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  1. A few months ago I needed surgery to remove cataracts. I was referred by my optician and a couple of days later I received a call from Barlborough clinic to see if I would consider going there for surgery, (I live north Sheffield). Long story short I have just had my second eye done(yesterday) and wow. I have worn glasses since I was 9yrs old and was extremely short sighted. I no longer need glasses for driving/distance and use ready to wear reading glasses for close work. Now a bit about Barlborough clinic. It is spotless, extremely friendly staff and wonderful surgeons, I can't speak highly enough of them. It has taken about 3 months in all from optician to finished eyes. If you are offered the choice do not hesitate to attend the Barlborough, its about a minute from the motorway, waiting times are quicker than the Hallamshire. The operation takes about 15 mins and is completely painless,( you can't see what is happening )and my vision on the first eye took about 24hrs to clear, 2nd eye almost immediately, very little discomfort after the op. I was worried about the operation itself, someone told me they inject your eyeball, if they did I wasn't ever aware of it, I think it's all done by drops. Someone said they take your eyeball out, if they do you are not aware of it at all. I hope this alleviates any concerns you may have if you are waiting for surgery.
  2. When I was a child we used to live on Bastock Rd where STB cars are now. My father and grandfather used to go to the match at hillsbro' when I believe there were 60 odd thousand there, they used to say you could stand in the middle of opposing fans and have a great afternoon without any fighting or trouble.
  3. Myself and people I have spoken to are miffed because they have to find alternative parking 12 hours a day. I worked it out roughly we have been asked to move our cars for over 130 hours for them to actually work on it for maximum 6 hours. I presume there is an explanation as to why they cant just start the job and finish it. The fact they have to maintain it for 20 years means we have more disruption more often when they have to come back and do it again.
  4. I agree with Static, if the council made it easier for people to get rid of their stuff there wouldn't be a reason to fly tip. What about people who do not have a vehicle, how do they get rid of stuff? I also think a lot of it is sheer laziness though.
  5. Not sure pippadee, I recall the name Grouse street but not sure about where Grouse st was. I have a vision in my head of Acton Place, there were two very small cottages stood back at the top on the right. There were only 4 rooms- a cellar, a ground floor, a first floor bedroom and an attic bedroom. The kitchen was a sink unit and cooker at the top of the cellar steps and the dreaded outside loo. X
  6. I used to live on a road called Acton Place, its not there now but I remember going up Burnaby St then turn right which was a dead end I think then a left turn. My god it was steep and we lived at the very top house.
  7. I don't know where you could get one for free but look in local charity shops some have an evening wear rail.
  8. People need to be responsible with their pets, I live just off Leppings Lane and we have what used to be a lovely grassed area with trees on part of our little estate. Every morning when I go out there is at least one person walking their dog. I have seen most of these people before and they don't live down here. I have seen some people going into houses on the surrounding roads. All of their houses have back gardens. I have even seen a man in a 4x4 come and unload 2 dogs. The council no longer tend the grassed area and it is overgrown somewhat now. These owners are not able to clean up after their dogs as they don't go in to do so (which suits them perfectly) because of the weeds etc although the dogs can get through. What concerns me is why do people think it's o.k for them to bring their dogs to where I live and do their business. They won't take them to the park close by because people can then see what they are allowing their dogs to do and not cleaning it up. I even once confronted a woman who was letting her dog foul my front garden. I told her if she allowed her dog to do it again I would deliver it to her door, Unwrapped. Never saw her again. All the council will do is put up dog fouling signs warning of fines but they can't police it. It is up to us to let these people know that we dont want their dogs poo on our streets. I have actually run after someone and given the poo to them saying "excuse me I think you've dropped something" Try it, it worked for me. X
  9. Whitewitch, Like that but much higher wedge and size 3, not bothered what colour, when I say not bothered I don't want anything too outre like neon orange, yellow or green etc.. I would hate my little slippers to stand out like toxic waste in the moonlight.
  10. Thank you ladies, yes I specifically wanted wedges. Chez2 the heels are right on these and I have customized a couple that were similar but really wanted the real deal. Every female I speak to say " If you find any let me know" so there is a demand "shoe manufacturers take note". I can just imagine being clad in black satin and lace from the neck down to "Oh my god shes got Peppa Pig slippers on" Get the picture fellas it's not really Playboy stuff is it? XX
  11. Exactly Padders, you're only a bloke, A WOMAN WANTS WHAT A WOMAN WANTS! and god no one could accuse me of not looking hard enough. Seriously though why is it so difficult? I have the ones off Amazon and Ebay but they are not high enough, only "make Do" till I get EXACTLY WHAT I WANT! I know I will find them one day but Tic Toc times gettin' on.
  12. I have, for several years now been trying to find some of the above. Every year my daughter asks me what I want for Christmas, I always say the same thing, nice slippers. I do not like fluffy animal ones, bootee ones, can't wear flat ones, dont like ones where I can't see my toes, the list goes on. What I want is....wedge heel about 3 to 4 inches high, fur or marabou fronts, peep toes, slip on mules. When I was younger they were everywhere, does anyone know where I can get some? I have tried every place I can think of, I have even even tried Fredricks of Hollywood website, Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Sensa, Janet Reger etc all to no avail. There are plenty similar to what I want but not high enough or heels not wedges. Why have beautiful night wear and ugly slippers. I can't believe no one makes them, but where are they? Have you seen any?
  13. I agree, I live near there so am familiar with the junction but for anyone who isn't it is very confusing. The green arrow says GO (it gives the impression other lights are on red so you can go) but there is traffic coming from the right. Also depending on your car you can't clearly see the traffic coming from the right from further up Middlewood road because of the railings. I am a munchkin and have to hoik myself up to see over them. I am surprised there hasn't been a serious accident there before now. I don't know what the answer is though, the lights have to change but the crossing is so close to the junction. Any safer ideas road planners?
  14. Hi, I wonder if any of you ladies (or gentlemen) has had a completely different heels but on their boots. I have a lovely pair of leather boots with a shortish stiletto heel. I would like a more chunky heel put on, same height. Has anyone had this done? what was the cost? and can you recommend someone to do it? I am in north Sheffield. Thank you
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