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  1. The difference there being Hosea was a prophet of God, I'm not. Hosea's actions were to demonstrate to the Jews of that time that they had turned away from their fidelity towards their God and had, to quote the bible " gone whoring after other gods"
  2. well, there may be some truth in that, Willman. My mother (who had many "sayings") used to say "You can get to the bottom of a theif, but you'll never get to the bottom of a liar" and I wholeheartedly accept that cheating on your partner is similar to lying, as, yes, they are both deceit.
  3. Dennis Skinner MP (Labour, Bolsover) speaking in the house of commons:- ""Half the Tory Members opposite are crooks" Speaker: "The honourable member MUST withdraw that remark" Skinner: "OK, half the Tories are not crooks"
  4. It's not that the office has no access, Angrymum, it's that it actually HAS an access ramp, but you cannot use it, because the gate at the bottom where it meets the street is chained shut. It's pathetic. They were dreadful as landlords, back when I was a tenant, but it sounds from other members' comments in this thread that they are a thousand times worse, now!
  5. It should be a country where there is freedom to follow any religion, or none, as the individual chooses.
  6. My bold Being gay does not necessarily equate with being a prat. Gay bashing is being a prat, and a prize prat at that Some people seem to become professional prats when they adopt a religion. I have no problem with people being of any religion (or none, as they choose). I have no problem with people being gay, straight or pansexual, should they so wish. Neither do I have any wish to stand in their way and prevent them exercising that free choice.
  7. And thirty years before that, it was considered horrific that a black man and a white woman, or a white man and a black woman should be permitted to marry. Indeed, in many parts of the United States, there were miscegenation laws, preventing such mixed race marriages. And think on how utterly absurd it would be considered, today, to hold that view (well.... to all but the most cerebrally challenged and knuckle-dragging of fools, anyway)
  8. And with reason, as many elderly are not internet savvy.
  9. google images of "yorkshire ranges"
  10. Nonsense, indeed, dogs only "need" bathing with any regularity if they are those excuses for dogs that women with more money than sense carry around in their handbags. My dogs don't get bathed, unless they have rolled in something particularly unpleasant, like fox poo, detergents strip the natural oils from their fur, and cause problems with thinks like waterproofing the fur. ---------- Post added 16-05-2015 at 21:35 ---------- Anyway, many of the homeless people's dogs are looked after better than the homeless people look after themselves.
  11. Me and my bestie have got a card for Winnie, and will be dropping it in at Radio Sheffield.
  12. Cat Stevens ---------- Post added 14-05-2015 at 22:38 ---------- John Laurie
  13. Bingo! Heads or tails, this chap loses. he cannot do right for doing wrong.
  14. One of the few useful things that my useless Housing Association have done is to set up cold-calling exclusion zones on some of their estates. I have approached them to request that they make our little street which is managed, in its entirety, by the HA, a cold-calling exclusion zone, as my, and my neighbours' "No cold calling" stickers on the doors don't seem to be having an effect.
  15. Mod note New thread merged with a two-day old thread on this subject. Please use the search facility before starting new threads. thank you
  16. The westfield terrace offices are dreadful. The wheelchair ramp has a gate at the bottom that is usually chained shut with a padlock, so no-one with a wheelchair can get into the building. I was a tenant of theirs, and they were rubbish, the site manager of my etstate of flats had a pass key which they used to go into the flats without the tenants' permission, and without giving the statutory 24 hour s minimum notice. (And not for any emergency repairs, they would let themselves in. The nurse who lived in the flat above mine was asleep in bed, on one occasion, after coming home from a night shift, when the manager let himself in. She was furious.
  17. I am Muslim, and live a perfectly ok western lifestyle. The only thing I do that isn't compatible with a western lifestyle is that I don't go out and get bladdered of a weekend, fight and show off my underwear.
  18. I'm sure Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile were both shi'ites, Mafya...
  19. I don't believe infidelity is a "forgivable offence". If they'll cheat once, there's every chance they will cheat again. Also, if his "whatnot" has been near someone else's "whatsit", I would not want it anywhere near mine, you don't know what he might have picked up. ugh!
  20. An import? You mean like those other middle-eastern religious imports, Judaism and Christianity...? ---------- Post added 12-05-2015 at 21:29 ---------- 1) Football hooliganism? 2) drunken yobs fighting and spewing all over the street, and young women falling over showing next week's dirty laundry 3) the lovely newly-planted trees on Devonshire green etc, either snapped in half by mindless idiots, or standing folornly, with branches ripped off. 4) being unable to sit beneath a tree for fear of getting splattered by bird poop. 5) shaven-headed neo-nazi nasties, trying to tell ordinary people what religion they can or cannot follow, whilst waving swastika- strewn flags.
  21. huxley, if your relative needs a wheelchair, then her doctor can prescribe one for her through the NHS. (free of charge) In the meantime if she is desperately in need of borrowing a wheelchair to tide her over till the ministry-supplied chair arrives, Shopmobility Sheffield provides an interim loan of wheelchairs, for a deposit of £20. The contact details and opening hours are in this sticky thread:- http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=9093907&postcount=17
  22. Mod Note Threads merged, Please use the search facility before starting new threads
  23. I'm sorry i gave him a decent pair of shoes, Lewisty... next time I'll remember to give him the ones that had the soles parting company with the uppers. He obviously doesn't need to use them to walk about in or anything, like...
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