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  1. Hi Arthur Thankyou for your reply and especially the map of the area. I think you are about right, I now believe they started building these slums in 1901. I did see a n instruction some years ago specifying the materials to be used. The bricks were to be no more than third class and the timbers the same. It's a miracle they lasted 60 odd years- no hot water, gas lit, later i 2 amp plug fitted in the front room. brick fire with with a cast iron set pot in the kitchen. The 4 rooms were Front room 12'x10', kitchen 8'x10' with two bedrooms the same size. The WC was at the bottom of the yard, luckily it wasn't shared with other 3 families in the yard so that was a plus. When my mother was pregnant with her first child they became homeless and were taken in by a family comprising of a married couple with their 8 children. I cannot imagine how they managed all living together albeit for a short period. At one time we were struggling with only 6 people living there. Looking back we were very happy living there, the people of Owlerton living in these terrace houses were the salt of the earth and got on with life overcoming many problems but always willing to help their neighbours. G-d Bless Em!
  2. Does anyone know when the terrace houses were built on Penistone Road facing the bottom of hillsborough park? These houses along with many more on the adjoining streets were demolished in the 1960's.
  3. Does anyone know what type of houses stood on Tilford Road (Formerly Talbot Road) in Woodhouse before they were demolished in the 1960's? Also where was Buck Croft in Woodhouse? My ancestors moved up from Staffordshire in the late 1880's to Buck Croft and later moved into Talbot Road which I believe is now Tilford Road. I would love to know how the road developed. Help Appreciated PopT
  4. I have a Sony Micro Cassette which I believe is the last recording of my Mother who passed away. I need to buy a player to hear it. Can anyone advise me on what & where I might buy a player? Help & advice appreciated popt
  5. Thanks for your tips Davecop, I'll give it a go,
  6. Last Winter we lived in a rented house in the mountains north of Malaga for 5 weeks. In the day time it was warm but as the night came ithe weather changed to cold. There was a Pellet burning stove in the main lounge but had air conditioning heating in the bedrooms. The pellet stove worked very well & heated the lounge OK. There were two problems-one was the storage of the sacks of pellets. At times we wished there was a large hopper above the stove to self feed the pellets The sacks were stored in an outside building & we had to keep fetching them into the house. The house interior was very nice & we didn't want to be looking at sacks of pellets in the house. The other problem was the ash from the pellets had to be cleaned out of the stove & disposed of. We did stay in a place in new Zealand where the pellet stove was fed from a large hopper which was situated outside the house & self fed the stove by means of a small woven metal conveyor which started up as the room temperature dropped. Just as a matter of interest the spanish pellets were made by a Spanish company who made the pellets from human waste which you wouldn't know unless you were told. I hope you find these comments useful Happy Days!
  7. We have a Bosch rotek Lawn mower 34-13 Model - Until last year we didn't have any problems until the handle power switch failed. It turned out to be a plastic lever which had split & wasn't pressing on the micro switch to switch the power on. I bought a new genuine Bosch part, fitted it & it has worked until recently but the new lever is no longer operating the switch. There us no damage to the lever but it is so flimsy it is bending & not working the switch. Can anyone advise me how I can get it working again. Help appreciated. PopT
  8. I'm want to buy a plain backed small oval picture frame no more than 6cms high if possible. It is to be fitted inside a wooden box lid to hold a photograph. Can anybody tell me where I may be able to buy one in Sheffield or online. Most of them advertised are for Doll's houses & are too small. Help or advice appreciated
  9. The battery needs replacing on my HP Pavilion Notebook DV6 computer, can anyone where I can buy a cheap replacement in Sheffield or elsewhere. I am nervous about buying online as there are so many numbers & I do not want to get the wrong one. Any advice or help would be appreciated. The HP spare number quoted is 593562-001. Thanking you.
  10. My Lenovo Yoga 3 laptop has started to click when starting up. When it is fully started the clicking stops. I do have a lot of family histor on this laptop & I do not want to lose it. The last time I took a laptop in for repair they wiped it clean although I had asked them not to. Can anyone tell me what the clicking proplem is. Is there anything I can do about it,can anyone advice me please.
  11. I went to Salmon Pastures college with a Desmond White who lived on Penrith Road at Shirecliffe. He worked as a plumber for the Sheffield Works Department. Any Relation?
  12. Winstons at the bottom of Snig Hill. Always had the latest clothes in. I always remember him measuring up for trousers. The one question I hated was, 'Which side do you dress, Sir? I should be so lucky! Ha Ha! Happy Days ! PopT
  13. I worked with Terry Steeples Father in Law in the Steelworks. Terry was one of the old fashioned entreprenural showman who never stopped coming up with new ideas to attract customers.One time he had the Kon Tiki boat on show at the Rotherham Essoldo. He also had a gift of getting top acts to appear at the places he managed & many people saw stars & bands that they would have never seen if it hadn't been for him. A great character missed by many. Happy Days! PopT
  14. Some of my family moved into a new house at 3 Remington Road-Tom & Edith Glossop with their family 2 sons & a daughter. Happy Days!
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