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  1. I haven't worked in hospitality for over a decade but when I did I never heard of anything like this. There were two usual ways of distributing tips Either a 'trunk' where all the tips went in and all kitchen and front of house staff got an equal share. Or the waiting staff tipped out a percentage every night (usually 20 or 25%) and the kitchen staff would get their share of the tipping out money once a week or month. It seems to me both are better ways of doing it than this
  2. I'm going to presume you want an answer other than - its not set in Sheffield
  3. Good for you. Is that to make your earlier comment seem right?
  4. Its not particularly set anywhere. Its just supposed to be set oop north somewhere. The first film was filmed in Grimsby but a lot of the actors have Nottinghamshire accents which kind of fudges it a bit. Since then the tv series have been filmed in Sheffield but no reference to it being set in Sheffield has been mentioned. It could be set anywhere really
  5. Its not set in Sheffield. It might be filmed here but its not set here
  6. Am I the only person who thinks they look like curling stones?
  7. Although actually if you called half the people on here. Discodown: My pipes have burst and there is water coming through my ceiling SF User : Well, its actually dihydrogen monoxide and not water to give it its proper name and are you sure its pouring and not trickling or running? And are you sure its your ceiling? If you're still paying a mortgage its technically the banks ceiling although depending on how much mortgage you owe most of it could be yours I suppose, then again if you rent the ceiling will never be yours and it'll always belong to the landlord. Also are you sure its coming through the ceiling and not going down the walls? In fact how do you know the pipes have burst are you a structural engineer or a geologist? For all I know you could be anyone, i'm going to need to see evidence of your identity, your qualifications, your right to reside in the house and the source of the leak. Then i'm going to need to know that you are a person of financial good standing and you'll be able to pay my bill before I start and that before I step foot in the property there are no foodstuffs offensive, fattening, from a major supermarket, also that your children are perfectly behaved, that you call your pets furbabies and that you want Castle Market perfectly restored and Redgates back. Once i've got all that in writing I might come and see what the problem is... ...hello... ...are you still there... ...goddamn timewasters
  8. Tell me how good it feels when you think that you've won?
  9. So what? Its the internet, we're all a bunch of chumps talking crap. None of it matters, nothing of any consequence happens. People don't come here to set about achieving Nobel prizes. Why take it so seriously? Its just tarting about on a forum?
  10. So you know the quote exists? Why the eff are you arguing about something you know exists? This is what I mean, you are part of the problem. Nothing ever gets to the point. You spend so much time examining the trees and complaining about the leaves you never see the forest. You spend so much time tediously micromanaging threads into oblivion that people just get bored and give up. It doesn't mean you win, it just means you suck the fun out of it and people primarily come here for amusement not for a turing test now you're going to correct me on the incorrect usage of turing test even though I deliberately used it and I put this text in white, I wonder if you'll change this text so people can see it so they'll wonder where it came from from!
  11. Ask other people who've read the book to substantiate. You really should read the books, they're very good and eminently quoteable
  12. Ban people from using google for a month on here and half the tedious experts on everything would actually be revealed as knowing nothing. There are reasons this forum is dying and a shadow of its former self google warriors are just one of them
  13. Absolutely. Its in my contract I should have a wage review every year and a performance related pay rise if I warrant it. There hasn't been such a review for the last four years for me and many others but there has been things like massive staff cuts, increase in work, emails as described above, no inestment in IT, no formal training, no promotions, removal of most staff perks and priviliges and other things which have made it a much more difficult place to work but for no discernible benefit. So, I say to you - is it unreasonable to want what is owed to you when you uphold your part of the bargain and more? Big companies will happily do nothing for staff unless forced to. The worst times are passed, if there is £1.3bn extra business, and the share price is up and the overall business is doing better than ever giving us what we are supposed to have anyway isn't going to break the company coffers
  14. Nope. Never said any of that. Fair pay for the work I do and have done is what I saying. Its perfectly simple
  15. Thats a great idea. I'll use the spare money sloshing around from my pay increase... ...no wait
  16. I'm no socialist but it seems to me that when workers argue about crumbs and big companies have pretty much the whole cake things are fundamentally wrong. The company I work for sent out their half yearly statement as an email recently, everything fabulous £1.3bn extra business, share price never been stronger etc etc. But half the people where I work - including me - haven't had a pay review for the 4th or 5th year running. If things are so good where's my fair share? I don't need the weatherman to tell me when its raining. Time to get out. Its pure greed and exploitation and its not acceptable. Wage increases aren't a necessary evil they are whats owed for fair work and to decent workers and the fact the government has to step in and enforce it on big companies speaks volumes
  17. Why do people think this is a bad thing? Its going to be fed in over five years not dropped on you next week. Why shouldn't the minimum increase? Or do people want to see the little people kept down where they know their place?
  18. Does it matter how long they've been British? What generation British they are? What colour they are? If they're British muslims does that make a difference? I'm curious, what's your agenda here?
  19. Theres probably a reason why but if they approach me and i'm having a bad day I tell them that they are breaking the law approaching me to solicit money and are in breach of the Vagracy Act of 1824 and if they continue i'll have them arrested. They soon stop. No doubt they think i'm a cockwomble but I don't particularly care
  20. Thats not on West Street I do know where that is and surprisingly its not West Street either So, we're getting to it. You don't actually go drinking on West Street or know much about it or the people you've just seen it for a few minutes as you scuttle along it while you get transport back into the warm glowing warming glow of real sheffielders? No doubt there were endless real sheffielders filthy from coal mines or steel works who were showering them with food or blankets or the cheery Castle Marketeers were setting up for the day and singing happy songs while cartoon animals helped them while the fake sheffielders from West Street were rutting like animals and drinking themselves into a stupor
  21. You could always try a wacky concept like...I don't know...not burning the bread so it doesn't set the smoke detectors off. No, thats just madness. MADNESS
  22. What a boy George was. Must have been in his 70's if he was a day, still going strong and goes there a few times a week. It makes you proud to be british
  23. How often do you do that? I'm interested, what bars do you frequent on a friday and saturday night? You are quick to challenge but tell us, how you know exactly what West Street is like on the heaviest, busiest nights of the week
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