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  1. Yes,that's an idea,will give it a go.Thanks for the replies.
  2. Yes I've seen these,nothing of any use unfortunately.Thanks.
  3. This may be a complete long shot but here goes.My late parents,Mr & Mrs Eyre ran Owlerton green garage along with Carmiles on penistone road in the 60s.My elder brother has expressed a wish for me to do a painting of the former.I have scoured the net for photos of either place,sadly to no avail.Can anyone help?
  4. Harry Barker was a friend of my mum,who was also in the motor trade,she ran owlerton green garage and carmyles for seven years after my father died suddenly in 1966,Harry helped with advice.She left the motor trade in 1972 and bought lodge moor cafe.Harry bought my mums bungalow on hallam grange rise when she and I left sheffield in 1975 to join my elder brother who had moved over to the fylde coast in 1973.I remember him as a really nice man.RIP Harry.
  5. Anyone recall the youth club at mayfield valley school? I remember a pie and pea supper there around 1967/8?? I didn't go very often but remember enjoying those pie and peas!
  6. I did use the penthouse occasionaly with my old mate Jed after drinking in the Albert,Minerva and the Wapentake. Though we both frequented the Marquis of granby in bamford more. That would be mid 74ish. I'm afraid I was always a little too drunk to recall what it was like other than it was pretty dark and dingy which perhaps worked in my favour being so scruffy!!
  7. Perhaps you knew my mum? She ran 'Owlerton green garage' and 'Carmiles' in the 60s and up to 1972.My dad had passed away at a young age in 1966 and my mum soldiered on alone until leaving the motor trade and buying a cafe.
  8. After speaking recently with my elder brother, I was reminded of some relations I had all but forgotten. My late father had a half brother and half sister as a result of my grandfathers first marriage. I do vaguely recall my uncle but it was so long ago. My aunt was an Alice Eyre who died quite young probably before I was born and her brother,my uncle was Reg Eyre who I've no doubt will have now passed away. My own father died young in 1966 and would be in his 90s now had he lived. I believe they lived in stocksbridge. A long shot I know but just wondered if anyone out there had any memory of either of them. Many thanks.
  9. Me and my old mate Jed would go up blackbrook road just beyond where the street lamps stopped and wait for cars,we would then lie on the grass verge in strange positions as though we were victims of a hit and run,when the cars slammed on to stop and help we would jump up and run like hell, we didn't half get cursed at!! It's hard to run when your giggling too!!!
  10. I reckon this could be the one. Many thanks for the replies. Now where's my brushes?
  11. Thankyou for the reply. I dont think that was the name and perhaps I should of mentioned that both the pub and the steelworks were on the right as one was coming away from the city.
  12. This is rather a vague request I'm afraid but I'm hoping someone can possibly help. When I left school in 1973 I began an apprenticeship at Bradbury construction. After some little time in the workshop assisting the joiners I was sent out on site. The site in question was in one of the major steelworks in attercliffe, I think it was firth browns but not entirely sure. I'm not good with road names from the east end of sheffield as until this I had rarely left the relative safety of lodge moor where I grew up. I recall riding my moped from home, crossing lady's bridge and then straight on until eventually arriving at the steelworks which was on the main road. On the corner was a pub which was frequented at lunchtimes by both the builders I was working with and the steelworkers from the factory. It's this pub I cant seem to recall the name of. The reason for this request is that I am doing some paintings from memory of parts of sheffield I was associated with and would love to do this pub and indeed some of the clientele. I'm sure there will have been many pubs in this area but thought if someone recognised it from my description. It was very near the factory entrance and stood directly on a junction of the main road with one of the numerous side roads off. If memory serves it was actually attached to the factory wall. I'm sorry but that's about all I can remember but would dearly love to learn the name if possible so as to include it in my artwork. Many thanks in advance. PS. I realise that I shouldn't have been in a pub at 16 but dont think I was the only one!!
  13. I left Sheffield for the fylde coast in 1975. I did miss it for quite a while but over the years I've made a lot of good friends in the small market town I live in and I think I would miss them and the town more if I returned. I'm still in touch with a couple of my Sheffield friends so am kept informed of city life. I dont think I'd like it now!!
  14. I got married for the second time in 1979. As I was divorced the c of e refused to marry us so we married in a free church which was perhaps a good thing as we could have 'Whiter shade of pale' as the wedding march another thing c of e wouldn't have and we also had it as our wedding dance as did our son 20 years later.
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