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  1. Sheffield Bankers FC over 35's are still interested in hearing from any players looking to play over 35's football. The club has just relocated to the Olive Grove pitches in S2 which are in fantastic condition. And the club have been able to reduce their match fees to be one of the most competitive in the City. If your interested get in touch or feel free to ask away with any questions.
  2. where you looking to play? places like Goals and a few others don't let you wear blades if your playing in their leagues. If its just a kick round with your mates then you will be fine. Personally I don't like blades on astro. I wear a less hideous colour of these http://www.sportsdirect.com/nike-5-bomba-pro-mens-astro-turf-trainers-261017 you will also be fine in something like Adidas Kaisers which have round moulded studs.
  3. Hi guys. Am looking for a friendly this saturday 18th for Sheffield Bankers newly formed team. Can provide a 3g pitch if your happy with this and want to go halfs (about 35quid for 2 hours) Cheers Kev
  4. Hi guys, Sheffield Bankers FC squads are all really taking shape now for us. However we are still on the look out for any players that feel they could challenge for the first team (Senior County div 1) and any goal keepers that are looking for a new team or to get back into football. Training and matches in and around the city centre so an ideal location for any students or centre based folk without cars.
  5. sorry, that was in reference to my other post, Saturday. Its sorted now though cheers.
  6. Hi Guys. Defiantly have Goodwin Astroturf booked for 11am (the newly relaid top pitch) so am looking for any teams that are available? cheers Kev - Sheffield Bankers FC
  7. Hi guys am looking for morning friendlies for Sheffield Bankers 3rd side in the South Yorkshire 1st division on the following dates: Saturday 4th Saturday 11th can provide a pitch with split cost
  8. no probs mate, pm you your number and I will let you know about this week.
  9. Kick offs are between 7pm-9.15pm depending on what slot me get.
  10. due to a number of people moving away and injuries, we have space for a regular player for a friendly but competitive team at Goals on Thursdays, anyone interested get back to me or pm.
  11. no probs, if your potentially interested then training is always Tuesday during the season at Collegiate and then usually on another day as well (was wednesday last year at goodwin) although there is no pressure to go to both, its purely due to the amount of teams the club have. Home ground this year will be Davy Sports and the 2nd and 3rds will be at the Sheffield Works ground. Also have an over 35's so if your creeping towards that end of the scale (like myself!) then there is already a team in place to move straight into!
  12. Sheffield Bankers, we have teams in the Senior County 1st div, and then the South Yorkshire Amatuer prem and 1st divisions. All Saturday kick offs. 2ppm or 3pm depending on the team.
  13. looking for a friendly next Saturday (morning if possible) for our newly formed 3rd side. Still on the look out for players (and a keeper) for all our teams though, training tuesday in Bole Hill Park if anyone is interested in joining us.
  14. Hi guys, we are short on players for 5 a side tomorrow (thursday) at 7.45 at goals so if anyone wants a game let me know.
  15. what time kickoff would you be after and what team? don't usually play Sundays but could have a word and see what everyone thinks.
  16. anyone with a pitch that wants a friendly next Saturday? (21st) we need a friendly away from our pitch but can return the favour in a few weeks. Sheffield Bankers, have 3 teams so can provide a team for whatever standard seems most appropriate or a mixture. let me know Kev
  17. looking for friendlies on the following dates Saturday 28th July - no pitch but can share cost Saturday 4th August - (Have Goodwin astro booked for this day 1pm-3pm) Sheffield Bankers FC and will be a mixture of players from our 4 sides.
  18. BSN is going to be tough next year, shame Darlington got moved down too else there would have been some well established teams in it.
  19. Sheffield Bankers FC are still on the look out for players who can add to either the 3 open ages sides (playing in the Country senior, South Yorkshire Amateur prem and div 1) or its u35s side. Pre-season training is already under way, Tuesday evening 6.30pm-8.30pm at Bole hill park. In addition to Tuesdays we have Goodwin booked throughout July and August for Saturday pre season games 1pm-3pm. so the perfect mix of aerobic and match time. if your looking to get back into football or looking to play at a higher standard we can most probably help so get in touch or fire away with questions.
  20. what day do they print the grassroots section? is it always fridays or does it differ?
  21. Bawtry has closed to non uni sides due to redevelopment.
  22. hi mate, sent you an email from a hotmail account so hopefully it doesn't go straight to you junk folder!
  23. http://www.footballcv.com/football/default/ 12th Aug - Bramall lane trials - no idea what it costs but FootballCV sponsor my local side and advertise in 442 and world soccer so you can trust them to be legit.
  24. well with Southampton and Norwich having just done that its no wonder the bookies are protecting themselves a tad.
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