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  1. I am more than aware these things won't change! haha. To be honest, the fact she acknowledged there has been a clear issue and that I am in the right is what I was looking for. I was starting to wonder if I was just being mardy. Turns out they've had similar complaints from a couple of the neighbours in 2 of the other homes of the 6 I mentioned. The fact that it wasn't just one person complaining about the same issue I suppose makes them take things a little more seriously. Based on what I was informed by the solicitor, there were probably grounds to take this much further if we wanted but I think the other 2 homes are in the same boat as me and just want them to admit they made a big mistake and should have dealt with it differently. The compensation side of it will let me take the kids away for a bit to get away from all the noise and give them all something to look forward to. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the Reply Hippo. I do think there has been a misunderstanding of my points throughout this post. Either that or most people don't read them properly. Either way, I want to clarify....again. I'll also update on the whole situation. My issue isn't with ongoing work. As already stated in a previous note, I am not an idiot, I am aware they cant put up 100 houses in a day. I therefore expected that there would be ongoing work around the area and there is. They are in the middle of building the next phase of houses but this isn't near me. Again, as stated in a previous post, I intentionally bought a plot which is situated in the middle of 6 new build homes which are well away from the rest. There are no more homes being built near my house. The problem is now the park entrance and roadworks (Right outside my front door) As a result of the 6 homes being done and dusted back in December, I am surely well within my right to assume that by March, I would have access to my drive? and to certainly not be in a position where this is potentially going to carry on for a further 2 or 3 months. The representative came out to see me and my partner. She was defensive from the start but after explaining myself (Above the noise of the digger outside the front window) she completely saw my point of view and admitted they probably should have done more at the pre sale point to enable me to make a sound decision based on all the info. She has already put plans in place to ensure this doesn't happen again and where they are unable to give specific timelines for this kind of work (Which is additional to normal building work on a new estate) then they will refrain from releasing the home for reservation until they can give the info. She then went on to talk to me about compensation and what they can do to help remove the stress this has caused. I'm not in this to get a ridiculous payout. The main thing I wanted was acknowledgment that I was right and this had been done wrong and to be looked at as a person and not just another profit generating number. As I was advised in an earlier post, I spoke to the solicitor who helped purchase the home to come to a suitable arrangement and we are now taking it from there. Thanks for all the posts to date.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I understand roads cant be completed before the homes and I accept that. Again as already stated, the problem is we are now 3 months down the line and there is still no road. Work has been o going during this time to prepare the ground, curbs, lighting and park entrance beginnings. I also know it's no fault of the builders which is why I am not complaining to them. The problem is with the home builder who hasn't thought about the residents. Yes my children could play in the garden but it's winter and rains a lot meaning boggy, slippery grass. I don't want them to play in the road but they can't even exit the road safely to get to the park due to machinery. I refer back to my previous point which I have made a couple times. Surely when buying a house, I should be able to access my own drive? Why should I work from a library when I have bought a house?. As already stated, had I been notified of this I would have not bought this plot and waited for another one to become available. Just because paths are complete, no real difference in the noise. The path is around 3 feet wide meaning the machines are roughly 8-10 feet from the front door at any given time.....it's not ideal and it's not what I signed up for. If all homes were built on this private road in novemvet, why would anyone assume work would still be ongoing in March? And still have a long way to go?
  4. Thanks for the comment but not sure i follow your point? - Obviously i understand that the end result will be the road will be laid, the paths will be completed, the park entrance will be done but the alternative method of doing all of this before i moved in would have saved a hell of a lot of stress and hassle. Alternatively, had they told me about it before i bought it, i wouldn't have gone ahead. So whilst all roads do indeed lead to Rome, I would have liked to have taken the alternative, less stressful route. Imagine going to a travel operator to gain guidance on getting to Rome....You are advised that there is a straight forward route which is a luxurious journey with no possible problems, getting you there in one piece with no hassle. You opt for this and then it turns out your in the boot of a 30 year old car which has knackered suspension and loud music banging in your ears. (Never been good with analogy's but thought i would try and join in with yours) I've had a reply from the solicitor who arranged the purchase and she has confirmed at this stage, i ought to hear what the representative says next week and then contact her afterwards for further guidance (If further guidance is needed of course.
  5. Not sure if you've read my last post or not but building is complete. The private road with 6 houses have all now finished and everyone has moved in. This was all done back in November. I is now March and we still don't have a road. My issue is with the ongoing work outside my house which was never mentioned at the point of sale. Is it wrong to assume I would have perfect access to the house I have spent a substantial amount of money on? - Would you not assume that if your house was on a newly built private road, that the road would be there to use and access your house at all times? - Would you not be annoyed if it's raining and you have to park your car a few hundred metres from your house as access has been closed for work? As we decided on a new build, I knew there would be ongoing work to other houses and plots. They can't throw 100 houses up on the same day, I'm not an idiot. What I didn't expect was to have issues getting to my own house, the safety of my children outside of it whilst heavy machinery is operating and also the ability for a little peace and quiet during the day. IF they are working on the other houses which are next to complete, we don't hear a thing. We only hear them when they are right outside the house which is a daily occurrence at the moment.
  6. This is the problem. I dont know what i want to achieve from it all. If i had a choice, i would rewind time and not buy the house. I feel like ive been ripped off by not being given a vital piece of information which would have affected my decision to buy. The works are in full swing and have been for 3 months and will be for furthers weeks/months. That doesnt mean its not affecting my family and my ability to work in peace at home. Surely this is a piece of information that is key at the buying stage. We wouldnt have bought this plot if we knew. Who in their right mind would buy a plot with this level of disruption when the next batch of homes are completing at the same time and all work will be done by the time the buyers move in. This has been done purely to maximise profits and i feel i am losing out in order to increase their profits. Why should i not be able to access my own drive? Why should my childs school bus not be able to access our road to pick her up? Absolutely none of this was mentioned during the buying process. Surely that constitutes a breach. I dont know what i want out of this but i dont want them to get away with taking the **** like this. Thanks
  7. Thanks Jeffrey. I've just fired over a quick email to the person that dealt with it all. Hopefully they come back with something useful. The fact that the home builder is sending someone out to see me in person tells me they must think I have grounds for a complaint. Surely they don't send someone out to see everyone in person who makes a complaint? - This person who is coming out to see me is surely the one who is going to try and smooth it over quickly for the builder with no cost or loss to them. if they thought my complaint was a load of rubbish, surely they would have responded and told me that.
  8. Andy, Thanks for the reply. I see your point but this is slightly different in that the home we choose is situated on a private road where there are only 6 homes. we still don't even have access to our drive at all times. There isn't a road. Paths have only just been laid and now the real work on the park entrance has only just begun meaning further disruption. I accept work must continue on the remaining houses but no one explained there would be diggers outside my front door for several months after moving in. As mentioned in my initial post. This is affecting my daughter and partners ability to sleep during the day which is in turn messing with their health. Surely if you find yourself in a position where one piece of information would have caused the decision to not proceed with a purchase, that means a vital piece of information has been ignored and therefore that would constitute mis-selling? Maybe I am just looking at this with a very simplistic view
  9. Hello everyone, I'm going to make this a very generic post without any reference to any specific companies. I am simply looking for some advice/guidance. I bought my first property which is a new build home and moved in back in November with my partner and 3 girls. Since moving in, there has been constant ongoing work outside the house to create a private road and entrance to a nearby park. This is all work that was never made clear to us when we first reserved the plot. We knew about the private road and park entrance but weren't aware that 3 months after moving in, we would still have diggers/tractors/machinery outside the house all day every day. This is likely to continue for a couple more months too. We assumed that this would all be done prior to moving in, considering we reserved with 6 months until completion, I thought this was an understandable assumption. My youngest daughter has cerebral palsy and has a very irregular sleeping pattern. some nights she sleeps through, others she doesn't sleep at all and sleeps during the day. Due to the noise, she can't sleep during the day now which is unfair on her and messing with her health. I work from home and can't get on and off the drive at free will due to the machinery. This has resulted in having to park away from the house and walk down the private road where the works are ongoing. Due to my daughters sleeping issues, my partner also has sleepless nights and can also not catch up on sleep during the day. Finally, my other 2 daughters who are a little older have no freedom to go out and play due to the machinery and it not being safe to do so without us. I have submitted a complaint as I think this breaches the rules and regulations around the information we should have received prior to reservation/purchase. We should have been informed of the works and to be honest, if we had been, we would have waited until another of the plots was done where there wouldn't be ongoing work. What I wasn't to know is, do I have a case here? - Does this sound like a breach/mis-selling case? and if so, what do I have a right to? - I haven't lost out financially as a result of this but it's incredibly annoying to have to put up with. Im in the back of the house now and can hear them banging away outside. The house prices were the same regardless of whether we bought this plot or waited for the next ones. Why should I pay the same as everyone else but I have to endure potentially 6 months of ongoing work/stress/inconvenience and others would have none of that for the same price? I just want to know where I stand so I don't end up getting shafted by them. I know there are Solicitors on here but not sure what everyone specialises in. If someone could pass on some advice, I would be greatful. Additionally if this is something someone could deal with from a legal point of view, I would be more than willing to talk to you. I'm sure the home builder will want to do as little as possible to make this go away and I don't want to be walked over. Please PM me if anyone would prefer to talk offline. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, I'm running the London Marathon this year on 24th April to Raise £2000 for Sheffield Hospitals Charity - Details here - http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/rikki-renshaw I'm going to do a raffle on 11th April to hopefully raise some funds to go towards this target. I was looking for any donations for prizes to go towards the raffle and hopefully help it it generate more for the charity. I work in a building of over 1,000 people so the potential is huge and will hopefully go a long way towards hitting the target. Please PM me with any potential donations or suggestions for where it might be worth asking. Thanks in advance Rikki
  11. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice for my brother who is looking to buy his first house. He has rented for a while now and the landlord has offered to sell the house to him. The landlord has suggested having the house valued and then selling it for 10-15% less to help my brother with the deposit. In this instance would it be possible for my brother to Get a mortgage with no physical deposit from himself? If it Is possible is there s specific process that would need to be followed? Any advice appreciated Thanks Rikki
  12. I'd prefer a T-Shirt or Medal personally. It's nice to collect them and I don't like Christmas pudding . Might not suit everyone but it's my feedback
  13. I agree Dreb. It's a real shame that these fans ruin it for the majority. Shouting like they are experts when in actual fact they don't have a single clue. I think we've had a great season and I look forward to the next! UTO
  14. Hi everyone, I don't post on here very often but I often look at the other posts but after going to the game at Hillsborough on Saturday, I thought I would post and see other peoples views! I don't go very often, In fact I've only been a few times this season. I can't afford it on a regular basis so I just have to go when I can. The main thing I noticed was how negative everyone around me were. there were 2 old blokes a couple rows back shouting 'F*****G Useless' after 2 minutes of play! - The guy sat next to me who took his little lad and slated every one of the players for 90 minutes. The woman sat behind me who was constantly screaming at the players to 'Get a F*****G move on' as well as other useful comments such as 'Run you F*****G W****R' It wasn't an entertaining game at all, The pitch was terrible and it made it hard to get the ball around quicker as it bobbled so much but I thought we played some nice stuff at times. Fulham weren't much of a threat for most of the game and our defence looked comfortable. I personally thought a free kick should have been given against the player who went down. If it's not a Penalty then surely he dived? if he dived then surely it's a free kick for simulation? - Anyway that doesn't avoid the point that you always play to the whistle and that's a mistake that we should learn from. On a few occasions we had players attacking down the wing but they had no support, when they turn to go back and start an attack again, they get booed for going backwards. Is it not more sensible to go back, and attack again as a team? rather than trying to take it all the way yourself? - Why do fans boo at this? - We were maintaining possession and the players have to put up with fans Booing because we had no options up front so decide to start again. I think the negativity needs to go, I know this post won't do that, It's just a way for me to voice my opinion but whilst there are 20,000 people booing you, don't you think you would find it off putting? especially when you have possession of the ball and aren't doing that much wrong? - People need to understand the pitch is having a big impact on games. the amount of times the ball was switched and the players have to wait for the bounce rather than attacking it as they don't know where it's going to bobble to! We are in a much better position than last year and I think we need to start being much more positive and getting behind the team rather than getting on their backs! UTO
  15. I think one of the problems is the programmes shown on TV. People on benefits are made out to be lazy and never wanting to look for work. They rarely show you the ones who are looking very hard for a job but just not getting anywhere. This just gives the perception that all people on benefits are like this. You rarely see stories of people who have been in relationships and had children but then been cheated on or left. In this case these people are put into the same category as being 'benefit scroungers' but is that really their fault? - Are people supposed to know what is going to happen in their lives 10 years down the line? Based on people I know, There are just as many genuine people on benefits but they just don't get the air time. How could a single mum work without childcare? not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents on tap to look after their kids and if that's the case, by the time childcare has been deducted from minimum wage, It's pointless working.
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