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  1. Try the new golf bar, Green (off Tripet Lane/West St, opposite Cubanna)? http://www.citygolfbar.com/
  2. i spent 8 years living and working in london - had a great time, it's definitely one of the major cities in the world (and i've been to a few). but i think for what it is, it's best for tourists and young professionals wanting to climb the ladder and make some money. having moved to sheffield 2 years ago - i don't really miss london much (i've done my time!). you can't really compare the two, neither can you compare london to l**ds/manchester/newcastle etc. sheffield is a great place with bags of character and deffo a better quality of life (there are a few down points, but everywhere has). so it's sheffield all the way for me (for the time being anyway!)
  3. went there last night as everytime i walk past it's closed or empty (felt sorry for them). not good impression - the staff was unprofessional/nervous (i ordered a lemonade and was brought the bill), food was OK and not worth the price, the music was embarrassing (cheesy pop).... i eat out a lot; went to silversmiths and wig and pen a few days before and they are so much more better in comparision. shame, as sheffield needs more good restaurants... i think the management need to up their game if they are going to make the business work.
  4. went there the other day for lunch (again wasn't that busy) - it's definitely a cheap and cheerful place. not somewhere to go to impress a date, but good for quick snack. you get what you pay for i guess.
  5. Tickets are now on sale through above outlets...
  6. Sheffield Technology Parks presents... How to Make Every Minute Count - Setting Regular and Effective Goals with Nina Grunfeld (Former Daily Telegraph columnist and founder of Life Clubs) Tuesday 30th September 2008 Millennium Galleries, Arundel Gate, Sheffield, UK - How often during a day do you wonder what the best use of your time really would be? - If you’re running a business and a life, everything is important and so how do you prioritise? - Do you know what goals to set and how to set them? - Do you have an effective working practice in your life? - How good are you at recognising what you are achieving so as to allow yourself to grow in confidence? In this talk, former Daily Telegraph columnist, Nina Grunfeld, will inspire you to make full use of every minute of your day. After this event you will: • Understand how to organise your day effectively • Know what you want to do at any given moment in time • Have gained a tool to help you make big decisions easily • Realise what goal-setting is all about Nina believes that everyone knows the answer to their problems but quite often is overwhelmed by the size of them. Using simple tools and techniques Nina will give you tricks that will help you stay ahead of the game and remain confident and focused. Doors open: 18:00 (speakers from 18:30) Buffet included. Fully licensed bar. Ticket Outlets: Sheffield Technology Parks – Reception 0114 22 11 800 24hr credit card bookings: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk or 08700 600 100 £6 + booking fee http://www.shefftechparks.com
  7. Yes - it should be a good night. Sophie Mei who was on 'Britain's Got Talent' will be opening the show and also be one of the judges alongside Sandra from Spice Yorkshire and Ralph from Razor Stiletto. While Debora D'luxe from Peek-a-boo will be the compere for the evening. Doors will open from 5.30pm and start around 6pm!
  8. wasabisabi is independent, i.e. there's only one and it's right here in sheffield!
  9. 'New Indian Restaurant'??? Didn't it open a while ago like last summer? Walk past it quite a lot in the evenings and it never looks that busy (though admittedly it does look quite smart inside).
  10. Can you tell me what time you expect the event to finish? Thanks
  11. Erm, yes, it's true... (heard it from a reliable source)
  12. Try Wild Rice on London Road - not sure if they delivery to Walkley. Sorry, don't have their number...
  13. got my tickets this morning (stalls sold out within an hour so had to get circle). shame city hall is all seats; she should do the gig at the new Academy (Roxy)! can't wait.
  14. Glad it's being extended to Sunday, gives me the chance to pop down this weekend to have look! Apparently the man himself, Willard, is going to be there...
  15. I hope you are being sarcastic Patrick2000. It's a very very sad state of affairs if a generic chain restaurant/bar like La Vina is classed as a place to be seen in Sheffield...
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