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  1. Hi Nellie Nash Take a look on Facebook-Just type in Nettleship in the search box & you will get quite a lot complete with photos, their friends & Family and contact details. if you want more go to the central library & look in the Electoral Rolls where they are all listed. I hope this helps you? Happy Days! PopT
  2. plain talker Do you have any figures on how many mentally ill are in the ISIS Caliphate?
  3. Bread & Scratch-Bread with the scrapings from the bottom of the Meat Tin. happy Days! PopT
  4. Hi Pal215 Can you tell me if Terry Street is on your map or is it just a track up to the Belle View Farmhouse? I would love to see a copy of this map, can it be bought from anywhere? Happy Days! PopT
  5. Hi Me & Pippo thanks for pointing out the Typo mistake must learn to take more care when asking for help. Stephen Terry was my ancestor he was a Farmer, Pub Landlord, Overseer of the Poor, Magistrate etc. etc. Fingers in all sorts of Pies! I am trying to find out more about the farmhouse & Farm. Thanks for your reply
  6. My Ancestors the Terry Family had a farm in the Carbrook area in the 1840-50's. The land was at the Sheffield side of Broughton Lane. The farmhouse was called Belle View and was at the top of Terry Street where the park is now. There is an old house in the park but I think it is later than the Belle View House but I am not sure. Has anyone any information about the Belle View Farmhouse or know of a picture or drawing of it? it does appear on old maps of the period and is mentioned in the book Once Round the Lump. Help appreciated. Happy Days! PopT
  7. Hi Silverman I've been told they did have copies of the softback edition of the book at the Museum Gallery bookstall in the building at the end of the Botanical Covered Garden (opposite end to the Library). It is not the cheapest place to buy but at least you could take a free look to see if it is what you wanted & if you do buy you will not be paying postage. Most of the Cutlery firms did have pattern books but these were all kept by different employees or were sold on to collectors all over the world. Just a thought. Good Luck I do hope it is what you are looking for.
  8. Hi There is a book titled 'British Cutlery' edited by Peter Brown & published in 2003 by Phillip Wilson The book is full of photographs and traces the history of English Cutlery in words & pictures. I cannot state that iot contains every pattern but there is a lot in the book. There are several copies on sale both new & secondhand hardback & softback on Bookfinder UK on the internet. They will most likely have a copy of this in the Local History Library in the Central Librarey in Sheffield, you could give them a ring. It maybe you do not want to buy the book but you could always copy the appropriate pages in the library for your purposes. I hope this helps you. Happy Days1 PopT
  9. I see Samuel Plimsoll put forward as a famous Sheffielder. Although he lived here he was born in London and came to Sheffield as a boy when his father took the post of Customs Officer. I think the most public figure known internationally would be Joe Cocker or Sean Bean.
  10. I have been using the Adobe Photoshop CS3 for my photographs but recently the Adobe Bridge does not work. Can anyone suggest a solution please? PopT
  11. Thanks for loading the info about the fair, Kidorry, it is appreciated. PopT
  12. I need powder cartridges for my new Brother HL-3140CW printer. Is there anywhere local to Sheffield where they do refilled exchange cartridges or a good deal on new ones? Thanking you for any replies
  13. In the corner of the yard was a small two storey white washed building which was a grinding shop and still in use in the late 50's. I was a member of the British Sub Aqua Club and we met there for a time. I would love to know the age of the place as it seemed ancient even then. Happy Days! PopT
  14. Does anyone know why the Old Gate House at the bottom gate of Hillsborough Park has been stood empty all these years? I remember at one time it was occupied by one of the Parkies. I did hear it suffered with damp problems but in this day & age that is no problem to rectify and it is such a good looking house which would make a good home to some family. I was born & bred on the other side of Penistone Road and have always been curious about the place. Happy Days! PopT
  15. Just to add to the confusion. How come Doncaster Airport was named Robin Hood Airport. Strange Methinks! Happy Days! PopT
  16. Hi Lazarus I remember the Passing Cloud cigs but I always thought there was a Cavalier on the packet but I may be wrong. the old rememberer isn't as good as it used to was! happy Days! PopT
  17. Give us a clue-Who are we looking for? Surely not Grandmother Crazykimbo?
  18. Abdulla cigarettes weren't they Turkish cigarettes a kind of up market Pasha cigarettes? Happy Days! PopT
  19. I have an old envelope which originally was give out with booked tickets which disappeared when they were used. The front of the envelope has a printed seating plan of all the seats, this was used to mark off which seats you had booked as well as a useful guide to where your seats were. As a kid I loved the pantomimes there. Happy Days! PopT
  20. It's not only Brazil that is cutting too many trees down, in North Borneo they are cutting them as fast as they can. Also that well known country New Zealand that is supposedly environmentally friendly is cutting down more trees than it is planting and it is all down to short term money gains. As soon as the return on invested money in timber falls or a more lucrative crop is found out go the forestation. This is happening on a world wide scale. It's a sad situation.
  21. My sister used to work for Mellors Pork Butchers shop on Fitzalan Street Pitsmoor. I remember a Rene Mellor4 running the shop. I hope this helps you? Happy Days! PopT
  22. Never a Drifter-Always a Rower School Motto Happy Days. Pop T
  23. The reason for the Sphinx's inscrutable smile Is because, it's Arsehole is blocked by the sands of the Nile. Happy Days PopT
  24. An old relative of mine returned from the USA & bought a smallholding at a place he called 'Bytham'. Trying to find this place was a nightmare until I found where it was by talking to an ex Samuel Fox worker. He told me that the Bitholmes area used to be called Bytham in the local dialect. I subsequently travelled up Bitholmes Lane & think I found the smallholding. I write this just out of interest to others. Happy Days PopT
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