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  1. Hi, I have a knee injury and I'm very unfit. However, I would like to try and do some exercise to regain fitness. If you are a personal trainer ( mainly specialised in injured people) near the city centre, please PM me with details of location/prices. Ta Bookie
  2. Well, I've emailed him several times. Many times " he " didn't reply. The last time, I took time to put a list of questions, to which two weeks later I got a two lines pre-made reply. I wrote back my thoughts on that. I was offered an appointment, which was cancelled a day before. Another one, which was changed for an appointment weeks later. Two days before the meeting, I emailed to make sure it was on and was told that the appointment as given to someone else because I didn't reply. I sent them back my email of acknowledging the appointment. Got half an A4 of apologies email and was offered an appointment several weeks later. i declined and told them I will take my questions to other parties. Got an email back ( that I didn't read until days later as I was annoyed) to say that actually I had an appointment.... Well I was not impressed!
  3. Hi, Is anyone going to Bristol a weekend between now and spetember and offering a space in their car? PM me details thanks B
  4. I'm curious as to how it is that some buildings charge over 1.5k a year for services charges when you buy a one bed flat. Which buildings in Sheffield do not have ripping off charges? And is there any way residents can change that?
  5. I emailed stagecoach as i was getting different infos from bus drivers: Hi, I have been given very different informations by Bus drivers on the discounts applied to NUS Extra cards holders for bus fares. Could you please tell me wht the deal is so I can print an email and use it with bus drivers please? Thanks Their reply: Thank you for contacting us You can purchase the £1.00 fare and the £7.00 Student weekly ticket in Sheffield with the NUS Extra card I hope this is of help to you, but if you require anything further please do not hesitate to contact us Regards, Stagecoach in Yorkshire
  6. We used to play as mixed team on friday 6pm at Goodwin Sports centre ( near uni).. We are in no way good lol... but we call it Friendly Football... We have a facebook group and at the moment we are trying o orgaise it again. I could add you Bookie
  7. What size shoes is the lady? and do you have a contact number?
  8. Hi How do I find out of a match is a category B fixture for Shef United? Thanks
  9. These guys are really good. went to several classes last year, but after injuries ( in other sports not in these sessions) I had to stop. So give them a try
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