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  1. Hi does anyone know the whereabouts of Terry Smedley ... used to live Parson Cross area
  2. I had no intensions of doing so
  3. Hi are you looking for info ?
  4. Kjgezza ….. not sure why your details are coming up like that as according to records as far as I can see (back to early 1700s) the family Cuneo came from northern Italy Coreglia Ligure & Cicagna Genoa
  5. Could the guy who owned the swap shop be called Donald Roberts or Donald Heywood ???
  6. Hi Maggie … email me via the website http://www.west-bar-Italians.co.uk
  7. I remember Pat & Harold his brother.... think there was also a third brother
  8. Far better than tights...... seemed stockings complete with cuban heel
  9. I remember doing some sort of improvised production at the crucible when it first opened.... late 60s early 70s...... I attended a drama class held at a place on Scotland Street and we performed as a group. I seem to recall that the performance involved us sliding down something in the middle of a mountain with the pied piper ???
  10. Yes Ward that was them Codger ....I don't think you will know me ... it depends who you are
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