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  1. i will be renting the house out with or without my 2 dogs, and I have mentioned that I am willing to cover the costs for the dogs(please read original post carefully!) I just thought I would find out what people think, I as I know that the majority of lettings dont allow pets and as its short term people may want to find out what its like to live with 2 dogs before making a full commitment to have there own. Ive seen so many people wanting to rehome their pets after a 6month period which is a shame. This way it would give the person the 'feel' of owning a pet before they have to make a full term commitment.
  2. Thats why i did say that i wouldnt put them into a kennel and I am trying to find the best solution for them, If I didnt find anyone suitable to look after them with the house I obviously wouldn let the dogs stay in the rent and also i did mention the possible need for a police check. Inferring that I dont care about my dogs an unfair judgment to make, if i didnt care I would send them to the city dogs home, as it is they have their own place to live at them moment and I am trying to save them as much distress as possible rather than moving them to a new home and family will doubly distress them.
  3. that would be fantastic, if I could. i had thought about kennels but they were taken to one once only for a weekend and were so distressed that i have never put them back into kennels. A family (as they are both great with kids) or professional couple would be great, and im more than happy to pay all expenses.
  4. Thanks for all the advice and a deposit would be required and a contract set up with solicitors, also possibly a police check would be required. But again I wouldnt want to rehome them incase i came back after a year, or decided i wanted to stay in which case I would transport them over, just dont like the idea of them getting upset over moving there and moving back again if it doesnt work out. I supose the ideal solution would be to look for someone to foster them, but not having much luck with finding any information about theis either!!!!
  5. was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on renting a house with two dogs as part of the agreement???? I will be renting mine out shortly after the new year as a terrace with inclosed garden and large attic bedroom with 2 more bedrooms, dining room lounge , off shot kitchen and cellar. I will be renting it out due to going to New Zealand and i currently have 2 labradors that I dont want to rehome as I may only stay over there for a year, and I know there are a few people that want to rent and also want to have pets, so this could be a trail run for a year to see what type of commintment it would be to own 2 dogs and see whether they are up for the challenge!!! does this sound utterly crazy or is it something that someone would be interested in??? Also all expenses would be paid for them, and the house would be fully furnished!
  6. i live on oakland (Half way up) and ive not had any problems with a wet basement, it does have some areas of dampness but nothing to bother about. Its a good road but hell for parking as most people have 2/3 cars which doesnt help! good luck with everything tho!
  7. does anyone think that this poor girl who is missing has not been given as much media coverage as Madeline Mcann? shurely just because there is a difference in backgrounds these two tragic events should be treated the same? I guess what im trying to say is why hasnt there been rewards offered for shannon to return safely?Didnt richard branson offer a reward? it makes me feel so sad that it seems that people from wealthy backgrounds are more important than the poorer working class people. what does everyone else think?
  8. i second that, myself and my husband go and its always lovely....has a 'real Italian' aspect to it lol! great for pizza and pasta deals too!
  9. when i was a student nurse i had to live on this £400 and unlike most old people, i had to pay rent ( they usually own their own home) and had to pay for all my bills and travel and they have their bills cut (especially in winter) so i think they get enough. also half the people that are retired only worked until they were 55 whereas by the time i will retire i will be nearer to 70. so there really isnt any justice in the world. although there is the argument of "well we fought in the war" i dont believe this is an excuse as they didnt go to war for free but had a wage just like everyone else. Everyone has to tow the line whether you are a soldier, nurse, doctor, police officer worker etc!
  10. go to m&s they do fantastic cakes at the fraction of the price! big congrats , hope your day is really special. x
  11. hi we were gona use them for our wedding last year and were awful, when we cancelled they sent us a horrible letter saying they they were gonna take us to court if we didnt pay the full amount (even though we were not getting anything and also had not signed or agreed to book them) my advise is stay well awy from them. hope all goes well for your wedding. x
  12. will anyone who would like a massage please pm me with their age, also if they have any medical problems or allergies.thanks!
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