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  1. In Yorkshire were are obviously a huge club but unfortunatley it's unlikely we'll ever be a regular top premiership/european club.
  2. It was 27th April when West Ham were fined, 2 weeks later on the day united was relegated is when they really decided to start their campaign against West Ham. Unlucky & sickening i know but you've got to accept it & move on. I've lost £250 this season due to been too optimistic & gambling on the blades this season, for a smallish club United achieved a lot this season & all blades should be proud but we shouldn't rely on West ham loosing points.
  3. As a blade I'm gutted united are relegated but if they'd started their campaign against West Ham's fine straight away I'd understand instead of after they've been relegated.
  4. Get the biggest & meanest looking 4x4 beast available.
  5. I wouldn't recommend Moorgate if you're only willing to spend £200 as they only do quality high-end HiFi equipment & I can almost guarantee you'll get anything half decent from there or any other real hifi shop for £200 I would suggest save up & buy something decent like the Roksan Radius 5 record player (about £800) or the Pro-ject Xperience (about £550) also remember most HiFi decks have manual speed change but project now do a speed control box speed control box £300 plus I would recommend a high end decent cartridge/stylus ,phono stage & interconnects to get the most out of your record player. A cheaper & really good sound with automatic speed change! can be achieved from a vinyl set up by getting the following... 1. Stanton STR8 150 DJ Deck £315 2. Bellari Valve Phono Stage £159 3. Grado DJ200 Cartridge & Stylus £55 4. JAV Silver Interconnect with WBT type phono £65
  6. I personally can see both sides of the argument...... Yes the foxes mother could have been shot or something as the cub was found near a farm & it was very weak so there is very slim chance the fox cub will survive, but then again why should people be allowed to keep wild animals as pets when they are not domesticated? But aren't dogs simply domesticated wolves? The animal rescue place told him he can keep the fox if he wants but if did want to let it go in future it might take along time for the fox to be independent as it grows.
  7. Just got back from a mate of mine who now has a fox cub! The fox cub approached him whilst out walking this morning which looked lost & confused so he phoned a animal rescue place who told him to treat the fox like a pup & keep them informed if there is any changes. The fox cub seems very content there the behaviour's to me seems just like pup & after a good sleep the fox is now eating cat food & drinking milk, they haven't said either way if you can keep a fox cub as a pet so would you if you could?
  8. What about new comedians doing stand up? how are they know supposed to know what does or does not offend people?
  9. It definitely seems that way to me but does this mean then it's OK to joke about certain groups of people?
  10. If you only upset a minority of people does this make it acceptable to make fun of certain groups then? Doesn't the law puts antigay & sexist comments on an equal footing with racist?
  11. Well i'm really disappointed but should of known if it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any! united never seem to do things the easy way do they? I might now also have to explain to other half about the £250 holiday money I gambled on united stayng up, I'm just hoping WestHam get their comupence very soon.
  12. Local people taking the law into their own hands on estates is actually happening more often now simply because there is only so much crap decent people are/can take, & the police in a lot of cases turn a blind eye as the vigilantes are doing them a favour. Community work at it's best if you ask me
  13. My dad has just recently died & i regret not making more of an effort in the past to visit him more often as most people who've lost someone close probaly do, so i would say yes if it's what you want & i'm sure he'll be proud & pleased to see you.
  14. It can make some people less likely to quit though because some smokers may become more rebellious & fed up of people telling them what they can & cannot do, smokers are generally the rebellious types anyway which is why most probaly got addicted to fags in the first place.
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