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  1. that is totally not what the post is talking about but still funny
  2. girls only invited not guys H A M Z A
  3. its got to be house number1 its beautifull lol
  4. Its also happend in Nether Edge from a shop on Abbeydale Rd. They recently had their roof refurbished, they wasnt too happy
  5. dont understand m8..can u speak english
  6. Does any1 know the recruitment process for William Hill. I got a call today calling me in for an assesment any1 know whats next.. Or has ne1 else applied recently
  7. because: 1. You can quite clearly see that my trainers name is FARHAD and not FARHEAD...al personally give you a 'head' shot if you dont get the above fact in your lousy brain 2. Because that might be the only way you'll shut up..(funny how people can speak their heart on the net and not face to face) Am not violent at all...but please call people by their name. You have no reason or xcuse to call FARHAD,FARHEAD Lets move on now shall we???
  8. that session was excellent, my neck still has pains as I speak, 2days on.. For the people that couldnt make the session you missed out big tym..av been doing some research on this guy(denton), his career is amazing. Really lucky to spar with someone as experienced as him. I hope he comes down to our show on 17th as this will really give the 'AFK FIGHTERS' a boost
  9. If u 2 knew the full story behind this u'll stop chatting ****, dont speak r comment on a subject without knowledge.. eeddiots!!
  10. I totally agree 100% Neway its also going to be my 1st fight(am Hamza with the camaflage shorts,I come on Sun mon/Tues Thur/Fri) I am really looking forward to the event on the 17th,especially watching how our fighters get on icluding Naz my sparring partner cud say rival too Who's this 'Tanya' why she taking ****?? Farhad I think we should match her up with one of our excellent female fighter's...maybe that will shut her up
  11. Why dont you enter at the Pitz, its at attercliffe, not far from attercliffe rd. They have a regurar league Mon-Thur n Sun. Check their site out n: http://www.powerleague.co.uk/5-A-Side/center.asp?CID=SHF
  12. U didnt have me in mind when you made that comment did you.. yeh anyway I really want to fight on your next show.after ramadan I will commit myself to intensive training and hopefully You will match me up. ow yeh tell ur little un Riyadh that al hopefully bring him his chocolate on Sunday:thumbsup: Cya on Sunday Farad
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