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  1. Well. 2 years 8 months from that first post. I didn't realise it'd been so long. She's really been a trooper but sadly has gone now; very peacefully in my arms with the vets help. I did 'know' and she gave me a gift of a very relieved look and sigh as she passed. RIP Rip, September '96-April '11.
  2. Hi guys I'm looking at boarding my shi-poo in the summer and have heard some great reviews for Croft but I can't seem to find contact details for them. Anyone have their number? EDIT to say. I didn't see the mobile number provided sorry. Just spoke to carina, she sounds lovely. Visiting tomorrow.
  3. I can also recommend BboySpirit/Dale's class in woodhouse. My son has been taking his class for the last year and it's really boosted his confidence and he's picked up some great moves which he likes to show off to his friends. He loves going and can't wait for his next classes meanwhile I have a sneaky glass of wine in the pub next door while I wait
  4. I didn't think of the confusion, excellent advice. Thank you. I'm going on a search for a pocket sized treat tub
  5. She is crate trained, she has used the newspaper once in her crate but I'd rather it didn't become a habit and she seems to prefer to wee anywhere or poo in corners. We've not had a poo accident since yesterday and that was due to my inattention. I've got plenty of time and motivation to just follow her around and watch carefully, she does tend to circle a little and sniff with a purpose when she's looking to go. I've been praising her lots when she does it right and treating her as we get back in; but maybe I'll take the treats out with me for a more instant reward? I've been doing the sit treat and I think that's sinking in and the name treat. I'm looking forward to classes if I can find classes that suit my family commitments. I will only do positive reward training, she's to cute to punish!
  6. Thanks Lotti That's exactly what I needed. I'd been thinking I should stay out there until she did perform, 3 minutes makes more sense! Sometimes, she's come in and wee'd straight away. So do I repeat the 3 minute routine straight away and then clear the mess afterwards out of sight? It''s been 14 years since I last toilet trained a pup!! Also whining, just ignore? She only ever does it for 10-20 minutes when left in her crate. So far I've ignored and returned when she's quiet or not until morning at bedtime. Is it too early to start basic obedience (treat based) training? And...(I'm sorry I just want to give her the best start). When and if I should start puppy classes with her when she's inoculated?
  7. Hi guys I just got myself a Shih-Tzu x poodle (shih poo?). She's 10 weeks old and we've had her since Friday and she's FANTASTIC Toilet training is coming on well. She was newspaper trained before we got her but I've moved her straight onto grass and she's getting the hang of it really well. I'm doing the usual; first thing, after playing, after eating, on waking etc The question I have is when I do catch her going in the house and scoop her to the right spot how long do I keep her outside?? as she usually just sits down looking at me as if to say 'well, I've already done it now'! Also, I know I'm possibly just really lucky but has been clean all night (11pm-8 ish) is that normal?
  8. Hi guys, I'm sorry for leaving it so long! I'd honestly forgotten about it all. She's been all clear in the bladder since the operation She does however have slow growing cancers all over. The vets are not keen to operate on her because of her age and her unwillingness to wake up last time she had an op. She's been right as rain although exercise has to be slow and not for too long. She's showing signs of slowing down and weakness these but still begs for treats and gets up to mischief! I think she'll be leaving us at some point but I really don't think it will be soon and will be when she's ready. Thanks for all your support and kindnesses.
  9. Bt mine has one here and its an 'R' reg does this mean its a fake??
  10. Ok I've just got back in. What is 'cut and shut'? Michi, the VIN is on the door AND the inside the windscreen. It looks legit to me but I'm no expert! It sounds from the comments so far that I'm on a loss and a car down!
  11. ! shot of hendersons relish or 2 shots of very strong/hot curry mixture Before bed, yo should sweat it out over night Works for me. Also try high doses of Vit C bt this never worked for me.
  12. The weird thing was that my insurance said my car was also insured with Royal Bank of Scotland under another name! They also said I shouldn't have been able to tax it if it had been written off.
  13. I sent off for the V5 myself as the previous owner didn't send it off in reasonable time. Could this have something to do with it? I'm starting to wonder now.
  14. Chassis numbers/VIN are a match so I guess that's good? I found one on door frame and one inside car near windscreen.
  15. I see Dark, thanks, I will check that later. My insurance company said it was consistent mileage to my car and same colour etc.
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