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  1. Yesterday my sister had a plumber do a small job in the kitchen. There was actually 2 plumbers - a man and his son in law. The cost of the materials was £40. The plumbers also changed a washer on the bathroom tap. They charged her £160. I think this was far too expensive. What do others think.

  2. We had some Spanish students stay with us for a couple of months each Summer in the late 1990s but we can't remember the name of the organistaion that arranged their stays in Sheffield. They used to carry bright yellow backpacks! Did anyone else do this and can you remember the name of the organisation?



  3. Has anyone on the Forum passed their driving test by going on an intensive driving course at Blackpool which includes accommodation. My nephew is thinking about doing this but they do sound very expensive. Thanks in advance.

  4. I've also attended the dentists on South Road since it opened in the early

    80's. The staff have always been lovely (until now) and my dentist made me feel totally at ease. A few months ago I rang for an appointment and the girl on reception said the dreaded words 'sorry your dentist has left'. She made me an appointment with one of the new dentists, but I wasn't happy with the new one, even thought I only needed one of my teeth re-filling. I paid for my treatment as usual, then I received a letter saying that I still owed money for my treatment and that if I didn't pay soon the matter would be taken further. I wrote back to them but I've not had a reply. I don't want to go back there, so I'm now looking for a new dentist in the Sheffield 6 or 10 area.

  5. We are just in the process of getting some quotes for new fascias, gutters and soffits. So far we have received two quotes. The first one is more than double the cost of the second. We expected some difference in the price but this seems extreme. Both quotes appear to be from reputable people. It will be interesting to receive the third quote. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  6. Hi, For the last few years I have been to Hope Car Boot sale to buy plants and hanging baskets from a lovely couple who sell a good selection of flowers. I went there last Sunday to buy some Winter baskets but these people wern't there. Just wondered if anyone knew if they had moved somewhere else?

  7. Just been reading through some old threads and was interested in the van lads at Newboulds. I wondered if anyone new my Dad, Stanley, he worked there for about 40 years. Sadly, he died 23 years ago. Would love to hear from anyone who new him.

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