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  1. similar to this I am told that when my Grandad and his Brothers moved to Manchester from Glasgow (early 50s) they just used to go watch which ever Manchester team was at home and so supported both teams for years!
  2. Hi Andy, that fine. See you Tuesday then, will PM you my number so if you have any troubles finding it you can give me a call.
  3. thanks to everyone who has been down to training and been in contact. Still interested in hearing from anyone that plays in goal. Training on Tuesdays 7pm at Collegiate Crescent Astro so if anyone is looking to get back into Football this is ideal as despite being training its competitive and a mixture of players from all the clubs teams so is a good way to get your fitness and touch back. Cheers
  4. still really interested to hear from any keepers wanting to play for a decent team on Thursdays. Especially applicatable if you are also interested in playing Saturdays 11-a-side as most of our team on Thursday play together at the weekend. ta
  5. sent you a pm mate, so get in touch if your interested.
  6. thanks to those that got in contact and hopefully see some of you on Tuesday, just wanted to say that we have Goodwin's full sized pitch booked for 2 hour slots Saturdays throughout July. Where we usually just divide all the clubs players up and play 11 a side to get everyones legs moving again. Just wanted to mention it as a few people mentioned being interested but not being available Tuesday or until later into the year. cheers.
  7. Hello, as have been a regular theme throughout this thread, we are looking for a reliable keeper who can play for us on Thursday nights at Goals. Our Keeper is shortly moving away and whilst we have a few options who can play the odd games, we would rather have someone who wants to play every week. We play in the championship and were previously in the Wednesday prem so aren't total cloggers so are after someone half decent. anyone interested, then just let me know!
  8. yeah Jonesal just turn if you want, its Tuesdays by the way so if your coming let me know and I will look out for you and introduce you to the managers there etc. The over 35s manager asked if you could give me your details (name, phone number, any teams you may have played for) so I can pass them on to him so he can contact you, he will be able to answer your questions about the team much better than me.
  9. sadly no! the name is more historical than factual now a days. There are at present no bankers in the squad so don't hold that against us!
  10. Hello, thanks for the questions. Didn't state what day we play, for for those that don't know the leagues, its Saturday 2pm or 3pm kick offs. we are training over the summer yes, howevers its club training (players from all sides) at collegiate crescent campus astro turf. Just waiting on confirmation for if the over 35s have their own training running over the summer and then I will pm some more info and contact details. cheers.
  11. A well established successful Football Club (Sheffield Bankers) is looking to add to the quality of its 3 open age adult sides, as well as its over 35's team. Based in S11 with excellent training and playing facilities we are keen to recruit new players who feel they are a good fit for the club. With teams in the County Senior, South Yorkshire Amateur divisions 1 and 2 as well as the Wragg League Over 35's there has never been a better time to join the Bankers. With the first team narrowly missing out on promotion and strong seasons for the second team, Over 35's, and with the newly created 3rd open age team the club offers plenty of opportunities for game time and progression for players of all levels and ages. We are a sociable and friendly, well run club who are interested in players who feel they can fit in to the friendly yet competitive spirit of the club. If you can commit to every week or intermittent involvement due to family/work commitments we would like to hear from you as we are sure we can offer you the opportunity of football at the right level! Please contact for more details or post questions on here.
  12. how many divisions will this have? and are you the same people that run the leagues up at goodwin on Wednesdays?
  13. in the fairplay league I play for Sheffield International (2nd bottom of the 3rd Div) in the south Yorkshire I play for Sheffield Bankers.
  14. not played against them, however none of the top sides in div 3 I have played against (despite losing to all of them!) have had a strong 11, most of them seem to have 3 or 4 weaker ability players so am certain that a div 1 team won't be like that.
  15. I don't know anyone that has been there, however footballcv are one. http://www.footballcvacademy.com/football/academy/ they use the facilities of the side from where I originally come from.
  16. thats not a bad thing though is it, I played a few games in the Superdraw league this season and there were some real idiots in it who had no interest in playing footy. I have been playing in div 3 of the SDFPL since xmas and whilst the standard isn't great I haven't had anyone try to do me over. Had been struggling to get in my side who play in the South Yorkshire Amateur so didn't mind a bit of a drop to get games, and the poorer pitches and ref quality is reflected in cheaper subs and fees. who do you have in the final Dynamo?
  17. The Senior county is 11 a side yeah, I play for a club whose highest team is at that level. And then the 2nds (who I play for) are in the South Yorkshire amateur league which is also decent, although the seasons are coming to an end. Goals is a good venue but that site is a bit naff, I was on it for months myself and never got a game so ended up starting my own team (which is what this thread was started for!) We actually have a free space on Thursday for 5 a side at goals, so if your interested you are welcome to come play. That way I can see what standard you are and can then have a word with the managers of one of the 11 a side teams that I know. Let me know and I will pm you my phone number.
  18. Hi mate, if your decent it might be worth having a look at Hallam FC as they were after players a little while ago. https://www.hallamfc.co.uk/ if you aren't up to non league, or don't fancy the traveling or more committed training then something like the windsor senior league you would probably enjoy as the teams are all pretty much yorkshire based so could recommend you a couple of decent ones where I know lads that play. 5 a side there are some decent leagues around however its pretty informal stuff and varies venue to venue. Hope thats helpful and at least a start.
  19. Wolves sold out most of their tickets for the Birmingham game. It was the home sections that led to such a small crowd. Expecting the replay to be a low crowd though after how poor the first game was.
  20. played today on a decent quality pitch and it was cut up and ruined by the end of the game. To be fair today was one of the least enjoyable games I can think of playing in due to the strong wind. Must have been about 7 minutes of actual play and the rest of the time was taken waiting on people fetching balls to take throw-ins!
  21. We have moved to thursdays evenings now at Goas and are in the championship and are still looking for a keeper. If anyone is interested please get in touch. Playing this week at 7.45
  22. guys we are short on players this evening at goals, 9.15pm kick-off if anyone is interested? got a couple more games left on Wednesday until we move to Thursdays so if your interested let me know.
  23. yeah I have seen this place, don't think its open yet. Think it could do well as I live in the area and their are often lots of people in Meersbrook park over the summer months and that doesn't have its own cafe and this isn't far.
  24. On the look out for a keeper, play wednesdays in the prem at goals and are shortly moving to thursday nights at the end of the season so if your available please get in touch. ta.
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