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  1. I`ve used them before. They did the pointing on my house, though it wasn`t during the last couple of years, more like 5 or 6 years ago. They did the job, very pleasant people, so no complaints here
  2. Just seen this thread. There was also a Maypole shop on West St, opposite the Glossop Rd Swimmimg baths ( I remember going to those for a slipper bath) and you`re quite right, there was also a Gallons shop. The one my mother used to send me to was right down Broomhall St, almost opposite Percy`s Barbers. Anyone remember him?
  3. I was at the one in town that made knives, but they`d already been joined up a while before they moved to Scotland Street I believe
  4. Both me and my hubby worked for George Ibberson. The manager while we were there was George Hale. Sampson was the second name of the brothers Ken and VIc. Quite a few of my family have worked for George Ibberson at various times over the years.
  5. Ok, no problem, 11:30 is fine with me also, thanks.
  6. Hello Jeff, sorry I haven`t phoned you yet. If I rang you Monday morning around 10:30 am, would you be available for a chat?
  7. Hi, I would like to compare the cost of having some kitchen units made, as against buying direct from a shop/showroom.Probably just the basic white mdf, although a couple of wall units would be in the coloured mdf, as they`ll be display units, so need a nice interior. I would be looking for varying sizes from 300mm widths, to 1000mm widths.Just the basic unit with one middle shelf, but no doors, hinges,handles, or drawer runners would be needed.My hubby is more than capable of making these, but doesn`t have too much time left over after he`s finished work.We live in S21 area, that`s Killamarsh, just in case anyone needs to know that. If anyone is willing to give me some quotes for these, please pm me for an email address. Thanks in advance for your time and trouble.
  8. Depends what he`s willing to do really. Most cleaning companies employ male cleaners. Failing that, what about fetching trolleys in, at places like Sainsbury`s, Morrison`s, Tesco etc?
  9. Stokes, just off the bottom of the Moor might have some
  10. Drapers Dance School at Beighton. Hayley and Scott are really nice people, they have other dance teachers too. Tell them Elaine reccommended them to you http://www.drapersdancecentre.co.uk
  11. All these cleaning companies on here and no-one can answer this question? Hmm.
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