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  1. YES.....did what u said and its WORKING..... Heat and hot water again. Ps: thanks for Stevens number in pm. I'll give him a call.
  2. Andy or anyone who familiar with valiant ecotec plus Got no hot water or heating. Boiler says f75 on the front. Pressure is at 1 Anything I can do or is it a job for a gas person
  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Steve and Andy..... I got the plastic sliding unit and that little brass wax thingy sent to me for free from Grohe. The letting agent sent out their plumber. I printed off your instructions but he did swear when the spring "ejected" around the bathroom. He fixed it in 1/2 hour and the agency are not charging his time to me. So total cost has been nil.........
  4. wow. what a fantastic response. I was thinking of getting it replaced after speaking to the letting agent. So it looks like a repair will be about 70 -100??? for parts and labour??? I don't think me or the hubby have the confidence to do the job ( thank you so much complete-heat for such useful instructions) I'll talk again to the letting agent and find out how much for the repair. i may call one of u guys out though if i get no joy as been having some probs with my letting agent.
  5. Hi would like some advice again. I rent out a property and had a grohe ?aventis/avenger shower installed. It runs of a combi boiler. tenants called me to say it had stopped working. When i called in it was working but the water was only coming out lukewarm. the letting agency i use sent out their plumber and i have been told that i need a new shower installing. i asked if it could be a faulty thermmostat and he said these showers are sealed. I am being quoted 300-400 for a like for like swop. Does that sound about right????
  6. too many children on the camhs waiting list due to behavioural problems due to POOR parenting. Parents not taking responsibility saying its not my fault its cos my kids got autism of ADHD. I'm on the side of very over-stretched and over worked camhs workers.
  7. Thanks Andy!! your advice was spot on and u saved us quite a bit of cash. I was being quoted £125 to £190 by some off here to supply and fit. ( i wont mention names) Followed your instructions. Took my other half an hour an a half. total cost was 30 pounds. Sammy. I'll pm u details of the rented house that needs new boiler installing.
  8. Hi Had this shower fitted for a few years now. Its the built in model with the valve hidden behind the tiling. Its just started leaking at the showerhead. Any idea what the prob may be or how much to fix it. thanks
  9. Anyone know any place where tradespeople get together and network? My partner is an architect and looking to expand his contacts through such a network
  10. I'm sorry to see that you have ended up in this situation. My friend started a plumming course at MET-UK and paid £5000.00. He bought a van and loads of tools as he was told he would get work as a self employed plumber easily. How wrong. Even placing ads in a newspaper which cost alot didn't bring work in. I think people want skilled tradesmen more and more now and are keyed into short course plumbers and rogue traders. My friend is in an awful lot of debt and back at his old job. I had this same conversation with some gas fitters who were installing my heating recently. They said it was very competative out there.
  11. Does anyone know where i can send a fax from. Useful if there is any place near to the S11 area?? Cheers
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