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  1. The amount of make up Peter O'Toole wore in the film, it was said at the time, if he hadcworn any more, it would have been called "FLORENCE Of Arabia'!
  2. "Any old nonsense" will not do. Posts that are just nonsense and fillers/ post- boosters will be deleted.
  3. no, BB, it's a triumph for the idiots who misinterpret the scriptures, both on the part of the accused criminals and the judiciary involved in their release.
  4. no, Mohammmed was his final prophet, all the other scriptural prophets are considered genuine, too, according to Islam, Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, David, etc etc.
  5. do you mean the one on archer road, millhouses, as mentioned by me a few posts back?
  6. Thought that place was the Robin Hood?
  7. I don't remember it on Stalker Lees, but I remember it very well on Archer Road opposite Laycocks.
  8. Blaster You have it wrong, as usual. The four witnesses are not needed as witnesses to rape. It's nothing todo with rape. It's four witnesses to adultery. Under Islamic law you are required, if you are bringing a charge of adultery against a woman, tohave four witnesses to the actual sex-act. Secondly. Bloodshed and warfare. A) the Qur'an says, in chapter 5 v32 "If you take a life, it is as if you have killed the whole of mankind. If you save a life, it is as if you have saved the whole of mankind." B)all this banging on about jihad this and jihad that... The ignorant do not even understand that there are two different forms of jihad, the greater jihadand the lesser jihad. The greater jihad is the inner jihad, the struggle with one's desires and conquering the self. Folk need to understand the difference.
  9. Mod note. For quotes please place your ad in the classified section, under "Jobs". Adverts and quotes are not permitted in this section. Thanks
  10. . George Talbot, MQoS gaoler, was the husband of Bess of Hardwick. She was he second richest woman in Elizabethan England (Liz being the richest). Norfolk Park was the deer park where she hunted. Bess was married three times, and was linked with many notable lines,including the Talbot/ Shrewsburys, the Devonshires (I believe her money built the original Chatsworth, before this one, the seat of the Devonshires). And aswell as Hardwick and Chatsworth she was linked to a castle in Leicestershire ( I forget the name) and Haddon Hall, ( I may be wrong in thinking she was linked to Thoresby)
  11. I had an honorary aunt and uncle, as a tot, who were ludlams. They lived on Gleadless valley. I can't remember the wife's first namev(lily?) but the husband was Douggie.
  12. Under new management. Manager is a lovely chap. The food is fantastic. Service is good. Prices very reasonable. portions good, Cake selection ace. Lovely to pop in for a coffee and a slice of cake of an afternoon. They also currently have an offer of any pizza or pasta main course between 12 and 6 (I think) for just a fiver.
  13. Is the fact that Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned here in Sheffield for 14 or so of her twenty-odd years of imprisonment inconsequential? What about the civil war? Sheffield castle was "one of the ruins Cromwell knocked about a bit." In Roman times, there was a fortress on wincobank hill...
  14. Plain talker? That would be me lol
  15. Mod Hat off I think you'll find that you are more than a little wrong.
  16. It probably could, as a miscellaneous fare, on the buttons on the machine.
  17. Ooh yaay. More yarny heaven, and patchwork supplies to boot! :thumbs up:
  18. or "If brains were chocolate, tha wunt have enough to fill a smartie" (alternatively "wunt have enough ter blow thi noo-ase") ---------- Post added 22-06-2015 at 13:54 ---------- "tha's got moo-er rattle than a can o' mabs!"
  19. Mod hat off maintaining the garden, including the fence, will all come under the same clause in the tenancy agreement that says it is the tenants' responsibility.
  20. If someone was skinny, we'd say "There's more meyt (meat) on Lester piggot's whip after a hard race!" ---------- Post added 22-06-2015 at 09:42 ---------- Keeping on a meat theme, if I was complaining was feeling the cold, my dad would say "Tha wants ter change thy butcher!" (All the funnier considering I'm a vegetarian)
  21. so this bad driver is about 90? ( the youngest he could be would be 85 to have been anywhere near old enough to have fought in World War Two. ( born circa 1929 To be 16/17 in 1945)
  22. Because He made (presumably) sentient beings who are (hopefully/normally) capable of rational thinking, not automata. We have the intellect and the freedom to rationalise our concept of God into a belief for or against His existence. We use our experiences to work out which way our belief lays. ---------- Post added 18-06-2015 at 22:52 ---------- To which I have suggested an answer. Does it actually matter who answered?
  23. Eating pork still isn't "perfectly safe", actually. It still can contain worms and other parasites that are harmful. Yes the edicts from the times of our forefathers were sensible, and logical, when you consider that raising swine is heavier on resources like feed and water, than, say raising cattle or sheep, and pork goes off quicker, (a lot of this sort of stuff makes sense, when you look at it, such as cleanliness- washing before food, the levitical laws relating to mildew and damp in properties, and pulling such properties down and burning the infected wood.) We are given intellect (well, some of us are!) And in these days of science and knowledge can decide for ourselves what rules are appropriate to be kept.
  24. The register office was further over, toward Arundel gate, near the novotel where the winter gardens is now. The mercure is built directly on the footprint of the town hall "eggbox" extension. It actually has some of the foundations of the eggbox still there at the Surrey street end, I went on a tour when it was new.
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