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  1. Has anyone done the challenge at the street food chef and done the (Wo)man vs Food burrito at a Hungry Horse? How do they compare size-wise. I demolished the Hungry Horse, but I've no idea how that compares to 3.5lb because they don't quote a weight
  2. Hi, My lad is 6 and autistic but LOVES dancing. He goes to Draper's at Beighton, but we're looking for a 2nd dance class for him cos he loves it so much. Something that will push him a bit more too. Street/Freestyle. Beighton/Halfway areas or near-abouts. I know there's Excel, but any others?
  3. This is exactly the kind of club I am trying to avoid, based on the web site I'm afraid. The "turn offs" for me are a 1st dan instructor and no affiliation, how is the instructor progressing? How do people progress beyond 1st kyu when the club is run by a 1st dan? Bujinkan Ninjutsu is listed, does this imply that the instructor is a Bujinkan qualified 5th dan or above? In which case, why are other schools being taught when the Bujinkan is a pretty all encompassing school? (it includes sword, staff and knife work as well as many other historic Japanese weapons, some specific to ninjitsu and unarmed styles)
  4. I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old, I want to get them started on Martial Arts. I have strongly held personal opinions [1] on what kind of club/style is suitable as such, I'm looking for a club that is Judo or Aikido or a similar style which will focus on skill and fun not competition and aggression. Preferably not an independent, but a club that is associated with a national or international organisation. I've found a couple that look good, but, they seem to run at 6pm on weekdays or even 4pm. Which means I'll not be able to take them, and I wanted to be able to take them and not ask my wife to do it, as the martial arts is 'my thing'. So, any suggestions [1] - Trained judo from age 7, jujitsu from 14 and bujinkan taijustu for a while as an adult.
  5. TBH I think the newts was a desperate ploy as most people local to the site don't want a tesco there. All the documentation about it is available here: http://planningdocs.sheffield.gov.uk/WAM/findCaseFile.do?action=show&appName=planning&appNumber=10/02077/FUL Including the full decision and the various bits of application and counter evidence etc. Noting an objection noted from Clive Betts, Labour councillor that I just happened to see on there The rejection states that it the land is needed to meet the council's 5 year plan of providing land for housing development. Given the state of the national council housing situation, it's incredibly unlikely that council properties will be built on the land, they're just reserving it to allow private developments to go up.
  6. People objected on a large number of grounds, including the ecological ones. There was impact on local properties and so forth too, and traffic in the area and effects on local business. However, the ONLY reason stated in the ruling that turned down the application was the plans for the council to reserve the land for housing. Previously, it was zoned for light industrial, the council plans to have that land developed, just not as tesco. So I guess the people who objected due to the newts might have to try again one day for something else
  7. Actually, the appeal is not reviewed by the council. The appeal is made to the secretary of state to see if they will overrule the council's decision and is heard at a public enquiry. And, at the various meetings of the campaign to oppose the planning application there were labour councillors present and in support of the no campaign, it was not a party issue. The council rejected on the grounds of the council's long term housing development plans, not on the basis of party politics. Hopefully the secretary of state will continue to oppose the application so we won't have two million supermarkets within a short distance
  8. From our house, right near the proposed site, Morrison's is available in 2 minutes drive, Sainsbury's in 10 and Asda in 15. Tesco's at Abbeydale is 30 minutes. Adding a new Tesco's this side of the city might be good. But so close? No, not necessary. There? Definitely not. There's the added traffic and noise in the area. We moved here because it's quiet and peaceful. Adding the Arnold Laver increased lorries on the road, and stopped me cycling up the hill from work as the lorries nearly took me out a few times in the winter. Morrison's is not popular with many people due to quality etc, having a Tesco's here will attract that business, and increase the traffic and noise in the area. Seriously don't want it being a 24 hour store. Yeah it's a bit of a "Yes, but not by MY house" response. But, there we go. Tesco's have a reputation for being vicious and evil and doing anything to get their store into the area they have targeted. I hope that they fail for once, because on the SAME road with an exit at the SAME place as a different major supermarket? No chance. Oh and as for driving prices down? No, won't do that. It'll hurt local small business inevitably, affect Sainsbury's and Morrison's weekly sales, but they set their prices nationally, so it's not like there will be a local price war between the big three in the area... Asda might suffer most actually.
  9. Well my membership for the month at Killamarsh runs for a little while longer yet, but sounds like I'll probably be up there mon/wed/thu from after the 15th, sounds ideal, especially with the swimming pool So I'll be the bloke with long hair and a beard there
  10. oh, and I'm going to try and get up to check it out, but a bit of no time at the moment (christmas is coming etc) hence being lazy and asking
  11. OK, what I need is a rack with pegs at various heights to put the bar on to load weight so then you step under the bar to get it onto your shoulders. Kind of like you have on a free-weight bench for bench pressing, but higher Thanks for the replies!
  12. 5 sets of 5 reps with each of 5 exercises. The exercises are compound ones using free weights to provide a full workout. http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-5x5-beginner-strength-training-program/
  13. Thanks for the replies. @art_blaze - do you know if they have decent free weights and a power rack? hard to tell from the pics on the site. Plenty of weight machines, but no shots of their free weights. Good looking kit though.
  14. Hi, I'm currently trying the stronglifts.com 5x5 program (weight lifting/strength training) and training at Killamarsh gym. Which is a bit small and ill-equipped for the program. I need somewhere with a power cage, olympic bar-bells and plenty of free weights that isn't over contended for use. Also need somewhere that's open reasonably late (generally at the gym for an hour sometime between 8 and 10), near halfway and that doesn't cost the earth. I think Sam Jones is about 40 quid a month, which is a bit steep! I've found a place at westfield, but that shuts at 7:30 which rules that out. Anyone suggest anywhere?
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