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  1. I remember Mrs. Lant used to allow all the various works fish & chip orders were taken from the back door of the shop. In those days the orders placed were large and packed into large cardboard boxes. These boxes were taken with the scribbled orders in at the back door instead of the front as this prevented the dinner time queue not being cluttered with boxes. Mrs Lant worked wonders with these orders.How she deciphered the chip orders was a mystery but rarely made a mistake. She got these large orders out in quick time &I cannot remember a time when the other customers were delayed. Both Mr & Mrs Lant worked very hard at the job just like a well oiled machine. They certainly earned their money as the shop was always busy &. the quality of their food was consistently good. Of all the chip shops on the Cliffe their's was the best. Some swore by the Little Wonder chip shop run by Albert Summerhayes which was round the corner from the cop shop but I disagree. The Lant's chip shop was the best run and the fish & chips were better and consistent in their quality. I could just eat a newspaper full now. Happy Days! PopT
  2. I use the 51 bus from Crosspool regularly and the service is bad. The timetables are a waste of time as the buses are never on time. It is well known that during the daytime you can expect 3 buses going up to Lodge Moor before you see one coming back the other way and this one is usually followed closely by another. If you make a complaint you are either ignored or the driver comes up with the excuse that it is busy in the city area. Some of the drivers have a good attitude but there are far more who are so miserable with a bad attitude. So much for public service. I for one cannot accept this being the norm rather than the exception as I drive myself and seem to be able to get through the city without much trouble and I am no racing driver. Surely this route is far too long, if it was shorter from the city to Lodge Moor the turn around would be quicker and more efficient.
  3. There was a very steep short road that ran between Granville Lane and the road which runs behind the Midland Station. This short cobbled road was so steep a handrail was fitted for pedestrians. There was grass growing in between the cobbles as no vehicle would ever be able to get the road. I'm sorry I do not know the names of the roads but although the road was unused it was still there when I was around that area. Does anyone remember this short road and does it still exist? Maybe someone can show us a map or even a picture? Happy Days! PopT
  4. Did the Ratcliffs live on Tanfield Road in Owlerton- Barry Ratcliff the son attended Hillsboro County School- Happy Days! PopT
  5. There was another pawn shop on Penistone Road situated nearly opposite Winster Road near the bridge near the Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground. It belonged to Pop Bown and ran for years ( so much for the comment in an earler posting - The posher end of Penistone Road) It had had the three Golden Balls Sign displayed above the window. After the business closed the balls were removed buit the fancy metalwork & bracket remained for some years afterwards. Happy Days! PopT
  6. You may find there is reference to the address at the Sheffield Archives. I found a copy of the original builder's drawings for my house. It is a longshot but you could give them a ring, sorry I haven't the telephone number to hand. Good luck with your search Happy Days! PopT
  7. Thanks for your postings Happy Days! PopT
  8. Same as Swarfender I use the Canon Canoscan LIDE 700F and find its the best I have used. It does as good a job as a lot of the more expensive ones. I use it to scan documents as well as film negatives to repair & reproduce old & damaged photographs. I hope this helps? Happy days! PopT
  9. Tthanks for your posting Rayman. I bought the printer and a full set of genuine brother cartridges for not much more than the company you recommended is charging just for the cartridges. Happy Days! Popt
  10. Can anyone advise where I can get the best deal on toner cartridges? I need a full set for a Brother HL 3140 CW printer. PopT
  11. I never heard about one at Wadsley but there definitely one in Beeley Woods at the back of the Old Forge near the footbridge. Happy Days! PopT
  12. Hi Jmdee Thanks for that. I was told the lady who owned the shop was called Patty and it is said she 'invented' the original Fish Patty which were very popular. I was told there was also a Glossop who was a Bookmaker in the area, does anyone know anything about him? It is said he dressed in the style of Al Capone & had links with the Moonie's? Can anyone verify any of this or is this another Sheffield Legend? Happy Days! PopT
  13. The earl used to fill his sports car with petrol at the Barrack Hill Garage in Hillsborough. One day I was with my Father in Law filling one of the Wedding Cars with petrol alongside the Earl and his sports car. He was drunk as a pig and bragging off to the petrol attendant aboiut his motoring offences. He produced his red driving licence book to show him and it was thick with motoring offence stickers. I was disgusted with him and wondered why he was allowed to hold a licence with so many driving offences. In those days we firmly believed there was 1 law for the poor and another law for the rich. Little good did do, turning a blind eye to his drunken antics which resulted in a death. Happy Days! PopT
  14. Does anyone remember any of the Glossop families that lived in that area? Happy Days! PopT
  15. Thanks for that Duffems but unfortunately it's a case of- 'Same Horse, Different Jockey'. Not the same Family. Happy Days! PopT
  16. I was told my grandfather John Thomas Timmins had a chip shop in Denby Street off Bramall Lane in the early 1900's. He didn't have it long and so he doesn't appear on the census or the directories to my knowledge. I believe chip shops were not the moneymakers that they became later. The family did live at 3 Denby street and this could be the shop but I do not know for certain. I have never found the address and wondered if anyone knows of the shop? Any help appreciated. Happy Days! PopT
  17. Reading about the shops on Middlewood road brought back memories of my in laws, the Woolhouse family who had a family funeral & private hire business - Samuel Woolhouse & Son. It was situated opposite the old Middlewood Caravan company run by two brothers. The funeral business first started at a premises opposite the old South Yorkshire Asylum Gates. the gates are still there near the Middlewood Tram terminus. Does anyone remember tghe business & the Woolhouse family? Happy Days! PopT
  18. Can anyone recommend which model of a Brother colour & Black & white printer is best and the best place to buy? I dont want to more 200. I've been looking at the Brother HL-314OCW from John Lewis as it gives 1 year warranty. I'd appreciate any comments, advice warts & all. Thanking you Popt Happy Days!
  19. Thanks to ESPAtHOME & MoZaLan for your replies. Looks like a new screen! Happy Days! PopT
  20. Just dropped a new lenovo laptop. Although it still has a picture it is all skew whiff with what looks like a wide black crack across the picture not the screen. Any advice sought. Thanking you. PopT
  21. Thankyou again for your replies to my query about Reuben Thompson & his Father in Law Charles. Little snippets of information add so much to my family history, living in the centre of an emerging Sheffield in the 1890's & early 1900's- Happy Days! PopT
  22. The mention of Charles Thompson Coach Propietor jolted my memory of my family who lived on Pinstone Street opposite the new Town Hall. Where Maplins shop is today was a large archway which led into Reuben Thompson's Yard who was a very successful Coach Proprietor. My family often spoke about the business. Does anyone know if he was any relation to Charles Thompson of Whiteley Woods? Happy Days! PopT
  23. Thanks to Blackbeard & MJW for your postings regarding tours of the house. I'm onto it & looking forward to a visit when i am back in Sheffield- Happy Days! PopT
  24. Is this the same DJ who worked in the George V pub on Infirmary Road. At one time he lived on the Norfolk Park flats. He was great. Thanks for the good times a great entertainer. RIP Ray
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