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  1. Way back in the early fifties there were Fig trees growing on the banks of the River Don on the Oughtibridge side of bridge on Leppings Lane. As kids we used to watch them until they ripened so we could eat them. I would think the nearest hot water into the river would be from the forge in Beeley Woods. Happy Days! PopT ---------- Post added 10-05-2014 at 19:52 ---------- I have just noticed there is an advert attached to the word kids in my last posting above. Where did this come from? Whoever put it on please remove.
  2. hi dosxuk If I press the backspace key when on a lookup on the Ancestry site the screen returns to the Google search page missing out the search page on Ancestry. regards popt
  3. When I want to return to the preceding page I have looked at, I press the top left return arrow but instead of returning to that page it jumps back to the Google start page. This is really annoying as I often have to refill search pages again when doing family research lookups. The problem occurs on all sites which means I have to submit username and passwords. again. Can anyone advise me how to get back to be able to just return to the page I had previously used. Thankyou for any help, much appreciated Happy Days! PopT
  4. It is a natural instinct and effects peoples of all tribes, colours and other differences. The Jews have always referred to it as 'The dislike of the unlike'. This doesn't mean we have to accept it in todays society when we are all living in a multi race, multi cultured environment. Happy Days! PopT
  5. Hi Bet B I'm sure Harry will be up there watching us all as well as keeping himself busy making something. I do hope your Mum Kath is keeping well. I often think about them both. Two great people. Happy Days! PopT
  6. Hi Bladebeer I was sorry to hear about your father. My father's health deteriorated whilst he worked at LSM on Chippingham Street. He had been gassed in the WW1 and had always suffered with his lungs. The hot metal running in the floor channels sent off really bad fumes and it was this that made his condition worse. He had to leave after the doctor told him he wouldn't last another 6 months. He took the advice and took a job as a Brickies Mate working for the Gas Company. He travelled quite a bit refurbishing properties in their properties in the rural areas. His health picked up but never cured as the Germans had done a thorough job with their gas shells. Happy Day? PopT
  7. Hi Hillsbro I know a Glenys who lives in NZ, she lived in Hillsbro but when her married a second time they moved to Worrall. I just wondered if it was the same person. If ot is she now lives in Nelson, NZ. It could just be coincidence. Do you know if she did live in Worrall? Happy Days! PopT
  8. Can anyone tell me if you can visit the Sheffield refuse incinerator to look around. I don't belong to a group or club and so I cannot arrange a group visit. Do they have open days? Thankyou for any information. Happy Days PopT
  9. Hi I am wanting to buy a 35mm Negative & slide scanner so I can load the images onto my computer. There are so many on the market 7 the expensive ones look no different to me from the cheaper ones. Can anyone recommend one that doesn't cost the earth but does a good job? Thanking you Happy Days! PopT
  10. Thankyou everyone, the place my father worked was on Chippinghouse Road, Heeley Happy Days! PopT
  11. I am doing the family history and found that my father once worked at a company called the London & Scandinavian Company in Heeley. I think they cast Pig Iron as I remember going there once and seeing the hot metal running into the moulds. Can anyone tell me the name of the street where the works was situated. I think it was on one of ther roads running off the junction of Chesterfield Road and Heeley Bottom. Thankyou for any background info on the place and the street name, any help is appreciated. Popt Happy days!
  12. If my memory is correct the records were burned in a fire when they were in storage in a building on Langsett Road. Later the building was pulled down and the Salvation Army built the Citadel on the site. Pardon my ignorance as I didn't know there was a children's home on Smilter lane, if it was number 2 it was the same address as the workhouse. I do not want to put you off but it would be most likely all the records for that address were kept in the same storage. You could try to see if any of your family were moved to the House of Help in Paradise Square, You can see the records in the Central Library. Good Luck PopT
  13. Roughy101 If you are referring to the Sheffield Union Workhouse and Hospital at Fir Vale, Pitsmoor then I think you will find there isn't any. When I made enquiries about my Great Grandfather who doed there in 19212 I was told all the records were destroyed. You could ask the Sheffield Indexers who may have some children's hospital records but don't hold your breath. if you do succeed please let us know. Good Luck PopT
  14. I think I'm correct in writing that it wasn't the villagers of Eyam who cut themselves off but the Duke of Devonshire whose estates were quite near. The thinking was that the plague needed to be contained so that it didn't spread to the estate and the nearby trading centre of Chesterfield. If anyone did attempt to leave Eyam they were ostracised by the surrounding populations and were hounded in the highways. The saviour of these people was the new parson Mompesson who organised the care and the supplies from outside of the village. He had previously had experience of the plague in Lincolnshire where he came from. Happy Days! PopT
  15. I worked in the steelworks for 30 years and spent sometime in different places. One thing I was told but never really found the truth is the fact that the new mill at Brinsworth was built the wrong way round. The steel ran from North to South making the steel magnetic and antimagnetic equipment was fitted to counteract this. I do not know if any of this is true but I'm sure someone with knowledge will put the record straight for me. Happy Days! PopT
  16. When we first married in 1962 we bought a load of furniture from a relative who had been divorced. She had stored the furniture in a barn on a farm in the Loxley Valley. She let us have it cheap to give us a start in setting up our home. We weren't sure of what we were getting as she threw a few extras into the deal as the van was loading. When the van was emptied there was a huge hunk of furniture-a tv set. It was one of the really early ones, a Bush. The screen was so small set in a huge polished wood cabinet. The first night we attempted to view it but it was ludicrous the picture was fuzzy and constantly jumping. I suppose today it would be the prize in someone's collection or in a museum somewhere. We couldn't grumble as it was a freebie extra to the sale of other furniture and the relative really helped us out G-d bless her. It wasn't long before we rented one, still small and Black & White only but reliable. Happy Days! PopT
  17. Does anyone remember the Harrison brothers Fred, John & Alan. They lived on the front row of houses facing Hillsborough Park on Penistone Road between Dutton Road and Beulah Road. I haven't seen any of them since I moved out and often wondered how their lives turned out. They were gifted artists. Has anyone come across any of them? Happy Days! PopT
  18. I believe the Time Team did take a look around Sheffield, saw all the holes in the roads that looked as if excavations were already started and left. They thought they'd need more than three days to sort them out! Happy Days! PopT
  19. Hi Dido I had to smile when you wrote about a return visit to Cyclops Street and didn't realise how small it was. I often go past the area in Owlerton where I was brought up and I always think the same thoughts. I did read where the builders and planners were given the remilt to organise the building of houses so that the maximum returns on rents was achieved by building as many houses on the land. Mind you they were only built to house the workers and so it didn't matter how many people were packed into an area living cheek by jowl. The positive side was the goodness and the community spirit that developed, things that money cannot buy. Happy Days! PopT
  20. I remember Big Albert directing traffic at the top of Angel Street. At times he found himself competing with the 'Duke of Darnall' who also used to try to direct the traffic there. Some drivers were distracted by the 'Duke' as he. used to stand in the road in his enthusiasm. Albert would stop all the traffic and remove the 'Duke' and send him on his way. I do not know if it is true but the word was that Albert used to wrestle for the police. Happy Days! PopT
  21. Hi Buller Everythings fine, still travelling. I want to die with my boots on! Happy Days! PopT
  22. He used to call at the Barracks Garage at Hillsboro to fill his sports car. He was forever under the influence and one day he showed his driving licenced which was bulging with tickets for drink driving and speeding, he thought it was clever. Happy Days! but a Sad Earl PopT
  23. Thanks for that Hillsboro. I've been wracking my brain to remember how Barry Boldock came into my memory and I seem to think that Barry ran the shop at Hillsborough corner for a time and then Herbert Hayes stepped up to the platform to replace him. Happy Days! PopT
  24. As a kid I was a frequent visitor to see Dr Stephens. The waiting room fo his surgery was the Billiard Room. In the centre of the room was a great highly polished full size billiard table which as a youngster I used to marvel at the size of it. He was a very disciplined man, very thorough but a real gentleman who never complained about being called out even on false alerts. Happy Days! PopT ---------- Post added 13-01-2014 at 17:46 ---------- I was reading with interest about a posting about the Manns Fishmongers shop on Bradfield Road. I know it was still there in 1969 as it is in my Sheffield Directory for that year. I knew Herbert Hayes who worked there and believe at one time he managed the shop but I have a vague memory of the shop belonging to the Baldock family who also had a shop on Attercliffe Common. I believe the shop at Hillsborough corner was owned by Barry Baldock at this time or maybe he ran it for the Manns. Maybe someone could put the record straight for me, it in the Directories from 1957-1969 Happy Days PopT
  25. Hi CPC464 Thanks for the advice. I couldn't find the settings icon at first but found it untitled on the screen as a dot matrix. From there it was easy to find the auto rotate which was shut off. The screen is now working ok. I have also found a copy of a Hannspree manual on the net so I'm going to try to find why the keyboard is not working on the screen. I guess it will be something simple. The problem with the Hannspree is they did not supply a manual and never having worked on a tablet I was in total darkness wondering if there was a fault on it. Thankyou again for your help, I hope my comments on here help someone else. Happy Days! PopT
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