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  1. Yes I did, hence why I referenced it and asked if this thread was okay, a thread for cyclists and sports fans to discuss it, not for motorists to moan about it.
  2. Can we have a Sheffield Sky ride thread in here please? Wasn't happy that you closed down the other one and directed the person who created it to "the other thread" about it, which not being on the sport section was instead almost entirely people moaning about cyclists and road closures and how we don't deserve to use their precious road! Really excited about this, got my road bike last year and haven't been on it as much as I would have liked. If I am honest I get a bit nervous cycling round Sheffield as not originally from here and not really used to cycling on the road. Was booked on this last year but didn't attend as it was drilling it down. Some rain forecast Sunday but should hopefully miss this.
  3. If you can make it to Goodwin Sports Centre on Tuesday evening 7pm-8pm, all 3 Sheffield Bankers Saturday sides are training for the summer, so a mixture of standards and fitnesses. We have friendlies and 6 a side arranged right through out the summer so are quite unique in that sense. Let me know if you're interested. Kev
  4. No worries, if that doesn't work out you know where we are!
  5. Today - Tuesdays - Sorry should have said me and Twirler manage different teams for the same club. We will be training every Tuesday 7pm-8pm at Goodwin sports centre on the lower 3g pitch. We have 2/3 of the pitch over the summer and so training is a mixture of all the teams.
  6. Adult football league that is Saturday mornings. Not sure who might play or train up your way though. Decent league though. http://www.sdfpl.co.uk
  7. Training is going on now Rsales. 7pm at Goodwin, open to all.
  8. Might not interest you but you can play in the Fairplay league from 16+. What area are you?
  9. I manage one of the sides for Sheff Bankers, we have two teams in a 6 a side league over the summer and are looking for anyone interested in playing in goal, on a Thursday night. Could lead to you getting into the 11 a side teams once the season starts. Very cheap too. £4 for a 40 minute match. Anyone interested get in touch.
  10. Having played in a few mainly around the city centre. I would suggest the leagues run at Goodwin. Champion soccer run a couple of them and back of the net leagues run what were the old fa leagues. I know there are also leagues at hillsborough college but not sure who runs them.
  11. Season is now in it's final stages, but the club have a number of teams in summer competitions and will be training throughout the summer and have entered a couple of 6 a side leagues. So anyone looking to get involved, get back into football, or are looking to move teams, leagues or to Saturdays then the end of the season doesn't mean the end of football!
  12. Hi Mac is this football 11 a side? Just noticed it's 90 minutes?
  13. UMIX centre have a studio space, not sure how big it is mind, top of Bramall lane way it is.
  14. nice one, will pm you my number and you can pass it on.
  15. Sheffield Bankers FC would be keen to here from anyone interested in over 35's Saturday 11's. The team play at Hillsborough college so have a fantastic surface to play, due to time commitments the overs players aren't require to train, but many still join the 3rd time on Tuesday evening at Goodwin sports centre at 7pm. anyone interested or with questions should get in touch.
  16. Been looking at the Gleeson website for the new homes up Parsons cross way, are these actually built? Just wondered what people could tell me about that area, drawn to these as am a first time buyer and they seem to offer a lot of help, however am not a Sheffield native and currently live in Meersbrook so this is way beyond my Sheffield Knowledge. Are there are Parson cross posters here, or potentially anyone on these new estates/developments? ta
  17. Does anyone know if Hillsborough college or Goodwin have 5 or 6 a side leagues on a Tuesday and who runs them? I am after a game or starting a team but don't fancy goals or the pits as the pace of the smaller pitches is too great for me these days!
  18. Having made a good start to the season in the SDFPL Div 3, Sheffield Bankers are currently in need of a goal keeper due to injury, the club trains and plays at Goodwin sports centre, training is 7pm on a Tuesday and matches kick off at 10.30am. The club prides itself on being welcoming and friendly, and the opportunity for advancement into the clubs other sides is always available, anyone interested should get in touch. Sheffield Bankers.
  19. Bankers have enjoyed strong starts to the season for it's squad but are still looking for quality players capable of helping push the club on. The clubs 4 teams train and play centrally to the City, so are ideal for students or those new to the City. Contact for more details.
  20. What time does the Tesco one start? is the Chesterfield one still on? says every Sunday on the first post but the link for it doesn't seem to work so just wanted to check it was still going.
  21. New Season is underway, but we never turn players away from training. Would especially like to hear from anyone interested in over 35's football, the over 35 team beat the reserves and 3rd team in recent pre season friendlies, so shows what a good standard of football the league can be. ---------- Post added 06-09-2014 at 22:25 ---------- Will be really keen to hear from anyone looking for a team, over 35s in particular, 1st and 3rds made good starts to the season but still looking for some additions for the reserves squad. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/sheffieldbankers/
  22. what time can buyers actually go to the Hillsborough Arena one?
  23. Sheffield Bankers FC are looking for people who may be interested in taking on a role at the club, specifically with the reserve team, who are currently in the South Yorkshire Amateur league. The club has recently moved training to Goodwin Sports centre so all the clubs teams train at one venue, meaning that the reserve team management staff will be working closely with the first team staff. The role can be tailored to your needs or experience so get in touch either on here, or via our website. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/sheffieldbankers/
  24. Sheffield Bankers FC are on the look out for a goal keeper that is available either Saturday mornings (10.30am) or afternoon (2pm) depending on ability and experience. The club plays and trains around the city centre and prides itself on being friendly and welcoming to all. With 4 adult sides (including an over 35's) there is plenty of scope for progression or returning to football for those that have had a layoff. Our sides play in the County Senior div 1 to the SDFPL Div 3 so plenty of opportunities for a range of abilities.
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