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  1. It get so hard to make friends as you get older. Friends from childhood tend to drift away and it's difficult to make new ones.
  2. There is a dead tortie cat on the side of the road. This is on cricket inn road near matalan. The council won't come out on weekends and I hate the thought of aomeone's cat lying there. Rip little one.
  3. Jaunty road has been closed off by police. There doesn't seem to have been a car accident. Does anyone know what has happened?
  4. I always find it funny reading these threads. Always the same responses about living in the snobby areas where the rich live and play. I think if you are moving up here be open to different areas of Sheffield and you will find what you want. If you limit yourselves to the areas where the people think they are better than everyone else you will be missing out. You don't have to live in the deprived areas of Sheffield but there is certainly more to Sheffield than S10, S11 and S7! Good luck wherever you end up living I am sure you will love it. Sheffield and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer.
  5. Yes if you like a nice relaxed, quiet meal. If you want a party atmosphere then i'd say no but the food is lovely.
  6. I went here the other day. The food was lovely. The poppadoms crisp and fresh and the pickle tray was delicious to. As someone else said the naan bread is lovely and crisp but still has the dough like texture with plenty of garlic on top. The meat was good quality and the sauce very flavoursome. All in all I will definitely be going back as the food is great quality and the staff very friendly. The prices are really good to. I just hope that in this economic climate it can thrive as everywhere seems to be struggling. It was very quiet when I went and I do like to see a busy restaurant. So everyone please go and keep our local restaurants going. If the quality stays the same I can't see why it won't thrive but maybe the number of indians in this area is a reason for the this? I would recommend you try it.
  7. Not really - every area has it's problems but i'm afraid Gleadless Valley has seen a few murders in the last few years. I know lots of people who live in Gleadless Valley who are just as critical of the area and they live there. It's very sad. Many areas have been brought down and become run down after the dregs have society have been moved in. The hard working people living in the area then are stuck and have to live with the problems. This is awful for the family and I feel very sorry that people have lost a loved one in such horrible circumstances.
  8. Very sad to hear such an awful thing has happened. Although im not surprised to hear it happened in Gleadless valley. There's been a few murders in Gleadless Valley over the last couple of years.
  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. Like so many on here I understand the pain of losing your pet. My little girl cat Treacle passed away Christmas Day. Selfishly I want her back but I know she is free from pain now. I hope the memories you have of Nyx can comfort you at this time. Lots of Love xx
  10. I have had the unfortunate experience of going to Vets Now. Whilst the staff are qualified for an emergency vets there doesn't seem to be a sense of emergency. I find now with all vets the dollar comes before saving an animal. Yes they are there to make money but are they not there to look after an animal also. I went in on Sunday night with my 7 month old cat who suddenly collapsed. There was no real check over of her body just that they had to run blood tests. The blood tests didn't show anything other than her red blood cell count was low. The prognosis was that there was little hope for her and to think about having her put to sleep. I decided against that as I wanted to give her a chance. She had a steroid and anti biotic injection. This came to £272. I'd pay every last penny for my pets but when you don't feel they have done everything they can to get to the cause it's very upsetting. I went to my normal vets and got more antibiotics for her. Unfortunately they did not work and this Christmas morning she passed away. She suddenly had a seizure and went into a coma. I took her back to Vets for Now and even though no one was in with the vets I was left waiting over 10 minutes and only got taken in after asking again saying she was dying. By the time it got to putting her to sleep she had gone. I can't help feeling if i'd gone to a different vets things could be different. It's cost me £242 today for losing my beloved cat. Why can't vets try to do everything they can to help. I've been back and forth to my vets and you have to fight for every test and pay separately every time. I'm beyond lost right now wishing I had taken her somewhere else and not knowing if the outcome would have been different. Sorry for the long post but I have to say my cats death I am certain is down to the vets putting profit before the animals.
  11. I had a good surveyor when I bought my house but that still doesn't stop problems arising and workmen charging extortionate prices! As a single person I don't have the luxury of relying on someone else's wages as well which can make funding repairs and improvements a lot more difficult. I have no choice but to move for my own sanity after years of problems with my neighbour. Unfortunately due to the difficulties getting a mortgage I wouldn't be able to buy another property at this time. Therefore renting is my only option for the time being. I am looking forward to be being free from the financial upkeep of a house for a while. I think you've picked a good point regarding the cost of renting and paying a mortgage. However the banks don't lend that way. I could pay rent at £550 for an £100,000 mortgage but on my salary I wouldn't be able to get a mortgage for this amount or anywhere near. This is the problem. The 3.5 times your salary calculation is so out of date with the prices of property. Affordability is the way to go but they won't do it. So people are stuck.
  12. It's lovely owning your own house but unless you have a relatively new property the upkeep costs keep on rising. Sometimes with a mortgage it can feel like you are trapped and have a noose round you neck. I bought my house at 24 but i'm now in the process of selling it and going back to renting for the forseable future. Mainly for me I have a terrible elderly neighbour who has made my life hell and can't bare to live next door to anymore and also I have made some money on the house to be able to pay off some debt and basically start with a clean slate again. Even though I will have made a small profit on the house I couldn't afford to buy another property such is the market now. Like a previous poster said being single makes it difficult buying a house with prices these days. I feel liberated leaving this house behind and wouldn't recommend buying a house just for the sake of it. Make sure you actually want to live there for a decent time and will be happy.
  13. If you call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 they should be able to tell you what buses are available to Chesterfield.
  14. It's not in Sheffield but I think Pet Samaritans in Old Whittington Chesterfied is looking for a kennel assistant? Good on you for helping
  15. I'm so sorry to hear this Tess. She was a beautiful girl. I just wish people would be more careful driving. There is no need for any animal to get run over in my opinion. I hope you have lots of happy memories with her. Take care. xx
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