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  1. My signature says it all so I won't try acting all mr big I say let 'em get on with it, it's about time they pulled their bloody weight, it will all go sour sooner rather than later: Women have been taking control slowly over the last 15yrs, since then:- Thatcher brought the entire region & many parts of the country to it's knees We are now facing another recession We have started doing sexual favours for the USA (I know Blair isn't female but he's very much borderline) The countrys economic wealth has just about collapsed Homosexuals are allowed in the army Kids now run riot with guns, drugs and knives and know nothing about respect Pensioners are getting treated like the dirt on the bottom of our shoes 90% of the countries employment is going to immigrants, apparently made up figure as we don't know how many immigrants there are as women can't devise a database. And that's just a few of things that has happened since women started putting their foot down...I'm sure there are MANY more. I must now go and make tea, make a cuppa and tidy up before I have to go to work, oh and fit in a kiss between now and then
  2. First invitations must go to: Halibut Heyesey In no particular order, them two would hang around it like a fly on the proverbial just waiting for their prey, with that in mind it sounds like a great idea, it would get them off our back for a bit... Gets my vote
  3. I personally don't condone bad motorway drivers, it's one of the most frustrating things ever but I can understand a lot of them, you do all this driving with an instructor, then an hour or so with an examiner, never once going above 60mph and then low and behold you are fit and deemed safe to go out on the motorway for which you have had no training whatsoever and put countless lives at risk, including your own. The DSA really does need to assess the situation and fast. I know there is pass plus but hands up who has genuinely done it... I got my experience from when I was in the army and based in Germany, it was do or die, fortunately I have always been quite confident behind the wheel but that's another story, there are some who enter the motorway for the first time and literally freeze (Imagine how scary that must be, not to mention dangerous), I know of at least one person who wont go on motorways. Moral of the story really, some people genuinely are bad drivers, some people are just not as confident as they should be and some people are really good drivers who make mistakes, but none of that matters here because everyone on the forum is fantastic and should all be traffic cops / ADI's etc... Being out on the roads in Sheffield tells a different story but hey, I guess them people don't use the forum right WRONG
  4. No, I never ever said that, you may overtake car 1 and then find a steady flow of traffic in front of that car doing the same or very near the same speed, also as you will know you should leave a gap between yourself and the car in front, if you pull into a small gap you are effectively putting yourself and the car behind in danger. Hope this has answered your question.
  5. Well that's not difficult to work out really is it, lets just use simple physics to work this out: For this exercise you will need: Two lanes, 2 cars Lane 1 car, car 1 is travelling along at 40mph, lane 1 car 2 is travelling at 50mph (If this continues, sooner or later car 2 is going to rear end car 1, agreed). Car 2 then moves into lane 2 and as car 2 is travelling 10mph faster than car 1, car 2 will at some point overtake car 1. This is what is known as overtaking and above I feel I have described a very good reason as to why there is a need to overtake.
  6. Should be thanking them, not moaning, the speed limit is 50mph on 90% of the parkway and so if they are doing 50, what's your problem, you think it's ok for you to speed do ya , I admit I will often do this is if I'm in the farside lane overtaking and some idiot comes flying up my rear end and then starts flashing at me and tailgating me, some times it can't be helped that people sticking to the limit end up in the nearside lane and can't always get back in right away, but when some jerk sits up your backside expecting you to speed to get past the traffic in the nearside lane, well that just gets my back up and I stick 2 fingers up at them and stick to 50. I too hate it when people sit in the middle lane on a motorway at 60mph, I have always known it to overtake and if safe and convinient to do so, get back into the nearside lane until I need to merge back to overtake, it just holds everyone up and is a complete pain in the arse...
  7. The emergency services obviously can jump red lights, the same as they can speed, provided they have reason to do so and their superiors back them....happy reading know-all's:-
  8. Going round in circles I believe, but I don't mean for the call , I mean for the death of that woman. This discussion has just turned into the usual people nit picking little silly things so I for one am off...said my bit
  9. Sure, if you call a slap on the wrist punishment then you could say he has... The moral of the story is... 1 hoax call could result in someones life, I can't remember the banner all fire engines have on the back but it basically says that, someones life was taken and legally the caller wasn't at fault, however if let's say the hoax call was made, the fire engine attended and no one was killed as happened, although another genuine call came through and no one could attend because they were attending this hoax, someone then died as a result would the hoax caller then only be charged for making a hoax call...? Someone died as a result of his stupidity and therefore morally he was at fault, just a shame he will be laughing like a cheshire cat when someone else eventually takes the blame, I like many others would love to smack it off his face...
  10. What a load of crap this thread is, sure it's a real damn shame the driver of the fire truck was put in the position where someone lost their life, more so because there was no need to be there. Sure there must have been some condition that affected his ability to manouvere the junction safely, I'm sure afterall that he didn't intentionally plough into the deceased's car!! However, you have to take into consideration all the facts, The hoax caller made the call, and has since been charged for that (Ok, he got off real light but that's the justice system ponces in this country of ours) but he wasn't at the scene and wasn't driving a car (@ the scene anyway) so that rules him out The fire engine driver was at the scene and was through his own fault or not, the person who delivered the fatal blow, as halibut has said above, if it was his own fault and he was incapable of taking the junction safely and knew it, then what should happen to him, be let off because he shouldn't have been there??? for christ sake people, he killed someone fault or no fault, someone has lost their life and a family are without their sister/mum/daughter/wife etc etc, I really feel for the guy and hope to hell he is found not guilty as it must be one hell of a thing to live with, but if he is guilty then by all means he should pay the consequences, if you think he shouldn't then it's people like you that make the justice system in this country what it is... Last but by no means least, the deceased...maybe she was at fault, maybe she was somehow in the wrong, if she was then she has paid the ultimate price, if she wasn't then again she has paid the ultimate price for someone's mistake, but hey, the womans dead people, get off her back. Suppose it could somehow just be a simple case of an, dare I say it..."ACCIDENT", you know, the lights changed to quick for her to react, the fire engine / car driver did not see one another and the fire engine as are trained to do so if the path is clear, went through on red, the possibilities are endless, the only person most definately not legally at fault though is the hoax caller, even though morally he is definately the guilty party and should almost certainly suffer for it... But he wont
  11. Sorry if I seem a bit thick but I've never felt the need to do this before until now. Just out of curiosity I tried a few quotes out online this AM for my car insurance and it turns out I am currently paying well over the odds for my insurance, I started my claim on a ford fiesta 1.6 Si 16v and sold that and got a Volvo 440 1.9 TD with which my policy went up slightly, I have since found out I am paying over £300 p/a more than I need to be, can I cancel my current policy and move over? I assume I will lose my no claims for the current year but I reckon it's got to be worth it, surely. Thanks for looking...
  12. She works for the NHS and they are very strict with her hours, I have begged and begged for her to ask and she refuses... Turns out though that she got there at 7 this morn' asked and was allowed to swap shifts, result eh. I wasn't avoiding it, it was obviously my 1st choice but she told me it was damn near impossible.
  13. I don't mean to be un-grateful for everyone's suggestion of childcare, I appreciate the advice, afterall that is what I asked for, it's the way in which people are saying I'm wrong in not choosing to do so, like you say it's my choice, do I not have that right? Anyway, the thread has come to an abrupt end and there seems only 2 choices, go with daughter (Like you say, after clearing this) or not go at all, obviously with the way jobs are going these days, preferably not the latter... Thanks all
  14. Could always contact the Mods and they will most probably get back to you with an answer.... In 3 or 4 days
  15. Amazed you can make such judgements of someone because they aren't prepared to just leave their child with any old tom, dick or harry...being pregnant yourself, may I ask, when your little one is born would you be prepared to just cast them aside to anyone? Maybe some of the people on here are those that are described as 'career bitches' where the career comes first and family comes next or in some cases, last. I however am not one and my daughter comes very much first, personally I can't believe I'm being judged on that fact alone!!! Sure, there are nurseries that I could put her in, I wasn't sure of this until a few people have mentioned it as I would have thought she would need to be registered, any necessary paperwork be filled out etc etc (Loop holes & all), does it seem impossible that maybe we don't already have a nursery for her or a regular childminder, she is afterall only 22mths, we don't pop kids out for the fun of it and then think, damn that thing is going to get in the way of my career, cast her aside and get on with life, on the other hand we don't pop them out for all the free benefits we could get (I know no one has brought this up yet but S.F. being what it is, I'm sure there are one or two floaters just waiting for the opportunity) we just had our daughter as planned, brought her up until now by ourselves working around her and give her the love only a parent can give, I wont apologise for that, that's what we decided we would do and done it, yes I do want this job, I want any job TBH and will do whatever it takes to get it, I merely came on here for advice really about the consequences of arriving at the interview with daughter in tow, not to be judged by people who clearly don't know me, have never been in my situation or are just simply here to look for an argument... PS: Thanks Aries but as I've said, and no offence meant I don't know your daughter in law and wouldn't have time to in the morning, but really, thank you
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