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  1. Sounds like you were way out of place anyway if you think that KFC is actual food.
  2. Was it him who got busted for selling fake vodka?
  3. Best pubs in Sheffield down there. Love that little crawl.
  4. Don't bother complaining to First. They don't listen or care.
  5. Can we have some more details on what your business is? I would advise you to seek an accountant if you have no idea about accounts because it is complicated.
  6. Hi Adam. Have you tried approaching businesses directly? What is the name of the league? What sort of attendances do you get at your league games?
  7. I can recommend Velocity Estates. Month to month rental and all inclusive deals. Very good. http://www.khepera.co.uk/
  8. You will need to be visited by Health and Safety to ensure your kitchen meets standards. This is only because you are selling from it. And I believe you still need inspection even if you don't plan on actually selling from your home.
  9. Are there any local meetings for business owners to meet up and discuss ideas? I've got so many running around my head but it's hard to know if they are any good without valuable input from like minded people. If not, is anybody interested in setting one up?
  10. I never use Nikkor lenses. in fact I have spent many hours comparing Nikkor lenses to Sigma and Tamron equivalents and found no difference except half the price.
  11. If you want any progress with this request you will need by a minimum to post a link to your website AND register yourself with a modelling agency. Ask for models who are willing to work TFP and let the agency contact them for you. It's the safest and most acceptable way to work with models.
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