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  1. Hi Does anyone know whether Jay_kd is still doing his club down near Bramhall lane? - I read about it on some now old posts and would like try a few of his classes. I tried to email him about it but never got a reply, and I've not seen any posts from him for a while. Does anyone train there? thanks
  2. Sorry nigsmig, I couldn't reply to your pm cos that was my first post!! I only need to think of 8 others now til I can pm haha...... (is there anyway to get around this??) In answer though, no I've not done any Wing Chun before. I fancy trying some Kung Fu but I'd rather a style that's quite traditional rather than a modern kickboxing type form (i've already done karate and some muay thai). I don't really know much about Kung Fu though so thought Wing Chun would be a safe bet. I'm trying to find lots of different classes to try at the moment so I can see what I'd prefer. Thanks for the info though...
  3. Hi, I know there have been lots of similar posts to this before but I was wondering whether I could get a few more details (i.e. places, times, who to contact etc). I'm looking for a quality Wing Chun class in Sheffield (or maybe another traditional-type kung fu class) but I can't seem to find any suitable. I know there's a good one at the Chinese community centre, but I don't finish work til 5.30 (when classes start) so can't get there in time. I also know that Dave Mantis teaches a class in Dinnington but it's too far for me to travel (I'm the other end of Sheffield). I've read posts mentioning a class on Carlisle street (?) and the 'Sheffield Wing Chun centre' (?).....but I can't seem to find any information on either of these. Does anyone know anything about these? Or any other good classes? Thanks, Jon1234
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