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  1. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    Hahahaha, great to know someone appreciates my memory! , yes, sadly Coley was hit by a train near london road in december 1985, he was only 19, he was a good friend and i still think of him a lot, poor kid. As for mozzle, lol we always used to say he went inside just for his christmas dinner, his mom must have been a lousy cook lol, n i was one of the girls in traci n trinas little gang (when i wasn't grounded!!) lmao, n how could i forget murphy?, she was a great laugh, i'll add her to my 'little list' now
  2. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    The gallery was down at the markets, we all used to meet up there at one time, and i still see Galley , he delivers my chinese take away every friday lol
  3. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    ooooh i think i'm in love!
  4. Im not sure if julie attended church or not, she has got a daughter but I'm not sure how old she was when she was born
  5. Hi shefflass, yes that was right, she did that as a publicity stunt for her business, i only put her full name as she has changed it now, she has also written a book about her life (Priceless), I have the book and its a great read! She had a book signing in WH Smiths earlier this year, so i have a signed copy! I also remember 2 Richards, one lived at 172, the other at 174 Reney avenue, wonder where they are now?, The one who lived at 174 was nicknamed 'Brains',
  6. Believe it or not Mr. Tindall's still there, as mad as ever!
  7. Miss Skin

    Born in the 40's, 50's, 60's??

    Wow! that looks like my house in the 70's viking
  8. Miss Skin

    Born in the 40's, 50's, 60's??

    This bought back memories pinklady, knicker elastic was a must for all us girls in the schoolyard, we had endless fun french skipping n when the bell/whistle went you just put it in your coat pocket!, we made dens in the woods, we used to make tree swings out of rope and a strong stick, make see saws out of a large boulder and a ladder, played conkers, my dad soaked ours in vinegar, supposedly to harden them, and we made up all sorts of games with just a plain old tennis ball, and then there was the good old hula hoop, we had hours of fun with such inexpensive 'toys', kids don't know how lucky they are these days
  9. Miss Skin

    Heeley Memories

    Boy, do i remember doing that!, we used to have a great laugh sliding down sandford grove on big cement bags that my dad bought home, i was at the machon bank end though leading onto sheldon road, chelsea and meersbrook park were good fun too in winter
  10. Miss Skin

    Stradbroke, the chav capital

    God we all sound like real bunch of old fogeys moaning about teenagers, i always swore i would never get like that! Something does need to be done though on stradbroke, any ideas? a youth club might help as long as they respected the building & the staff.
  11. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    Aw, thanks Mr. Blue, you did that just for me? I think you're really great P.S, my hair almost reaches my bum too these days
  12. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    Sorry to hear that Mr. blue, may your father now RIP
  13. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    You just made my day, Mel
  14. Miss Skin

    Sheffield skinheads in the 80s

    Great pic mr. blue! LMAO

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