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  1. I'm want to buy a plain backed small oval picture frame no more than 6cms high if possible.


    It is to be fitted inside a wooden box lid to hold a photograph.


    Can anybody tell me where I may be able to buy one in Sheffield or online.


    Most of them advertised are for Doll's houses & are too small.


    Help or advice appreciated

  2. The battery needs replacing on my HP Pavilion Notebook DV6 computer, can anyone where I can buy a cheap replacement in Sheffield or elsewhere. I am nervous about buying online as there are so many numbers & I do not want to get the wrong one. Any advice or help would be appreciated. The HP spare number quoted is 593562-001.

    Thanking you.

  3. My Lenovo Yoga 3 laptop has started to click when starting up. When it is fully started the clicking stops. I do have a lot of family histor on this laptop & I do not want to lose it. The last time I took a laptop in for repair they wiped it clean although I had asked them not to. Can anyone tell me what the clicking proplem is. Is there anything I can do about it,can anyone advice me please.

  4. I worked with Terry Steeples Father in Law in the Steelworks. Terry was one of the old fashioned entreprenural showman who never stopped coming up with new ideas to attract customers.One time he had the Kon Tiki boat on show at the Rotherham Essoldo. He also had a gift of getting top acts to appear at the places he managed & many people saw stars & bands that they would have never seen if it hadn't been for him. A great character missed by many.

    Happy Days! PopT

  5. Many thanks for the copy of the old map of the area Phillip. It clearly shows the different areas. I was told the one time owners of the Gannister Mines lived at High Matlock. Due to the number of miners living in Huts, railway carriages & even tents ,many of them do not appear

    on the records. With this map at least I can see the different areas where some of my ancestors lived.


    Happy Days! PopT

  6. i have been looking at the electoral registers for the area & some family are listed as living at Little Matlock, others at High Matlock & others at Greaves Lane. Can anyone tell me the difference in these locations, I can guess but I do not want to record them as living in the wrong places.

    Help appreciated.


    Popt Happy Days!

  7. If you find any of the site fees expensive try getting someone to share the fee & the site.


    One piece of advice I would recommend is to record every source numbers of the individuals so you can check them again. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find the individual records again if you do not.


    Another tip is to remember most people in the old days could not read or write & so many records have different spellings of the names for the same individuals so do not discount any information you find just because the name is spelt differently. I have found 11 different spellings of my surname & often for the same person or individual family. Many names were spelt phonetically & different dialects in different areas spoke the names differently. I hore this helps you. PopT Happy Days!

  8. Hi I thought I'd transferred some photo images from a SD card to my computer 7 foolishly deleted them before checking they had transferred. I think I need some software to recover the images from the SD card. Can anyone please recommend a programme that can be used

    on any computer or is there an alternative way to recover the images. I do not want to spend a fortune particularly if the software I buy can only be used on one computer is not transferrable. Please help as the images are irreplaeable & are needed by the family,any help whatsoever appreciated.

  9. I have some Lotus Ami Pro Sam files which I need to convert into open office so I can print them off. Can anyone recommend a programme or advice on converting the files? I am using Windows 8 & the files are on 3 1/2" Floppy Disks. I have bought a USB plugin reader for the disks. help appreciated.

  10. Travelled all over Europe on my TV175 & We have some great memories. The only fault I had with the scooter was the long saddle. I changed by buying two independent leather saddles complete with Hand Hoops from Armando on Marlborough Avenue in Broomhill.


    They were a great improvement, the long saddles used to soak up the rain & get into the sponge which wasn't good & you had to share the seat which limited the seat space which depended on how big your passenger was.


    All in all, we had some great times riding it & still have some great memories.


    Happy Days! PopT

  11. Our tastes have changed dramatically over the last few years. We are heavily influenced by foreign food by travel & religious influences. A lot of food trade are now using Hallal meat because doesn't limit it's sales also it is cheaper. They also use all sorts of flavouring & are cooking food using different oils & fats to appeal to a wider sales.


    I noticed travelling through France last year when I found I never smelled any French coffee or fresh baked bread or even the distinct smell of French cigarettes. I know this is not directly to do with taste traditional fish & chips but every country's eating habits are changing and we are all eating many of the same foodstuffs as each other & using the cheapest products for producing cooked food.


    Sadly most of our younger people have never tasted a lot of our traditional foods & are unlikely to develop the same tastes & memories of food like fish & chips. I feel most traditional foods will become gourmet items in our hotels & restaurants. I guess we cannot live in the past & have to get used to the new internal food trends. I guess I will just have to savour my memories I have of the food I ate & enjoyed as a youngster.

    Happy Days? PopT

  12. At River Don there was a lady called Myra who used to spend her lunchtimes feeding & checking the health of the cats in all the departments.


    In a bid to try to cut the numbers of cats I believe she introduced birth pills.


    She did a very good job, bless her!


    Happy Days! PopT

  13. The most scary & thought provoking film I have ever seen is 'Shoah' by Claude Lanzberg.


    The images in themselves are not scary but the thoughts you have watching the film chilled me to the bone.


    Bad Days, that should never be forgotten, although Isis are recreating the same pattern of genocidal behaviour.



  14. Hi Nellie Nash


    Take a look on Facebook-Just type in Nettleship in the search box & you will get quite a lot complete with photos, their friends & Family and contact details.


    if you want more go to the central library & look in the Electoral Rolls where they are all listed.


    I hope this helps you?


    Happy Days! PopT

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