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  1. just seen on twitter that they used the Sunday rail service from Waterloo to Salisbury then back to Heathrow, surprised they didn't need a hotel, no Brit would take that gamble
  2. its amazing when people start throwing stones how many bounce back, draw your own conclusions who he thinks matters most https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180104-pro-israel-editors-joke-about-iran-iraq-war-provokes-twitter-anger/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Germany, Belgium and France, depends on the type of bar. Was in Hamburg before Christmas for the St Pauli match and all the british stag parties were out in the cold until they worked it out
  4. Why can I smoke in bars in Europe but not in the uk? Its almost like the EU make legislation and its up to individual countries governments how they implement it, any other ideas?
  5. Depends if you're in the conservation area
  6. Maybe this is what people are worried about https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/oct/31/go-home-vans-11-leave-britain
  7. If I was looking to make money off the elderly and the state I would have put a low tender in when the council were forced to take bids, after a while split the company so one part held the property and the other provided the care and paid rent to the property holding company ie you. Then up the rent for the care provider, as the council only pay so much then look to the families, maybe assess the person as low needs at first and once they were settled in reassess them and say they have got worse, each time upping the charges or letting the family move them out. The final part of this would be to close the home and keep the property portfolio, usually on big areas and then convert them or knock them down for housing, just an idea
  8. Be careful naming him, turns out the chap named by C4 could be in prison already (from twitter)
  9. My money is on Corbyn waiting for the Chilcot report on Wednesday so he can call for Blair to face war crimes as leader of the opposition
  10. I think its the editors of the papers who want Brexit trying to feed the public that Cameron is untrustworthy and so don't belive him on europe. I suspect they also want Boris as leader as he will owe them for their help. In my opinion Cameron is just getting the same treatment as Corbyn has been getting since he became labour leader. I am glad to see that Corbyn hasn't taken the opportunity to play the man and just stuck to the issues
  11. Maybe this also has a bearing, paying a 70% premium on the price, borrowing 10 billion to buy it and expecting the profits from europe to pay it back. Also it's interesting the Corus were making $800 million when it was sold (I know market conditions have changed) http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/31/tata-decision-india-britain-steel
  12. Does that include the social cost to the area? look at the state of south yorkshire after the pits closed, its taken decades to recover. Also when you don't make it then you're at the mercy of the suppliers
  13. This is just another argument about should all industry be run to maximise profit, usually for multinationals or whether certain industies should be run strategically for the benifit of the nation. I personally think we should have kept a lot of the industries which were sold off and the profits (which these companies have made) be used to invest in developing the industry and helping the state
  14. you could try devils claw which is herbal, but check out the potential side effects, it worked for me before I went vegi
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