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  1. Hi I had a Hannspree tablet bought me for my 75th birthday today. I have never touched one before and I have it working but I have 2 problems. 1. The page does not turn from portrait to landscape format when I turn the tablet. 2. I cannot get the separate keyboard to operate on the screen. I'm hoping it my lack of knowledge and not a tablet fault. Can anyone advise as there is no instructions with the tablet. Much appreciate any help. popt
  2. Thanks Addy for drawing our attention to this. I do hope as many people as possible who use the Sheffield Forum sign up as it is a really worthwhile thing to do. So much of our social History is tied up by government red tape and inertia. Happy Days! Popt
  3. Well Done Hillsboro, May the ink in your pen never run out. I've said it before and I'll say it again,'You are a true mensch!' I wish you and Marion all the very best for 2014. Happy Days! PopT
  4. years ago Joe Ashton the former Labour MP summed it up in an article he wrote for the Sheffield newspapers. I cannot remember it in detail but it went something like this. The steelworkers of Sheffield paid for insurance from their wages, the more they worked the more was paid into the insurances. The insurance companies invested that money imto the new manufactring companies abroad including steelmaking and manufacturing- The more money earned with overtime and effort the more money was invested in the expanding foreign companies. This resulted in the Sheffield steelworker contributing to his own demise, and the owners of Sheffield companies placing orders abroad or investing in partnerships etc. with foreign companies. I know this reads very basic but when you think about the gist it, he was right. Wars, Commerce and all that is based on money and the preservation of it. Love to read any comments on this? Happy Days! PopT
  5. hi retep I knew Mousey but not seen him for years. I do not understand your message fully, can you explain? I know the Fieldhouse family was quite large and so they lived in several places- PopT
  6. My great uncle Tom Glossop lived next door to the Fieldhouses on Farfield Road. Does anyone remember them from the 1950/60's? Happy Days! PopT
  7. I found some of the postings very sad at this time of the year when we should all be full of the Christmas spirit and show good will to all men. Merry Christmas Everybody including all drug addicts and and others who need help. Happy Days! PopT
  8. I have managed to get back ont the Genes Reunited site by adding their URL into the Compatability View but unfortunately I have to do this everytime I want to use the GR site. I have tried to contact them but every contact goes through their site (Another Faceless Site) and the error 503 message comes up again after you try to send a message to them I guess I'll have to move on and see if there is a more reliable site that looks after their customers. Aprreciate any comments or advice Popt Not Happy, absolutely Peed Off
  9. Thanks Cynthia. It looks as if his accident did take place in Sheffield and it does help me to shorten my research. PopT
  10. I have a subscription to Genes Reunited and I have just returned after two weeks away to find I cannot get on the site as the screen tells me - Http error 503.0 Service Unavailable Can anyone tell me how to get back onto the site and get rid of the problem. I am using Windows 7. Help appreciated. PopT
  11. I was once told the Sheffield Fishcake was invent many tears ago by Patsy Glossop who ran a fish and chip shop with her husband in the Langsett Road area. They were excellent and very popular. She sold them as Fish Patties and always claimed they were named after her. Maybe the a member of the Glossop family could give us more info. Happy Days! PopT
  12. Thanks for the advice. I just didn't want to buy the wrong card. I appreciate your time PopT
  13. pardon my ignorance but could anyone put me right, I want to buy a memory card for my Granddaughters Xmas Christmas present. Can anyone tell me the biggest size the Hudl will take and do I buy a SD Card or a Micro card? Thanking you
  14. Forget Whitby's- I had to attend the police training centre after committing the sin of getting caught driving 35mph in a 30 mph zone. The training centre is about next door to Whitby's Fish & Chip shop. After the course I was going in for a meal but decided to have a takeaway Fish & Chips and sit outside to eat them. I'm glad I did as they were poor and never worth the money, I couldn't recommend them to anyone. I'm glad I didn't go inside as it is a bit pricey and I would have wasted the money. If you enjoy excellent Fish & Chips at a reasonable price, cross this one off your list. Popt
  15. Roy Morton was the Secretary of the Plumbers Union in Sheffield. The last time I saw him was outside his home at Grenoside on the road which is the continuation of the road from the top of Jawbone Hill. I'm sorry I haven't a correct address but you could try the telephone directory. Good Luck with your search. Happy Days! PopT
  16. Hi Tracy With the complication of your father's name & maybe foreign birth, it seems to me you would be better putting your efforts into finding your half brother. Once you do find him you will find out if your father is still alive and where he is. Contacting your half brother could also be the best way forward as you never know if your father will want to recognise you and you may need someone close to him to break the ice so to speak. I wish you all the best in the world in your search, I know how you must feel. Do let us know how you get on? Happy Days! PopT
  17. Sounds like another visit to Specsavers is required. Was it the grave of Walter Damms who died in the Flood? Happy Days! PopT
  18. How about the old hill at the rear of Bradfield Church. Little is really known about this feature and is waiting to be investigated. Happy Days! PopT
  19. On a urinal wall in Jerusalem. A lin drawn at low level with the name David and a line much higher marked Goliath. Nothing new in toilet humour Happy Days! PopT
  20. Hi Years ago there was a large pond situated on Cardoness Drive. It was fed by spring water coming out of the ground on the high side of the road. I know of old photographs of this pond but have never seen them. Maybe somebody out there knows more. if so I'd be very interested in seeing them. Happy Days! PopT
  21. Thanks again folks. I have now changed the Dot files back to word documents thanks to your advice and I am now working on them again. I'm sorry if my original plea for help wasn't very informative but I am 75years old and not up to muster with the computer terminology and systems etc. Once I couldn't open the files I lost the knowledge of what I had re type of files, programmes systems etc. I do appreciate all your help. Thanking you once again PopT I
  22. Hi everyone thankyou for your perseverance nd patience I have now got my files back. I couldn't answer some of your questions as I am untrained with computer systems and terminology. I right clicked a file (orange coloured thumbnail) and opened the files clicking on Microsoft virtuality and the file opened. I do not know any other way to open the files, before the latest Microsoft Update the files just opened by left clicking on them. I tried my memory stick on another computer which was loaded with Windows XP and the files opened with no problems and so I can only come to the conclusion that the problem is on my laptop which has Windows which was updated last night. Do you think Microsoft using the updates to sell their programmes by altering their systems? Thanks to all for your help you are great guys. PopT ---------- Post added 12-09-2013 at 23:59 ---------- Sorry I spoke too soon, I still cannot open some of my files in my Documents. It appears they are now Dot files which I cannot open by right clicking on them in Microsoft virtuality. Can anyone give me further advice as I do not want to lose the info.as it represents a lot of work finding it. Thanking you. PopT
  23. Last night as I was closing down an Microsoft windows 7 auto update started. On opening my computer this morning the update has changed a number of my family history file thumbnails into a plain bright orange colour. When I attempt to open them I get a Microsoft window opening which asks me to buy the Microsoft Word programme. The files are very important to me and I have never experienced any problems in the past. Could anyone tell me how I can access or recover these files as I cannot afford to buy the Microsoft word programme and have been saving them in the startup programme under the old programme? Any help or advice appreciated. PopT
  24. Thankyou for your replies Obelisk & Boothybabe I watched the film of how to change the lens contact strip and it was scary. Looks as if I will have to buy a new lens? Happy Days! Popt
  25. Went to use my Canon EOS camera today and I got a message on the screen telling me Error 01 no contact with lens - clean the contacts. I have 1 17mm-85mm lens fitted and never take it off. I unscrewed the lens and cleaned the contacts, the camera worked and then reverted to the message again. Can anyone give me advice of what is wrong or any useful tip to stop the error message repeating as it stops me taking any shots. Help Appreciated PopT
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