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  1. I've JUST posted about this! Looks really cool. Glad to see Sharrowvale has got some good shops coming on...
  2. I've seen this new shop is up and running today- Ive not been in but I saw a Boca Juniors arty tshirt in the window that looks really cool. Deffo going in tomorrow. Has anyone been in? When did they open?
  3. what is the white rabbit in upperthorpe??? Intrigued!!
  4. Hi everyone I hope you can help... I woke to find a domestic rabbit in my garden this morning. I wouldnt mind but it is eating a LOT of my plants and flowers. Im hoping that somebody will answer to the posters Ive put up in the local shops. But having asked around nobody close by has lost one. Does anyone have any advice? I cant get through to the rspca they arent answering calls. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm up for backgammon, can't make it until 16th Aug though.
  6. Hi Does anybody know of classes in the Heeley/Meersbrook area? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Are you running anymore sessions? I would love to come and give it a shot, i'm a beginner Thanks
  8. Hi I bought a tub of this, with no real plans of what to use it for. Can anyone reccomend a dish with this as an ingredient? Thanks
  9. Hey Im taking a friend for early eve cocktails on Saturday as a pre-birthday treat. Only problem is I dont know where to go! We're going out at 5pm so Im worried that the bar may be totally dead if we go to the wrong place. Here is my short list: - Harrisons 1854 - Menzel's - Nonna's - Bar 23 Can anyone give me any suggestions? Thanks in advance She likes Trippets but
  10. Hi Can't find this info anywhere. Have to travel to Heathrow tomorrow first thing by coach, but im not sure whether there are any disruptions. Does anybody know? Thanks in advance
  11. Anyone recommend a good place to take my sister in law and her baby on Monday eve??? Thanks
  12. Hiya Anybody recommend a good restaurant for lunch next Sunday? I want to take my mum somewhere nice as a treat Thanks
  13. Not as bad as that, Chile's on the most dangerous fault line in the world so regularly suffer earthquakes. But no one can be prepared for something of this scale. Now it's just the slow years of piecing the country back together.
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