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  1. I went to school with a lad called David Boulter, I never knew where he lived but I always thought he lived on Holme Lane. Did the Boulters who owned the chemist shop before the Chuck Ranch days have a son David Boulter? Happy Days PopT ---------- Post added 24-08-2013 at 21:36 ---------- I went past the site of the old Chuck wagon and the corner site is a real eyesore. I cannot see anyone ever building on that corner. I just thought the dilapidated railings should be taken down and the corner grsassed over and few flowers planted, I maybe in dreamland suggesting this but then we can all dream. Happy Days! PopT
  2. In the late 1950's I worked with an Horace Spurr in the Steelworks. Any Connection? Happy Days! PopT
  3. How about Hollis Hospital which was in the Crofts area. Happy Days! PopT
  4. H I Hillsboro Your description of a visit to the Milhouses Loco Shed was spot on. Thanks for the memory, your post brought back some happy times although my visits were well before 1961. May the ink never run out of your pen. Happy Days! PopT
  5. I thought I'd post an update on what I found re -Spitewinter Farm. The family always said that my one of my ancestors lived at Spitewinter Farm. In fact he lived at Spitewinter Cottages. The Farm is situated in the ered lea of the hill at Kirkedge, the cottages stand on the brow of the hill. They now have been converted into one house but you can see they were originally two attached cottages. My ancestor was a Gannister Miner and it is most likely he worked at the Gannister Mine which was situated opposite the lane going up to the cottages. Happy Days! PopT
  6. I have an unknown problem on my computer and need help to sort it. Everytime I want to go onto Ebay I get a window appear which tells me I have a 'Malicious URL or Cookie detected. I am scared to continue on Ebay as I don't someone else using my account. I have Microsoft Essentuels security but this has not picked it up on a full scan and although the message window is from Spybot running a Spybot scan has not removed it. Can anyone tell me how to sort it. Help much appreciated. PopT
  7. A Man with no history has no future!
  8. It was fitted by Quik Fit at the bottom of Ecclesall Road PopT
  9. I have just had a new exhaust system fitted on my Suzuki Baleno car but they have fitted a back pipe which hasn't a socket to screw the sensor in. The cost was £293 for the complete exhaust. They say they will order another back pipe for £403 less the cost of £293 in exchange of this one. Can anyone tell me if the sensor is necessary and what are the effects on the car if I decide not to go for another exhaust pipe. Advice appreciated Happy Days! PopT
  10. Did John Stocks Mother have a shop at the top of Vere Road near the Sheffield Wednesday football Ground?
  11. Thanks again Hillsboro for the info about the home of Samuel Plimsoll. I didn't know the name of the place sand just thought it might be Whitely Wood Grange. After failing to become an MP in Sheffield he finally became a MP for one of the Derby constituencies. He became the brunt of many lampoons and was referred to as the 'Wild Man of the Woods' Happy Days! PopT
  12. This may be off subject but didn't the 'Wild Man of the Woods' Samuel Plimsoll live in Whitely Woods?
  13. I believe Norton Church was built with stone from the old quarry. PopT
  14. This embarassing one happened on a tram going down the Moor. I was on the top deck and a kid was pestering his mother to take him to Redgates Toy Shop. Everytime he asked she fobbed him off with, We'll see! When the tram past the shop and saw that his mother wasn't going to take him to redgates kid's voice changed into a real Nazi threatening voice. If tha dunt tek mi to Redgates, am going to tell mi Dad I saw thi pee in Pale last neet! The whole top deck exploded with laughter and the embarrassment on that mother's face was total. Happy Days! PopT
  15. Am I right in thinking there was a chip shop on the left hand side of Wood Street walking up from Penistone Road or is my memory failing? Happy Days? PopT
  16. Spot on Tonio, I'd forgotten the sack aprons and the all important leather belt. Dad's belt was an old horse belly band about 2 inches wide with a great brass buckle. This belt had been handed down from his Grandfather who had worked as a Blacksmith. My son has it today and hangs up in his Smithy. I was glad to see the back of it as it had caused me some pain as a youngster. As a matter of interest the furnacemen always wore their belts with the biuckle at their backs so the metal buckles didn't heat up and burn them. Happy Days! PopT
  17. Hi Hillsboro Thankyou for posting the pictures of the 'Old Man's Hut', you are a true Mensch! The pictures certainly brought back a few good memories. Happy Days! PopT
  18. I am not sure of my facts but I was told the farmhouse owned by the Mardsden family turned it into a beerhouse. The story goes that Samuel wanted a name for the pub and his wife came up with the name The 3 Merry Lads, their s sons were happily playing in the field. When the Redmires Dam was built Marsden and his partner who owned the stone quarry on Selborne Road supplied stone for the building works at the dam. There is another source of information is the lists of private landowners who contributed to the building of Redmires Road, in return for these contributions they were allowed to fence off the moorland which adjoined the road to be converted to farmland. Maybe a local historian or even a member of the Marden family could verify these hearsay stories Happy Days! PopT.
  19. Kidorry I'd forgotten the trick of tucking the corner of the sweat towel under the bridge on the specs. This trick provided two benefits, one it protected the nose being burned by the metal specs and the second was to prtect the open mouth from the searing heat and deadly fumes from the furnace and the loaded steel sampling spoon rod. Happy Days! PopT
  20. Hi Parcher My father was a steel melter for 22yrs before and after the war. He wore a flat cap thick Grandad collarless shirt Thick white cotton sweat towel with square raised design in the weave to soak up sweat Long John underpants and heavy trousers Wool Socks and wooden clogs. Because they had to go home from the steelworks in their dirty clothes they always made an effort to look their best. When home the first job was bathe in the old zinc bath and a chang into fresh clothes. It was important for them to keep clean for health reasons. He wore blue glass nickel silver specs when in front of the furnace, the nose bridge well wrapped with cotton to stop the metal burning the nose, many wore these anti glare specs upside down so there was no contact with the face to stop any burning. Hope this helps Happy Days! Pop
  21. Never had any Whalemeat but i remember the chippy on Beulah Road started using Whale oil in chip pans and it was awful. Subsequently the Queues got longer at Tommy Fryers opposite the bottom of Parkside Road. Happy days! PopT
  22. Hi I have sent you a PM. regarding your Family History. regards PopT
  23. Hi Old Tup Was the butchers Kendalls oppositethe public toilets on Penistone Road, it was next to Balckburn's Yard. This was the shop where Mam got her meat. Does anyone remember their Mam making Fat Cake? That period brought up a load of unusual recipes and foodstuffs but what a time to live through. I often think about our split family through war service and the struggle in daily life and what was it all for? Not So Happy Days! PopT
  24. Do not exclude Loxley and Wisewood cemeteries as my family all lived in Owlerton and were buried in both cemeteries. A lot depends on where people are buried depending if there is a family grave. Many people classed as paupers were buried in other family graves if there was room. There is a website Find a Grave that may help you. Hope this helps. PopT
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