time and we were all knackered and hungry so voted for chip shop- so we got lunch from that chip shop. I lived around that area for quite a while and would often get lunch from there. I left for the last time, I guess, 2003 and hadn't been back since. But all the time it had been a really good chippy. Ah well, I guess times change.
  6. I believe Steve lived on Kendall Road, not far from where I currently live on Oakland Road - but - that was a long time ago.
  7. This was a company in Sheffield, my brother worked for - I would love to know if anyone remembers him - from the very early 90's. Clive O'Connor.
  8. Apologies for bumping this, but I would really like to know if anyone who worked for Global Marketing knew Clive.
  9. Any people from Gemsoft read this forum, if you do could you give me a quick reply please. Gemsoft have long since gone....I just would like to talk to any of the people who worked there if possible.
  10. I would like to hear from anyone who went to Kalamazoo in the late 90's, especially if you knew a bloke called Clive. I know there was this Scottish kid, it's a long shot - but a couple of times I played championship manager at Clive's house with this Scottish kid. I say kid, he'll be about 40 odd by now. But if you knew of or went to Kalamazoo at that time, please please talk to me.
  11. I've not lived around that area for many a year, but Manor top chippy used to be brilliant, I last went late 90's though. I remember walking to Hillsborough on a Saturday (yes, all 8 miles or so) before going to the match, and eating my fish and chips on the way - well, more like a fishcake butty and chips. I'll admit to doing that on a different Saturday too, then getting to the ground and noticing it closed up. We were playing away that day. I laughed to myself. At least I burned the bad food calories off! Thanks for the heads up on opening times of Richmond Fisheries, hopefully it's as good as it was when I last used it, which again was an awful long time ago.
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