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  1. My name is Barrington McCabe and would like to contact Eric Machin, my email is : bazmccabe@blueyonder.co.uk Eric player for the school and was very good. I played table tennis at Richmond Westlyon Chapel with his Dad
  2. Hi,Dave,I worked at the Admiralty from 1962 to 1968 and left to work at Sheffield Poly.I sold my Lambretta and bought a Blue mini. In our year was JB,John Tingle,Mick Mullins Glen Brown Kieth Godwin good times
  3. Hi,replying to your post,my scooter was the same TV 175 with copper plated side panels + mirrors and lights.My friends were all from Stradbroke. We would meet on the estate and drive to the bowling alley.The year was 1964/5. There wold have been 12 scooters in our group.Queens road and the Mojo were our favourite haunts
  4. Tried out this venue after new owners have taken over. 1st class, back to the standard set by Michel some years ago. Well Done
  5. I worked on Janson Street,and a group of us as apprentices all had scooters (1963) we would drive up Attercliffe Common into Town
  6. My first Lambretta was bought from Armando's in 1964 TV 175.All our group used Armando's. Tony from Italy worked there.Reg 3AWB
  7. I went to the Hillsborough Boys Club in the 50's. Mr Bishop taught tennis in the gym. All the Bishop family were good tennis players. Margo Carol Neil and Mrs Bishop. I think Bert was a chemist at Bassets.I along with Steven Woodhead were invited to play in Regents Court on a Sat. morning.What a lovely family.
  8. I lived in the prefabs on Stradbroke Road from 1949 to 1958 and there was no Tollbar or Barrier
  9. Hi We drove from the Bowling Alley at Frechville in 1963 to Queens Road.The Shefield Mod.s would meet and the drive to the MOJO 60 to 70 strong,Fantastic,and yes we got the Best looking girls. We blow dried and back combed our hair and then used Cosack hair spray to keep in place as at this time we didn't wear helmets
  10. His name was Armando's scooters.We used him and his cousin another mechanic Tony. This was in the early sixties.He was fantastic at repairs. I had a Lambretta TV175 withall the lights and mirrors. We would meet at the Bowling Alley at Frechville and drive to the bowling alley on Queens Road 30 to 40 strong,I still have my original parka and have now a 1978 lambretta Li 150
  11. I have two grandchildren aged 6 and 5yrs,and I will be taking photo,s as is my HUMAN RIGHTS,as anEnglishman.Time to ignore these petty rules
  12. Good evening, In the1950's and1960's we lived in the prefabs overlooking Richmond park.My father was one of the founder members of the Bowling Club,as was President.I spent many hours playing football cricket tennis and bowls in the park.My family along with friends on the prefabs,started the Stradbroke Community Centre when the school was built.It was a very active community in the 1950's,especially when the Stradbroke estate was built.Every Saterday night was a dance in the hall,and visits were made to different places. There were sports days in a field at the top of Stradbroke Road at the back of Richmond Hall Estate,which is now Lamb Hill Close. My father used to train around the football pitch in Normanton Springs,and next to the pitch was a small farm,which had pigs hens and farmer grew grapes in the greenhouses. Hope this info has been of some interest.
  13. Hi , If you look on YOU TUBE and print Last Sheffield Tram, it will show you a vidio of the last tram
  14. My mothers maiden name was Binks.Her house backed onto the rec
  15. We had a very succesful football match on Sat.31st at Goals Norfolk Park. A team of amputee footballers from Chelsea and Man Utd played a very skillful and entertaining match. This was to raise the profile of the Acadamy.The aim of the Acadamy is to help people with Additional Needs in this area.We play at Goals every Sat. morning from 11.00 to 12.00. There are coaches and phsyo's to assist.
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