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  1. Ok let me try again if you are divorced an then remarry but at the time you didn't tell the registrar at the register office that you are divorced is the second wedding still legal
  2. Right it's a bit of a strange one and a bit confusion. Right here goes if you've been divorced and get married again but don't the registrar you've been married is the second wedding still legal. Thanks in advance for any help:help:
  3. I have a phone locked to a business on ee can this phone be unlocked. Thanks for looking
  4. Can someone advise me about having a drive put on the front of my house. The curb will need dropping. Do I need to get in touch with the council. Someone has told me you can only use council approved workers. Is this true.
  5. Yes that's it thank you. My hubby has 10 suits to give them.
  6. Could anyone please give me the phone number for the charity that takes suits for men that need them for interviews. Thanks
  7. When I was learning about the wars at school no colour was mentioned.
  8. Hi brian1941 just looked on British legion web site and they say there is no right or wrong way to wear a poppy they just want everyone to wear one.
  9. Colour should never get mentioned they were all soldiers who fought for our freedom.
  10. They are for round raising. But the money will only be going to black former soldiers. Can't remember if it was on look north or the one show.
  11. All hell would let lose and that person would be called a racists.
  12. So now we have black poppies to remember black soldiers. Well I'm sorry but I will only be wearing a red one. To me a poppy is for all the fallen no matter colour they are. Why is everything turned to race.
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