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  1. Hi I recently stumbled upon the Aliance Midweek Cricket League on a Wednesday evening, i'd be very interested in taking part. Does anyone know of any teams still looking for players, i am mainly a batsman but can also keep wicket if required. Last year i played in the South Yorkshire Premier League on a Saturday but cannot fully commit this year. Any help or leads would be great, thanks
  2. Yes, have used both Jacobs and Lenses for hire, would prob recommend Jacobs more as you dont have to pay deliver costs twice hence a bit cheaper. But make sure you book in advance with Jacobs as i dont think they have as much hire stock, go and have a chat with them. I hired the 70-200 F2.8 L USM lens as at the mo i cant afford to buy it!
  3. Hi I'm looking at selling my 52 reg Audi A2 and was checking if anyone knows a a garage where i can get the best price for it. i dont want part exchange just a cash price. It has 12 months MOT & 3 months tax. Any recommendations very helpful. Cheers
  4. Hi I am checking via work, but i need to find an internet cafe to upload some photos onto a printing site. which i cannot do at work. I'll check out the one on London Road, thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for your replies, do you know what time the refresh cafe in Broomhill is open from and till? Also could do with more details of ones down the Wicker as could walk down there if needed. Cheers
  6. Hi Does anyone know of any internet cafe's in the City Centre, there used to be one on West Street just along from Tesco, but this has now shut down. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  7. Hi 7 Hills The Deposit is the full amount for the 5D MKII, in this case £1806. The deposit is usually taken on a card when you collect the hire item, the amount is actually removed and not held.
  8. Thanks for your replies 7 Hills - i haved looked into the Jacobs hire, but it is quite difficult to reserve a 5D MkII as they are in such great demand, plus the deposit is quite hefty up front, but it isnt something i have ruled out, just tghought i would try this first Ndegwa - To answer your question, it is just a case of comparing the two camera's and seeing the difference in terms image quality/sharpness, noise, DOF and how much a difference going full frame makes. I'm at a stage where i have had the 50d for a while and am looking at upgrading, but wanted to compare the two before taking the big plunge and expense! Cheers Daryl
  9. Hi All Bit of a shot in the dark this one, but i have had a Canon 50D for a while now with Canon 17-55mm 2.8 lens and steadily i have been picking up more work with it - a few weddings, portrait sessions etc, but i am thinking about going full frame. But before I take the big leap, i wondered if someone would possibly either let me preferably borrow a Canon 5D MKII with lens to compare to my 50D on a photoshoot. I would also consider hiring this from someone, i am fully insured for upto £10,000 for equipment, in case of damage/theft etc (if this was a reason putting someone off letting me borrow/hire it). Appreciate your help Regards Daryl
  10. Hi Ms Tetley Thanks for your reponse, i would be interested in your lasolite backdrop, depending upon it's condition etc. But the main point of my post was to see what other people use, so could you let me know which smaller black background you use? Any other advice welcome. Cheers
  11. Hi All As part of my wedding package/events package, I have been running some photobooth style shots, but i am in need of some backgrounds/backdrops, whether this be just plain white sheets or something portable, can anyone provide some advice of what they use. I've been looking at Lasolite hilite backgrounds, but these are quite expensive for what they are, has anyone purchased these and are they worth it? Any help would be great. Thanks Daryl
  12. I wonder whether ShirleyF will be on his tod again like Botanical Gardens? With an attitude like his i would say it's quite likely :-)
  13. Hi My daughter will be one in June and we are planning her first birthday party, we thought it might be a good idea to have a magician to entertain our guests, both children and adults. Can anyone recommmend a decent magician. Thanks Daryl
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